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Zombie Apocalypse Hits SHOT Show 2012



It seems like a ton of companies jumped on the zombie bandwagon at this years SHOT Show. I for one am pretty tired of all the hokey zombie themed products, and from the looks of the gun blogosphere is seems like many others agree with me. I saw a few at the Media Range day, I even posted about them last week. Then I saw a few more while walking the floor at SHOT. Then I couldn’t walk through one of the various exhibit rooms at SHOT without seeing some sort of product that made your zombie killing experience more efficient.

The zombie craze needs to stop, or at least be more thought out. One thing I’ve noticed in the firearms industry is the real old school mentality when it comes to marketing products with some companies. You wouldn’t believe how many companies snubbed us at the SHOT Show because we weren’t print media, just lowly bloggers. Newsflash to the marketing managers at all the major gun and gear makers out there, the internet is here to stay, learn to embrace it. Back on topic, the zombie craze is just one indication of the industry grasping at straws to market their “new” products. Slap on a zombie image or some green paint and voila! You have a new product or even a new product line.

The plethora of new zombie products seen at this years SHOT Show tells me that A) my thoughts that gun and gear makers are stuck in the past with the way they market their products and are late to the party as usual, B) they’re running out of new product ideas, or C) people actually want this stuff. I really hope it’s not C.


Probably the hottest zombie related product at SHOT, Doublestar’s Zombie Chainsaw.

You don’t want zombie guts ruining your gun, might as well Duracoat it!

DPMS was raffling off their new Outbreak Omega AR-15, Twinkies included!

Even Sig Sauer jumped into the zombie craze with their “ZK” Zombie Killer bag for their new ACP.

Gerber was promoting their Apocalypse Kit seen in The Walking Dead with a full-size zombie that people could slay then post on their Facebook. More about that here.

These targets seemed to be in every lane at the SHOT Show Media Day at the Range.

These will definitely help kill zombies more efficiently /sarcasm

A zombie shotgun choke? Really?

Maybe you can use this to store some of the Hornady Zombie Max ammo I know you’ve stockpiled.

A splash of green and a zombie logo or two…perfect!

EOTech jumped on the wagon too with their new XPS2-Z Zombie Optic.



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