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How-to Help Defend the Second Amendment



We’re living in some troubling times, it seems like the gun grabbers are out in full force and their goal is to strip us of our Constitutional rights. These politicians think they know what’s best for us, that we don’t need an AR-15 for hunting, and that 30 round “clips” are not necessary. These politicians obviously don’t know how to read let alone do their jobs, as the second amendment says nothing about hunting. It was intended to give all Americans the right to defend ourselves and to defend our country from tyranny. The United States Constitution is a brilliant document, and it’s a shame that our government has been chipping away at it, with the second amendment being the next right amendment on the chopping block.

So what can we do to help protect our rights?
We don’t have to give in without a fight, now is the time for all of us to ban together to do what we can to protect our rights. So what can you do to help? Make your voice heard! Show your representatives that we will not stand for this, make it known that their constituents are unhappy with them. Even if your congressmen or representative is pro-second amendment, write them anyways. Urge them to do more to defend the constitution.

Don’t know who your representatives are? Ruger actually put together a great tool to help find your representatives, check it out at Ruger.com. Just enter your zip code to find out who to contact. Not sure what to write them? They’ve also included a template letter on what you can write to your representatives, feel free to add to it, make your voice heard. I suggest emailing them, sending it via snail mail, and calling their offices. The more that we do the better.

Become a member of pro-gun organizations. There are groups out there that actively fight for our rights to bear arms. The NRA is the biggest group, and while I personally don’t agree with them on occasion for various reasons, I’ve renewed my membership with them. Even if you don’t agree with everything they do, they ARE the largest gun rights organization around. They even have a promo right now, get a $25 Bass Pro gift card if you sign-up with the NRA. Already a member? Donate to the NRA ILA, they’re the  lobbying arm of the NRA and one of the largest lobbying groups in the US.

The Gun Owners of America is another gun rights organization, and while they’re not nearly as large as the NRA, they still actively fight for our second amendment rights. The Second Amendment Foundation is another group that helps fight for our rights as well.

Have any other suggestions? Tell us about it in the comments below. Let’s do what we can to stop Washington from taking away our rights!




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