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Another The Walking Dead Gun Goof


the walking dead ar-15 no sight

I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead, but not zombie themed weapons. As a gun enthusiast and avid watcher of The Walking Dead I always spot all the firearms ignorance in the series. The latest was from episode three of season three, we get introduced to “The Governor”. His main offense? Well I’ll let his ridiculous cross draw holster setup go, maybe he likes it that way. I’ll also let his chicken winging seen above slide. What really got me was the offense also seen above. Really, no rear sight on that AR-15? It looks like they just picked it up off the shelf at their local gun shop, and maybe that’s what the armorer/prop guy for the show did.


In the show that AR-15 was picked up off a National Guard solider the Governor killed, maybe it used to have a red dot of some sort that has since run out of batteries or been damaged? Even then you should always have a BUIS. This isn’t the first gun goof in The Walking Dead and it probably won’t be the last, but I still can’t wait to see each episode every Sunday!

At least Rick’s Maglite suppressor was plausible. Check out our past post on the guns of The Walking Dead for more info on the guns used in the show.


  1. These are people that are living in the apocalypse. Some of them may have no firearms experience. When I first started shooting, my booger hook was on the trigger when it shouldn’t have been. And I was guilty of chicken wing syndrome. So they’re doing the best they can and learning as they go.

    In the apocalypse, it’s not like you can hit us a defensive rifle course on the weekend.

  2. Plus the gun enthusiastic. Would be already eaten by a Zombie cause they would be worried about sights, chicken winging, if they weapon shoots. It’s a good weapon period. Not to offend anyone just in this situation you improvise and carry one

  3. First it’s a TV show,
    Second. So what no sights if it didn’t work they got rid of it.
    I enjoy my weapons but in this situation if it doesn’t work dump it dead weight, let’s think about if we were in this situation what would be more import. Sights, brass coming out, or do I have enough ammo. You can have plenty of weapons but if you have no ammo what good is the weapon. So I would be more concerned about ammo then sights.
    But again it’s entertainment.
    FOR NOW!!!!!

  4. As an avid fan of the show and now awaiting session 5 . I wound like to point out that there are dead everywhere as long as the weapon shoots then who cares if it has back sights or fancy lasers dripping of it in day you a back sight a front sight and a kit up the ease if you missed now you get eaten by your nearest and dearest as long as the dead go down then it’s endex!!!

  5. Clearly it’s the shtf apocalypse, he found a rifle that either didn’t have a optic or it failed, and he isn’t carrying a BUIS and hasn’t found one… Or he prefers it. Not everyone has an arsenal of 10 AR’s all equipped with optics and backups for each in case shtf. Some people wouldn’t even know it needs a rear sight and just learn to use the front sight post. Geez, it’s a post apocalypse show, not a military program.

  6. All though there are many problems with the firearms and weapons within the walking dead i think it should be clear that it isnt the fault of just the writers, the writers mearly start with the problem then the prop department, the director, visual effects supervisor, producer and many more people decide to continue the show like this. It is disapointing but u cant just blame the writers.
    Im hoping they will try to fix the problems in the newer episodes, atleast get an advisor or something

  7. A japanese show called Jormungand Perfect order (season 2) is FARR more legit than walking dead, 24, and many of the western ‘action’ movies and shows in terms of legitimacy in the use of firearms without it being hyper realistic.

    Hell, even Catsh!t one shit’s on the ‘authenticity’ of western shows.

    Writers from the west need to step it up. It’s a shame that Japanese writers have *started* to have more respect for the proper utilization of firearms than us. Step the f* up!

  8. I’m a fan of the Walking Dead show too. I remember inn one of the last episodes of the second season when the walkers finally took over the farm, the old man who owned the farm (can’t remember his name) fired his pump action shotgun about 50 times without stopping once to reload. Of course, it seems like reloading almost never happens in the movies.

  9. About having a BUIS, very well said wisdom, unfortunately, if you look at any US Marine with an M16A4 or M4 from say 2004 onwards, and the rifle has a Trijicon RCO, you will not find one BUIS. Just now we’re getting the Knights Armament rear sights for our rifles. It hasn’t really been a problem though, if the RCO got messed up, simply exchange it with the 2111 in the rear.

  10. I noticed this too, in episode one of season 3 none of their guns seemed to have any recoil or eject any shells. Still a fan of the sow tho.

  11. i caught the rear sight too.
    as far as the chicken wing and other discrepencies, i assume that these are untrained civies. i.e., he may have hunted before the apoc. but wasn’t a soldier. this needs to be allowed since it makes sense. if everyone carried in sul, it would not be plausible.


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