the walking dead ar-15 no sight

I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead, but not zombie themed weapons. As a gun enthusiast and avid watcher of The Walking Dead I always spot all the firearms ignorance in the series. The latest was from episode three of season three, we get introduced to “The Governor”. His main offense? Well I’ll let his ridiculous cross draw holster setup go, maybe he likes it that way. I’ll also let his chicken winging seen above slide. What really got me was the offense also seen above. Really, no rear sight on that AR-15? It looks like they just picked it up off the shelf at their local gun shop, and maybe that’s what the armorer/prop guy for the show did.


In the show that AR-15 was picked up off a National Guard solider the Governor killed, maybe it used to have a red dot of some sort that has since run out of batteries or been damaged? Even then you should always have a BUIS. This isn’t the first gun goof in The Walking Dead and it probably won’t be the last, but I still can’t wait to see each episode every Sunday!

At least Rick’s Maglite suppressor was plausible. Check out our past post on the guns of The Walking Dead for more info on the guns used in the show.

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