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Kel-Tec Raising Price of KSG $300



The Firearm Blog is reporting that Kel-Tec has just informed their dealers that they will be raising the price of their KSG shotgun by $300, why the jump in price? Well it looks like the KSG is on the list of guns that have been specifically names in Dianne Feinstein’s proposed assault rifle ban. Kel-Tec is attempting to recoup some of the R&D cost that went into bringing the KSG to market. If the ban does not pass (crosses fingers) the prices will go back down to what they were previously. This is just another reason we need to ban together to fight any new proposed legislation.



  1. This may be the only pump action shotgun in history that actually jams. Don’t lose sleep over not being able to get one of these plastic wonders. You can buy 5 crappy Mossberg 500’s for the price of a Keltec KSg. And I’m pretty sure Mossberg wil be around after the ban to support their line with parts and service. Keltec seems highly unstable and this price gouge is a good example of their business ethics.

  2. I have noticed no one else has taken the time to see that the KSG is not listed in the ban. Several other Kel-Tec products are like the RFB, Sub-2000, SU-16 and PMR… But look through the bill yourself. The KSG is NOT banned.

  3. I love most of your stuff, but this is the most useless “news” I can imagine. Nobody can get a KSG, so who cares how much they cost. I should know. I have been on the “waiting list” for over a year.

  4. What difference does that make? They have a year of backorders and can’t even fill them. This company sucks, Every product they have You can’t get. So why bother? I’m looking for a Sub 2000 (9mm, Sig) for 3 years and still Ziltch. Pfft.

  5. I do not blame Keltec as this product has only been out a little over a year now. Also they have to do what they have to do in order to survive. Now as far as other companies that have had the product out for many years now and raising their prices to take advantage of the situation, I say shame on you !!!

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