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silencer-enflield-obrez 1

Silenced Enfield “Obrez”

Check out this cut down Enfield rifle with a can on it. It’s similar in design to Obrez Mosin Nagants which where chopped for easy

July 31, 2016 Rifles
philippine-silenced-m3-grease-gun 4

Philippine Marines Suppressed M3 Grease Guns

The M3 was a workhorse submachine gun for the U.S. military from WWII until the early 90’s. It was a cheap and easy to produce

September 09, 2013 Firearms
300-blk-silenced 2

Full-Auto Silenced 300 Blackout

I’m officially jealous, check out the video of a full-auto M16 lower + a 300 AAC Blackout Upper along with a AAC 762-SD silencer in

May 19, 2012 Rifles
pws-tactical-lever-action 0

Suppressed Lever Action Rifle

We’ve posted about custom and “tactical” lever action rifles before. There was the Mossberg 464 SPX Tactical from the 2012 SHOT Show, and this custom

March 18, 2012 Rifles
pws-suppressor 3

Primary Weapons Systems Suppressor Prototype

Primary Weapons Systems displayed their new prototype suppressor. While there aren’t many details available of their new suppressor as of yet, what we do know

January 18, 2012 Rifles

The Oil Filter Suppressor

Always wanted a suppressor for your pistol but don’t want to spend too much cash? Well you can make one out of an oil filter.

September 03, 2010 Handguns

Snap-on Beretta Suppressor

Are you an international assassin, modern day ninja, or just a tacticool fanboy? If so then this snap-on suppressor is definitely for you! The snap-on

July 25, 2010 Handguns
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