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Gun Show Loophole Exposed

YouTubber Steven Chowder goes under cover to try and find a “full-auto assault rifle” for sale via a “gun show loophole” so many politicians are

January 31, 2016 News
Dorner 4

Dorner’s Manifesto Supports AWB, Increased Gun Control

If you haven’t already heard, an ex-cop and service member has been going on a cop killing spree in Southern California. Christopher Dorner, who released

February 07, 2013 News

Feinstein’s List Of Firearms Prohibited By Name

Diane Feinstein’s proposed assault weapons bad was revealed today, along with her list of firearms prohibited by name. We need to keep on fighting to

January 24, 2013 News
we-the-people 1

How-to Help Defend the Second Amendment

We’re living in some troubling times, it seems like the gun grabbers are out in full force and their goal is to strip us of

January 13, 2013 News
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