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Chinese Nail Gun To Firearm Conversions

Forget 3D printing, here’s a few homemade guns from China constructed out of nailguns. These actually look like you can get off more than one

July 30, 2013 Firearms
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Beware of Fake Magpul PMAGs

Magpul knock offs are nothing new, the market is flooded with fake Magpul goods and fake/cheapo gun accessories in general. Fake EOtech optics and fake Magpul

February 06, 2013 Rifles

Chinese TV use Top Gun scenes as official Air Force footage

First the Chinese copy the F-22 Stealth Fighter, now they use footage from Top Gun in “official Air Force” footage. Bloggers in China have accused

January 27, 2011 Military

China’s new stealth fighter

It’s no secret China has beefing up their military big time in the past few years, it looks like they have now added a new

December 29, 2010 Military
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