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CMMG Releases New AR Pistol Line

CMMG recently released their new line of AR-15 pistols. They’ll be available in 9mm and .300BLK. They’ll retail starting at $1,049.95. Fayette, MO — In

April 21, 2014 Handguns
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Kineti-Tech Muzzle Brake With Sound Redirect Sleeve

Muzzle brakes are a pretty awesome upgrade on any weapon, but one downfall to them is that they are usually quite a bit louder and

April 18, 2014 Gear
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AR-15 P90 Hybrid

Ever wonder what it would look like if an AR-15 and an FN P90 had a baby? Someone on the AR15 sub Reddit did and

April 16, 2014 Rifles
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AR-15 Soda Can Launcher

AR-15 drum mag maker X Products posted on their Facebook page a new soda can launcher they’re working on. They’re going to partner with another

April 09, 2014 Rifles
Sigtac AR-15 Brace 1

Sigtac Stabilizing Brace Officially ATF Legal

It’s official, AR-15 arm braces like the Sigtac Stabilizing Brace are fully legal to use with your AR-15 pistols even if you use them from

April 06, 2014 Handguns
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AR-15 with Adams Arms, Magpul and PWS Parts in Crimea

This was spotted in Crimea recently, that doesn’t look very Russian to me. From what I can tell he’s using an Adams Arms Piston upper,

March 30, 2014 Rifles

Warfytr Equipment Rifle Mag Carrier Review

There’s a lot of tactical gear and doodads out on the market, especially when it comes to magazine carriers. Now there are some pretty slick

March 20, 2014 Reviews
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Tiffany and Co KRISS Vector and AR-15

Hey fellas, looking for the perfect gift for the special lady in your life? How about an AR-15 or KRISS Vector painted in the Tiffany

March 18, 2014 Firearms
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AR-15 80% Lower Jig Stickers

While shopping I stumbled upon these 80% jig stickers on Amazon. If you have an AR-15 80% lower these vinyl sticker jigs help guide you

February 26, 2014 Rifles
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Amazon Bans ‘Assault Weapon’ Accessories

It looks like Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer has banned ‘assault rifle’ parts and accessories. This may have been a policy of theirs for

February 12, 2014 News
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