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The SWAT BOT tactical RC car



These days the military as well as law enforcement are making use of technology to do many of the dangerous tasks humans used to do. From flying recon missions to defusing bombs drones and robots use is on the rise, and now they’re being used by SWAT teams. The SWAT BOT is a new robot designed for law enforcement use, it’s an RC car on steroids with a paintball gun attached to it.

It will be used by law enforcement for riot control, security, bomb threats and hostage situations. The all-aluminum frame is powered by a lithium polymer battery and features a wireless barrel-cam and a paintball gun that can fire up to 100 paint, pepper balls, or rubber rounds over 250ft at 20 shots per second.

The SWAT BOT is made by Inspector Bots.com, the unmanned bad guy stopper has a control range of 700ft, weights just 40lbs and can tow up to 20lbs. It can run for up to eight hours before it needs to be recharged. It also features an M16 front sight as well as an ACOG-style red/green dot scope and a barrel-mounted infra red camera. The suppressor is fake however, but it sure does look cool. The SWAT BOT can also be reconfigured for various uses and situations, and can make use of more cameras and sensors to enhance its situational awareness. How much does the SWAT BOT cost a law enforcement department if they wanted to pick one up? Well it starts off at $4,000 and tops around at $10,000.

Check it out in action below:

Check out more images of the SWAT BOT below:

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