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Preppers 1%

When the zombies come this is the 1% group that matters…

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Legacy Sports New M-1 .22lr Rifles




Legacy Sports recently announced their new Citadel M-1.22 rifle based off the famous WWII workhorse the M1 Carbine. The M1 Carbine was used by the U.S. military from WWII, Korea and during the early days of the Vietnam War. The military M1 was chambered in the .30 cal pistol cartridge, Legacy’s new rendition is chambered in the budget friendly .22 long rifle round making it a great way to own a reproduction of one of the most used military arms in American history. The new Citadel M-1.22 rifle is made by Chiappa (Armi Sport) in Italy and is based off of the historical military versions. They feature a blow-back action, 1:16 twist barrel, fixed front sight and adjustable rear. It will come with either a wood stock at $399 or synthetic stock at $349. Check them out at LegacySports.com, or buy them at Galleryofguns.com.

Caliber: .22 long rifle
Stock: wood or synthetic
Finish: Blued
Barrel Length: 18”
Overall Length: 35”
Twist Rate: 1:16
Sights: Adjustable rear and fixed front
Weight: 4.8lbs
Price: $399 wood $349 synthetic

New DPMS .22lr AR-15 Uppers


Shooting .223 isn’t cheap, so to get more range time using a dedicated .22lr upper a great option. DPMS just released their new .22 Long Rifle AR-15 upper featuring a 16” 4140 Chrome-Moly steel bull barrel, A3 Picatinny Rail upper receiver and an included 10 round magazine. It retails for $399 at dpmsinc.com.

Brazilian IMBEL IA2 Service Rifle



Based on the FN FAL rifle, the IMBEL IA2 is the new Brazilian service rifle which makes use of a rotating bolt design (as opposed to a tilting bolt). It’s chambered in both 5.56mm NATO and 7.62mm NATO and from the image from TheFirearmBlog it appears it can use a grenade launcher attachment with various types of projectiles.

Free Silhouette Targets From The USPS



More money for ammo!

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Kel-Tec KSG Pricing and Pre-Orders Announced


Kel-tec KSG Shotgun

Kel-Tec recently announced pricing for their much anticipated KSG shotgun. They’re set MSRP to $800 with a pre-order price of $655.99 and are expected to start shipping by the end of 2011. You can pre-order them at thegunsource.com.

Sig Sauer Replacing P226 Navy With P226 MK25



Sig Sauer will soon stop production of their Sig P226 Navy and will be replacing it with their new P226 MK25 pistol. The new Sig P226 MK25 is pretty much identical to the sidearm currently used by the U.S. Navy SEALs, right down to the anchor engraving. The new MK25 chambered in 9mm is expected to run $100 more than the current P226 Navy for a total of $1,100. The new Sig 225 MK25 features 2 piece grips, night sights and a 1913 picatinny rail and phosphate coated internal parts.
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Taurus Zombie Responder Revolver



I have to say, all the zombie themed products coming out these days are getting a bit out of hand, nonetheless Taurus is working on a Zombie slaying gun of their own. Based on their popular Raging Judge Magnum, their new Zombie slaying revolver is still in the prototype phase. So far we know it is chambered in .454 Casull, .45 Colt and .410 shotshells in both 2.5” and 3”.

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Kitty’s New Gun


She may be a cat lady, but she’s packing some serious heat!

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Bombed Libyan Bunker Full of Rifles



Every time I see a gun graveyard it saddens me to think of all those guns that will never fire again. The one above was a bunker bombed by NATO forces in Libya. Poor H&K G3s.
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