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A Shotgun Under the Hood



This was posted on Reddit, I’m guessing this isn’t legal, I just wonder what this guy is going to use this for. I sure would like one when someone cuts me off though.

Suppressed Lever Action Rifle



We’ve posted about custom and “tactical” lever action rifles before. There was the Mossberg 464 SPX Tactical from the 2012 SHOT Show, and this custom Magpul’d Marlin, as well as a silenced Marlin 1894.

This beauty is probably my favorite of the bunch, it was posted over at Primary Weapon Systems Facebook page. It’s also a Marlin 1894c in .357 Magnum but with a shortened 10.5″ barrel and tube, XS sight Rail, Burris Fast Fire optic, Gemtech 9mm Suppressor and 3″ cut off the stock.

Our Facebook Page Got a Revamp



Facebook had the bright idea to force everyone to use their new timeline format, whether you like it or not. So we decided to revamp our Facebook fanpage before the forced switch, let us know how you like it. And if you’re not already our fan please like us!

Check out our new and improved Facebook Fanpage HERE.

Glock Baby



This baby has better trigger discipline than lot’s of gun owners I’ve seen at the range, his (or her?) parents must be proud!

Thanks to Jen for emailing me the pic.

Jmeck Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts



The Mosin Nagant is a great budget rifle, they’re rugged, reliable, and really affordable. Lots of people scope their Mosin rifles for hunting and range use, but that usually takes drilling and tapping the receiver or using one of the various long eye relief kits on the market. If long eye relief mounts aren’t your thing, and if you don’t want to go through the hassle of drilling into your receiver the folks at jmeckscopemounts.com have put together a pretty innovative new way to scope your Mosin Nagant.

Mythbusters Fail


WTF Mythbusters? While I’m sure it’s an honest mistake by the production crew, it’s still a pretty big oversight. I actually enjoy watching Mythbusters because of their love for shooting stuff. Don’t let this happen again Mythbusters crew!

Tactical M1 Garand



Spotted over at TheFirearmBlog, this “tactical” M1 Garand is sporting a Sage EBR Tactical Stock. I actually kind of like it.

New Kel-Tec 3 Barrel P333AT



It looks like multi-barreled handguns are getting popular, first the Arsenal double barrel 1911 now the new three barreled Kel-Tec P33AT. What’s next, a Glock with four barrels?!

Cocoa Fl – There’s no denying that the market for concealable pistols has been hotter than ever, but the move toward smaller and smaller pistols meant consumers had to trade in power for size. Kel-Tec, the American leader in underpowered, tiny pistols has solved this issue by packing more gun into their guns.

Introduced at the 2012 Weapons Trade Forum (WTF), Kel-Tec was proud to announce the upcoming P333AT

“After the IWA show in Nuremburg, Germany, we realized there was a high demand for multi-barreled pistols like the Arsenal Second Century 2011,” said Clarence Koalapee, PR Spokesperson for Kel-Tec. “George was looking at the monstrosity and was like ‘Hell, if they can do two, why can’t we do three?’ We came back to the states, got right down to work on a prototype. It’s a little rough around the edges, which means it’s practically ready for production!”

The P333AT (pronounced Pee-THHHHHRRRREEEEEEE-Ay-Tee) delivers a stunning amount of firepower, launching three 90 grain projectiles at a time in roughly the same direction. “The .380 isn’t known as a one shot stopper, “ continued Koalapee, “but three of the SOB’s are bound to really piss someone off.” With the regular P3AT being diminutive in size, Kel-Tec didn’t seem overly concerned with the major increase in size. “We’re adding, what? 6 more ounces? Damned thing will still fit inside a front pocket.”

When asked about the potential issues behind firing three cartridges at the same time, Kel-Tec responded that they felt the P333AT would be just as reliable as any other gun they’ve put on the market, three rounds at a time or not.

Kel-Tec CEO George Kellgren was quoted as saying “Let them [censored] over at Ruger copy this mother [censored].” Ruger responded by announcing a recall of its soon to be produced LCPPP.

If you couldn’t tell already this is a joke, it was posted over on  blog.robballen.com.


CMMG Tactical Sammich




CMMG, makers of Tactical Bacon, are at it again. With the impending zombie apocalypse looming, they’ve developed another meal to go with your Tactical Bacon, the Tactical Sammich!

With a shelf life of 2 years, each sammich has a little less than 300 calories and come in pepperoni and honey BBQ beef flavors. Thank the maker for CMMG’s new invention, they’ve given our wives something to do in our bunkers during the end of the world. If only they made Tactical Beer…I keed ladies!

Savage Firearms Developing An AR-15


Rifle maker Savage Firearms tweeted last week about their new AR-15 that they have in the works along with a mockup drawing. While the AR market is already completely saturated, let’s hope they can bring something to market that’s more unique, maybe an AR with a Accu Trigger?

[Source: RomeoTangoBravo.net]

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