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S&W Revives The .357 Magnum 586 Classic Distinguished Combat Magnum Revolver



Smith & Wesson is bringing back their.357 Magnum Model 586 Classic Distinguished Combat Magnum Revolver. The 6-round wheelgun will come with either a 4″ or 6″ barrel and will retail for $809. Click HERE for more info.


Caliber: .357 Magnum / .38 S&W Special +P
Capacity: 6 rounds
Finish: Blue
Grip: Wood
Barrel: 4″ or 6″
Overall Length: 11.25″ (6″ barrel model)
Weight: 46.3 oz.
Front Sight: Red Ramp
Rear Sight: Adjustable White Outline

Kel-Tec KSG Shortie



The Kel-Tec KSG shotgun is a pretty compact shotgun, but Kel-tec just had to make it even shorter. The new 12-shot KSG Shortie comes in at just 16.1″s and was designed to be used in tight spaces such as police cruisers, hallways etc. They’ll be available to the public with a $200 tax stamp, good luck getting one however. Seeing how popular the new KSGs are I’m sure the waiting list is quite long.


Theodore Roosevelt’s Custom Suppressed 1894 Winchester



Theodore Roosevelt was quite the man, he’s definitely one of my favorite US presidents and historical figures. He was a man’s man, a hunter, gun collector, soldier and overall a bad ass. Guns.com recently posted about President Roosevelt’s custom Winchester at an upcoming exhibit dedicated to Teddy Roosevelt at the National Firearms Museum. Roosevelt called the above Winchester Model 1894 “Little .30”, it was chambered in the then new .30-.30 Winchester cartridge and had a Maxim silencer attached to a threaded barrel. Teddy definetly had good taste. Read more about it at Guns.com.

ShotLock Solo-Vault Shotgun Mount On Sale At Costco



Here’s a great option for those who use their shotgun for home defense and want a quick way to access them but still keep it secured. Costco has the ShotLock Solo-Vault on sale for $99 shipped until May 27th, 2012. Check them out HERE.

Full-Auto Silenced 300 Blackout



I’m officially jealous, check out the video of a full-auto M16 lower + a 300 AAC Blackout Upper along with a AAC 762-SD silencer in action to find out why.

Tactical bolt-action pens



In case your arsenal of tactical goodies isn’t complete, maybe this tactical bolt-action pen will round out your collection. They’re available in both Tactical Black and in Tactical Titanium, they’re made of aluminum and are CNC-Milled down to a .45 cal diameter, because pens any smaller than .45 just won’t do. Amirite guys?

Check it out in action below

Handgun vs Shotgun For Home Defense


Picking what kind of gun to use for home defense can be debated from now into eternity. For some a handgun makes sense, while others may prefer a shotgun or even a rifle. It all depends on your situation, your home and its layout, whether you have children in the house and so forth.

Personally I’m a fan of using a handgun for self-defense, but I can see the case for a trusty pump-action shotgun in the right circumstances. But what do I know? I’m just a lowly gun blogger and enthusiast. However I stumbled upon a recent interview of Chris Costa over at Rem870.com where he talks about his gun of choice for home defense.


“My home defense gun is a handgun”

Girls Shooting Shotguns



I actually see this happen to a lot of guys too. Proper shooting stance will take a lot of the kick out of it however. Whenever I take someone new to shooting to the range I always let them fire off a few rounds from my Mossberg 590 just to see the look on their faces afterwards. The slow motion actually puts a lot of perspective on how powerful shotguns really are.


Zombie X Chainsaw Going Into Production



Remeber the Zombie X Chainsaw attachment we posted about back in January from the 2012 SHOT SHOW? Well we just got word that it is actually going into production and should be available for purchase shortly. The Zombie X Chainsaw was debuted at the Double Star booth at the 2012 SHOT Show, and due to the overwhelming interest it created the Zombie X Chainsaw will actually come to market.

The Zombie X Chainsaw was designed and fabricated by Bob Weir of Double Star. The new Zombie X Chainsaw will not be produced by Double Star however, instead it will be produced by Panacea X, a new firearms accessories maker formed to bring the Zombie X Chainsaw to market. Stay tuned for more news as we get it.

Full-Auto Shotgun From SRM Arms



SRM Arms posted a sneak peak video of their new full-auto shotgun that appears to be based off their SRM 1216 shotgun. Check it out below.

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