New SA Vz. 58 Rifles in .223

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Although the Czech Army is no longer using the Vz. 58 rifle, it is still very popular in the civilian market. Later this year CzechPoint will start to import the SA Vz. 58 rifle chambered on the popular .223 cartridge. Made by Czech Small Arms, not CZ, the new .223 Vz. 58 will be available in three models.

A Vz. 58 Tactical model with a folding stock and forward rails will retail for $1,140, a Sporter model will retail for $899 and a High Capacity Sporter model will retail for $999. They’re expected to be available in October, 2011. Check them out at www.czechpoint-usa.com.

1911 Shirt From 1791 Apparel

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1791 Apparel released their new 1911 pistol shirt. Available in either fatigue (green), sand, and steel (light grey) the shirt features the business end of the iconic .45acp 1911 pistol. They currently go for $17 at 1791apparel.com.

Firearms Safety Guide Infographic

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Click HERE for full-size image.

I’ve taken many first time shooters to my local range to break them into the world of firearms and the shooting sports. The above infographic firearms safety guide hits all the major points I use when teaching a new shooter firearms safety. It’ll make a great guide to show new shooters you’re taking shooting in the future, enjoy!

Sculptures Made Out of Guns and Ammo



Art is cool and all, but stuff like this really irks me. The sculptures themselves are pretty remarkable, but damn, what a waste of guns and ammo!

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The ATF’s Hiring Process

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Yeah, that sounds about right.

Sniper Monkey

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The best defense against lions in Africa is a good offense, or a sporterized Enfield rifle.

Russian WWII Miniature Dioramas

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A diorama club from the Soviet era created these highly detailed miniatures depicting battle scenes as well as victory celebrations on the Eastern Front during WWII. Check them out at EnglishRussia.com.

Zombie Stormtrooper

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“These aren’t the brains you’re looking for, move along, move along”

[Source: 9gag.com]

.50 BMG AR-15 Upper

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The AR-15 rifle is the lego set of the firearms world, there’s a never ending combination of accessories available, barrel lenghts and calibers that can be used via various upper recievers. Here’s something that’s pretty unique in the AR world, a .50 BMG AR upper. The .50 Browning Machine Gun cartridge entered service in 1921, and is still going on strong to this day.

Watsons Firearms, Inc.’s .50 BMG upper receiver is a complete upper ready to pin onto your standard AR-15 lower. It also comes with an extanded takedown pin to make it easier to open and close your ARs lower. The .50 BMG upper features a 1 in 15 twist Lothar Walther 36″ target barrel, a DPMS Hi-Rider flat top receiver, a bipod and four point break. Watsons Firearms also headspaces the upper to be sure it accepts various manufacturers .50 BMG ammo. While this probably isn’t the best choice for a plinking AR for range use, if you’re hunting a T-rex it will do great. They go for $1349 over at watsonsfirearms.com.

Spearmint Rhino Sues Chiappa Firearms Over Rhino Logo

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Plenty of firearms companies have been sued over the years, but this one is a first. The international strip club chain Spearmint Rhino is suing Chiappa Firearms, what reason does a strip club have for suing a firearms maker you ask?

The whole spat is over the rhino logo used on Chiappa Firearms Rhino series of revolvers. Spearmint Rhino claims that consumers may confuse the logo on the Rhino revolvers with the strip clubs line of branded g-strings and lingerie. While I do see the similarities with the two logos, they do have quite if a bit of differences.

[Source: TheFirearmBlog]

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