Former Bushmaster Owner Starts Windham Weaponry


Bushmaster Firearms hasn’t really been a living company for some time now, it is now technically another brand in Remington’s catalog of firearm companies. Bushmaster’s founder Richard Dyke recently announced the fomation of his new company, Windham Weaponry, Inc. Windham bought the former Busmaster manufacturing plant in Windham, Maine and is hiring many of the laid-off employees from Bushmaster. It was announced late last year that Bushmaster Firearms would be closing up shop at their Windham, Maine plant. The closer of the Bushmaster plant affected the whole town, causing several local businesses to close down.

Dyke started Bushmaster in 1976 and created it into one of the leading military and law enforcement firearms companies. He sold Bushmaster to Freedom Group International, who also owns Remington. 70 employees lost their jobs when the Windham plant was closed due to cost cutting measures. Dyke’s new company is sure to revitalize the town of Windham, and offer great firearms for enthusiasts. They’re expecting to ship their new firearms in September, 2011.

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AK-47 Wallpaper


There’s an AK-47 in there somewhere..

Click HERE for full-size desktop wallpaper.

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Inside the Civilian Marksmanship Program


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Cooking Bacon with an MG42


Click HERE for full-size view.

I love the smell of bacon, especially when it’s cooked on the barrel of an MG42.

Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! It was my dad that introduced me to firearms and taught me how to shoot and safely handle guns. He was also a lot like the dad in this comic strip.

Here’s to all the dads out there!

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Does Leaving Your Magazines Loaded Hurt Them?


Does leaving your magazines fully loaded hurt the spring tension? It’s an age old question that many gun enthusiasts have argued about for a long time. I feel that they do not, others feel that they indeed do. I always have a few magazines loaded, “just in case”. But to be safe I always have a few empty back-up mags ready for action. The person who made the above video asked, are you willing to bet your life on  it? While there is no final word on whether leaving your mags loaded does indeed hurt them, the video does make some good points.

He advises to rotate your magazines and don’t keep them fully loaded for long periods of time. I think as long as you use quality magazines you’ll be good to go.

Toshirō Mifune Samurai iPhone Wallpapers


In dedication to the legendary Japanese actor Toshirō Mifune I made these iPhone wallpapers from the classic Akira Kurosama Samurai movies Yojimbo and Sanjuro. If you haven’t seen them, check them out on Netflix, they’re worth a watch.

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Ruger Single Ten .22LR Revolver


Ruger recently introduced their new Single-Ten ten-shot single-action .22LR revolver. It features a 5.5″ barrel, “Gunfighter” style grips and click-adjustable (windage and elevation) Williams fiber optic sights. They’re expected to MRSP for $619. Check out www.ruger.com for more info.

How Much Milsurp Ammo is Enough?


A while back we asked how many magazines per pistol is enough? Apparently you can never have too many magazines for your firearms, just like you can never have too much ammo, especially if it’s budget priced com block ammo. This guy has enough to start a well equipped militia should the opportunity arise.

[Source: Calguns.net]

Krebs Custom 6.5mm Grendel AK Rifle


The AK-47 is a rugged and reliable platform, but it’s not known as a tack driver of a rifle. Krebs Custom is putting that stereotype to the test with their prototype 6.5mm Grendel rifle based off the AK platform. Their new rifle seems deadly accurate shooting sub-MOA groups with Wolf ammo.

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