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Gangsta Camo AK-47




I saw this gem over on GunBroker, this catastrophe is actually a Yugo M70AB2. At least the seller admits it’s “ghetto”. I can’t believe it actually got 4 bids.

Found In A Gun Range Bathroom


In case you needed help with your technique.


FN Five-Seven Explodes



A member on the Kifaru forums posted about their FN Five-Seven going kaboom recently. Apparently a round fired while out of battery blowing the pistol to pieces and injuring his hand pretty badly.

Last week my FN Five-Seven blew up causing severe damage to my left hand (I am right handed). There are 6-8 pieces of shrapnel deep in my thumb and palm area which severed the nerves to my thumb and a portion of my palm. Surgery is required in an attempt to repair the hand by harvesting tissue from my leg. Wish me luck.

The “explosion” occurred on the last round of a 30 round mag loaded with the factory 40gr v-max stuff. On this particular day I only had three loaded magazines (70 rounds total) with me for the Five-Seven but had several other handguns to shoot after the Five-Seven. I began with a 20 round mag loaded with hand loads, then a 20 round mag loaded with factory ammo and finished with the 30 round mag with factory ammo. It was the very last round of 5.7×28 in my immediate possession that ruined my day ……. and a whole lot more!!

I have fired (600-700 rounds) both factory and hand loads through the pistol with zero issues since purchasing new in 2/2011. There are reports of the Five-Seven firing out of battery (OOB) which appears to be the case here but I am no weapons forensics expert. I am not a novice to shooting, handguns or reloading and have 20+ years of extensive experience with shooting and reloading.

I have been completely straightforward with FNH (i.e. Browning) so will now wait and see how they respond.

You can read more about it at kifaruforums.net, stay safe everyone.

What Gun Would Boba Fett Use?



The bounty hunter Boba Fett is one of the most popular characters in Star Wars after Darth Vader, but if Boba Fett were a real person what gun would he use? Seeing as he was also a soldier of fortune I’m assuming he’d use an M4/AR-15 as it seems to be the preferred rifle of choice for many contractors around the world. With Magpul accessories of course.


[Image Source]

StrikeMark GoPro Glock Mount



StrikeMark recently introduced a mount that allows you to attach a GoPro camera to your Glock handgun. It’s made out of 6061-T6 Aluminum and was designed to fit on all Glock models, they also fit Sig Sauer pistols as well. They go for $30 over at StrikeMark.com.

The Growing Gun Industry


Click HERE for full-size image

While the infographic above was meant as obvious link bait by pandering to the gun crowd with its “Obama is the greatest gun Salesman in America” speal, it does have some interesting facts. It really makes me wish I had bought some Ruger stock a few years ago.


MP5 Operational Briefcase In Action



I’d imagine it would be pretty hard to hit anything, pretty cool looking though.

Thanks to Greg for emailing this to me

Why You Shouldn’t Dry Fire .22LR Firearms



There has always been a stigma with dry firing your firearms, and while many modern guns can be dry fired safely, it’s always a good idea to use snap caps when dry firing. This is especially true for most guns chambered in .22lr, while some .22lr firearms can be safely dry fired, some .22s such as revolvers in need to be used with snap caps. Or at the very least spent casings. Better safe than sorry.


[Image source]

DIY Polymer AR-15 Lower


If you have access to a CNC mill machine, a block of Delrin and a little determination you can build your own polymer AR-15 lower. Check out this cool DIY at Pagunblog.com.

7.62×39 vs a House



A Redditor recently posted about an incident at a friend’s house in Kansas. apparently a 7.62×39 round from a few irresponsible shooters came flying through the poster’s friend’s house. It entered through their kitchen window, went clean through their fridge, a frozen water bottle, across two walls in a hallway and eventually lodged in the back of a mirror in their bathroom.

Luckily no one was hurt, shoot safe everyone.

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