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New Gun Mag: Recoil Magazine



I saw the Recoil Magazine guys walking around the SHOT Show and was able to snag a copy of their first issue. Recoil is put together by Source Interlink, the publishing company behind Hot Rot, Car Craft and many other magazines. So far I like what I see, and I usually don’t care for print gun magazines. That’s not because I am an internet blogger, I actually used to work in print, but because it seems like all the print gun magazines are the same these days. What makes Recoil stand out for me is the great photography and the different, should I say younger, writing style. Recoil should already be on newstands, you can also follow them on Facebook.

The Art of the Tactical M1A



After watching Magpul’s The Art of the Tactical Carbine I’ve started to shoot most of my semi-auto rifles this way, it actually works very well. I wonder if Chris Costa is working on a DVD for M1A’s. Probably not, the cool pic above is from his Facebook fanpage.

Ace Rail Hook Sling Mount/Tactical Bottle Opener



Need a way to mount a sling onto your AR-15 and open bottles while out in the field? Then you need an ACE Tactical Bottle opener. They currently go for $14.99 and are on my wishlist for my next AR-15 build.

Tactical Derringer



It could use some paracord.

How 1911s Are Made


Colt shows how their popular 1911 handgun is made.

50 BMG Fired From a 12 Gauge Shotgun



Here’s something you definitely shouldn’t try at home, really don’t.

Live Ammo Used in Act Of Valor



I saw the trailer for the new movie Act Of Valor at the movies this past weekend, while the action scenes looked good, I thought it was just going to be another unrealistic over the top Hollywood war movie. There’s a few things in this movie that’s very real however, it features active duty Navy SEALS and the ammo used in some of the scenes was actually live ammo. Blanks and CG just can’t replace the real thing.

Check out the trailers and move videos at the Act Of Valor YouTube page.

Chris Costa Trainer Action Figure




Move over G.I. Joe, there’s a new action figure in town. Firearms instructor Chris Costa is set to be immortalized into a 1/6th scale action figure. Caltek is behind the highly detailed Costa action figure, and when we say detailed we really mean it. From the working zippers on his Arc’teryx Hyllus jacket, Oakley LSA boots, Costa Luda shirt and epic beard. The new Chris Costa figure is still a few months away and pricing has yet to be set, more info should be posted on the Caltek website in the coming months however.

New 1791Apparel Revolver Shirts



1791Apparel just released their new shirt for wheelgun fans. Made out of 4.5oz Anvil 980 t-shirts, they’re available in green, white, and grey. They retail for $17 over at 1791Apparel.com.

Check out our past 1791 Apparel shirt review.

Now That’s Peace Through Superior Firepower


peace sign mp5

She may be small, but she packs a punch!


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