Taurus International MFG, Inc. Factory Tour



The guys at Taurusarmed.net recently had the opportunity to tour the Taurus International Mfg., Inc. factory in Miami, Florida. Check it out at Taurusarmed.net forums.

Chiappa Rhino Revolver in .40 S&W



Chiappa recently announced their Rhino revolver will be chambered in .40S&W (and make use of full-moon clips). It will be shown at SHOT so stay tuned for more pics and info!

From Chiappa’s press release:

Chiappa Firearms debuts their new .40 S&W caliber revolver at 2012 SHOT Show Booth 16144 main Hall.

As you know the revolutionary premium quality Rhino Revolver is designed to fire from the bottom chamber of the cylinder which results in much less recoil and affords accurate lightning quick firing if so desired.

The NEW .40 caliber Chiappa Revolver utilizes full-moon clips to hold the rimless popular .40 caliber rounds.

Basic Specifications (more later as other models develop):
Caliber: .40 S&W semi-auto round
Moon Clips: Five come with each revolver
Barrel Lengths: 2, 4, 5 and 6-inch
Basic weight: 25-ounces with a 4-inch barrel
Frame: Ergal (a high-strength aluminum alloy), cylinder, barrel and internal parts 4140 alloy steel.
Metal finish:Blued
Stocks:Composite rubber or wood.
Capacity: 6-rounds
Price (MSRP): 2-inch $839; 4-inch $929; 5-inch $949; 6-inch $989.
If you are attending the 2012 Shot Show visit MKS Supply at Booth 16144 Main Hall and be sure to check out Chaippa’s new .45-70 Series rifles, M9-22, Hi-Points Firearms and the unique Tuff1 Slip On Grip Covers.

Russian TP-82 Cosmonaut Gun



Yeah you read it right, the Russian TP-82 was carried by cosmonauts on space missions. They actually used the triple-barrled firearm until 2006 and were part of the cosmonauts survival kits. They were taken out of service because the ammo had become unusable over the years. The TP-82 had two upper smoothbore barrels that used 40 gauge (12.5×70 mm) ammo with the lower barrel chambered for 5.45×39mm ammo. The TP-82 also featured a buttstock that doubled as a machete.

[Image source: Mpopenker.livejournal.com]

Garand Kaboom


A catastrophic failure when shooting a firearm is pretty scary stuff, especially if it’s a powerful firearm like in the above video. It appears the woman in the above video experienced an out of battery detonation while firing an M1 Garand, luckily no one was hurt.

New Ruger SR22 Pistol



Ruger recently introduced their new SR22 pistol chambered in the popular and economical .22lr. Designed as a reliable plinking and target pistol, the SR22 is both single and double action and features an external hammer, polymer frame and interchangeable grips in two sizes. The slide is made out of aluminum with serrations both front and rear. It also features a Picatinny rail for mounting accessories.The SR22 has fixed front sights and adjustable rear sights for both windage and elevation. Ruger had ease of use in mind as they included an ambidextrous thumb safety/decocking lever and magazine release. They’ll retail for $399, check them out at Ruger.com.

Caliber: .22 LR
Sights: Adjustable 3-Dot
Length: 6.40″
Height: 4.90″
Width: 1.29″
Grooves: 6
Barrel Length: 3.50″
Twist: 1:16″ RH
Grip Frame: Black Polymer

The Zombie Apocalypse Store in Las Vegas



Zombies are all the rage right now, from AMC’s The Walking Dead to bleeding zombie targets, people just can’t get enough zombies. Well if you’re ever in Las Vegas you can get your zombie preparedness fill at the Zombie Apocalypse Store. I can into this gem last time I was in Vegas. They have everything from self defense products to survival kits. While I think the whole zombie gimmick is getting old, it gives you a good reason to buy guns and preps!

[Image source: Yelp]

Stadium Sniper Courses



Large venues with thousands of people have always been a potentially big target. From concerts to sports games, where theres people in mass the threat of terrorist attacks or unrest exists. We’ve seen it in the movies, at political events or wherever VIPs are present there’s a sniper on the roof keeping watch, that’s not fiction. Law enforcement precision shooters keep watch at many large events across the country. Those law enforcement snipers get their training at the “Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue” course from the Texas Tactical Police Officer Association, A.K.A TTPOA.
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Ridgeback Locking Wall Gun Mounts



Here’s a cool way to display your guns in your man cave, above your work bench or heck, in your kitchen or hallway if you’re a bachelor. Ridgeback Racks makes a line of gun racks that allow you to lock your firearms onto a flat surface. They have a mount for almost all kinds of firearms, from the AR-15, pistols, rifles and shotguns. Their gun racks start at $69.95 for their pistol racks and $89.95 for their long gun racks. Check them out at Ridgebackracks.com.

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Magpul Remington 870 Shotgun Accessories



Magpul recently announced their new line of accessories for the popular Remington 870 shotgun. So far their lineup includes a MOE forend and SGA stock. Their MOE forend will be compatible with all their current MOE rails and accessories. Their new SGA stock will feature a spacer system to adjust length of pull and improve overall ergonomics. It will also feature a recoil-reducing butt-pad as well as the option to add cheek risers.

We’ll get the full scoop on their new shotgun accessories at SHOT 2012.

How-To Get Your Lady To The Range


Does your lady not share your interest in shooting? Is convincing her to go to the range with you harder than pulling teeth? Don’t worry, FateofDestinee has some tips on how-to get your lady to the range. If you need some help convincing your wife or girlfriend (or both? I keed!) to the range check out the video above. Are you a lady ArmoryBlog reader? Check out the video above anyways, it’s a great watch. Happy shooting!

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