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New Magpul Maglink Magazine Coupler




Magpul recently released their new Maglink Coupler designed to work with their PMAG 30 and PMAG 30 M3 Magazines. They retail for $17.95 and should be available from Magpul dealers shortly. They’re made here in the USA and are going to available only in black. Check them out at Magpul.com.

Milwaukee and DeWalt AR-15s




To some guns are just a tool, something used on to get the job done. And just like other tools, a few major tool makers have started to produce guns to round out their tool product lineup.

Or have they? Althought the DeWalt and Milwaukee AR-15 rifles above look pretty darn real, and cool, they’re actually made by a gun enthusiasts who probably also has a garage full of power tools. But how cool would it be to be able to buy guns at your local Sears or Lowes?

[Source: thegunsman and also thegunsman]

Silver Shadow Double Barrel AR-15



double barreled  ar-15

I’m not sure what some people’s obsession with double barrel firearms are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of double-barreled shotguns, and historical double-barreled hunting rifles that actually served a real purpose. But stuff like the Arsenal Double Barrel 1911 just makes me wonder, is there really a market for such a gun?

Apparently there is, Israeli armsmaker Silver Show is said to have a double barrel AR-15 in the works that they will debut at the Eurosatory expo in Paris next month.

I’m more of a fan of triple-barreled guns myself.

[Image sources: TheFirearmsBlog and TheTruthAboutGuns]

Is AR-15 Panic Buying Back?



Remember back in 2008 during and right after the elections? When it was pretty much impossible to find ammo and many popular firearms? It was a quest just to find any AR-15s or .223/5.56 in-stock anywhere. Well it looks like the run on guns and ammo is about to go into full swing again. 57Strat posted on AR15.com about the recent out of stock situations at many online retailers who sell AR-15 rifles and parts. On a similar note, it looks like the prices of .223 and 5.56 are on the rise again too.

I have never seen it this bad. Check out the “out of stock” situation on the below examples:

Bravo Company upper receivers. Out of stock on 10 out of 11 uppers: Link

Bravo Company complete uppers: link

LMT is 20 weeks backordered on their 16″ upper: Link

Most rifles at LMT are backordered up to 20 weeks: Link

Rainer Arms is “out of stock” on more than half of their complete upper models: Link

Noveske is “out of stock” on nearly every upper they offer: Link

Most complete uppers are “out of stock” at DSG Arms: Link

AIM “sold out” on uppers: Link

AIM “sold out” on complete upper: Link

This is just a few examples. If you check other sites you’ll find similar situations.

[Image source]

Awesome Disassembled Gun Pics




These works of art and even more pictures can be found HERE.

Customize your GSG 1911 With Parts From CW Accessories




The GSG 1911-22 is fast becoming a very popular pistol because of its classic styling, affordable price tag and the even more affordable .22LR ammo. And like with all popular firearms, it’s starting to have an aftermarket following. CWAccessories.com is one of a few companies that’s started to produce accessories for the GSG 1911.

New Strike Industries MITCH Handguard



Strike Industries recently released their new MITCH Handguard for the AR-15. The budget friendly MITCH Handguard retails at just $32 and features mounting points for side Picatinny rail panels for accessories such as lights and lasers. The coolest feature of the MITCH Handguards is the lower handstop that’s integrated into the MITCH Handguard that can be shifted forward or back depending on the shooters preference. Check out StrikeIndustries.com for more info.

Distasteful Hoodie and Skittles Target



I really can’t stand how polarizing the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin incident has become, and how many are using it to drag gun owners through the mud and call for more gun control. Unlike many gun blogs/sites out there I chose to stay out of the argument either for or against Zimmerman or Martin.

But after seeing this product, I had to post about it. This is really really distasteful and wrong. I hope the site selling them takes them down because it does nothing to help defend gun owners from those calling for us to give up our rights. I won’t even give the site the benefit of a backlink, but  they are made by hillerarmco. They tried selling these on GunBroker but they were quickly taken down and for good reason.

GSG .22LR STG-44 Now Shipping



The remake of the WWII STG-44 chambered in .22LR from GSG is now available, we posted a few pictures of it from the 2012 SHOT Show a while back. I even got the opportunity to shoot it at the 2012 Media Day at the range, and I have to have say it was pretty darn cool. It had a pretty good amount of heft to it, you couldn’t tell it was a .22 when you first pick it up. It felt great to shoot and it was plenty accurate.

It features real wood furniture, real metal parts (not sure how much of the rifle is actually metal vs plastic as yet) and it comes in a cool handmade wood crate. Based off the German Sturmgewehr, it weights in at 9.5lbs and has a 17.2″ barrel with an over all length of 37.2″. They will be available with either a 10 round or 25 round capacity magazine and retail for just under $600. Check out AmericanTactical.us for more info.

Omega and James Bond Bullet Promo Fail



The above image is a screen capture from a promo animation on Omega Watches homepage for a commemoration watch for the new James Bond movie. Now I don’t expect most people to be as knowledgable as myself, or you my faithful readers, when it comes to firearms. But really? You’d think at least one person at Omega or at least MGM would know better. Maybe 007 throws his ammo in the next movie? Check it out for yourself at www.omegawatches.com or in the video below.


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