Venezuela Now Making AK-103 Rifles



Venezuela recently entered a deal giving them the license to produce the current AK-103 rifle. Venezuela currently is the largest user of the Russian AK-103 rifle with around 100,000 rifles being used by all branches of their military.

The AK-103 rifle is pretty much the improved AK-74 but chambered in 7.62x39mm used by the AK-47. To help cut cost Venezuela was able to obtain a license to produce AK-103s locally three years ago. The deal was recently finalized and Venezuela will start importing the machinery to allow them to manufacture officially licensed AK-103s with production expected to start in 2012. Around 50,000 AK-103 rifles are expected to be built a year, with Russia getting a small cut of each rifle made.

[Source: Guns.com]

Review: New Shirts From 1791 Apparel


1791 Apparel

1791 Apparel makes shirts targeted towards firearm enthusiast, we reviewed a few of their shirts a while back and where really impressed with them. Well it looks like they’ve recently revamped and relaunched their product line and we were able to get our hands on the improved goods.

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.300 BLK Sig Sauer 516 Planned For 2012



According to an industry insider posting on .300blktalk.com, Sig Sauer will be releasing their 516 piston driven rifle chambered in .300 BLK. Not many other details are known other than they are rumored to come out sometime in 2012.

[Source: .300blktalk.com via Thefirearmblog.com]

INTERPOLITEX 2011 Exhibition In Moscow



Russia is one of the largests arms exporters in the world, and just like in the US they have their own weapons shows and conventions. Much like SHOT here in the US, the INTERPOLITEX show in Moscow, Russia showcases some of the newest firearms and weapons Russia has to offer. The INTERPOLITEX-2011 exhibition took place on October 25th, 2011 and is the 15th weapons exhibition INTERPOLITEX has held, it was organized by the Russian Federal Security Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Service for Military – Technical Cooperation. Check out the gallery from INTERPOLITEX-2011 below:

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The Ritz Cracker Thrower



Tired of shooting the same old sporting clays out at the range? How about mixing things up with a Ritz Cracker Thrower? That’s right, for only $25 you can get a special thrower designed to throw those delicious little Ritz crackers.

I’m not too sure if it’s a legit product or not, they do have a full checkout page. It does smell of link bait for the parent site linked at the snack thrower’s site Crackethrower.com.

Wanderlei Silva Surprises Air Force MMA Fan


Wanderlei Silva is a legend of MMA, he’s known for his exciting style in the cage, but he’s also known as a real class act and gentleman outside the cage. When MMA30.com found out US Air Force staff sergeant Brian Kraus was a huge fan of Silvas, they brough Silva along to surprise Kraus during an interview. It’s awesome to see legends like Silva take time out to visit our servicemen.

Magpul MOE Scout Mount



Magpul just released their new MOE Scout Mount. The MOE Scout Mount is a cantilevered weapon light attachment point that connects directly to the Magpul MOE hand gaurd. The new Magpul MOE Scout Mount was designed for use with Surefire Scount Lights but should work with many other 1913 Picatinny mounted lights. Made in the USA, the MOE Scout Mount is available in both right and left hand configurations and positions your weapon light at 11 o’clock high with the left hand model and one o’clock with the right. They go for just $9.95 at Magpul.com.
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Sons of Guns 57MM Anti-Tank Gun For Sale



The 1942 US M1 57MM anti-tank gun featured on the season two finale of Discovery Channel’s Sons of Guns was recently listed for sale over on Sturmgewehr.com. The cost for this big gun? Only $44,000…you’ll wish you had it if Panzers come blitzing through your town.

Magpul Art of the Tactical Carbine 2nd Edition HD Trailer


The Blu-Ray trailer of Magpul Dynamics’s second edition of their popular Magpul Art of the Tactical Carbine was recently uploaded onto YouTube. If you’re a fan of the AR-15, Spec Ops or badasses showing off their skills with a carbine, the video is worth a watch.

Adcor Defense B.E.A.R GI AR-15



Adcor Defense recently announced that they will be manufacturing a gas impingement version of their Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle (AKA, B.E.A.R) rifle as opposed to a piston like their earlier models had. The B.E.A.R GI also features a ambidextrous forward charging handle and a Magpul MOE stock and FN made barrel. Adcor has yet to release pricing info as of yet.

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