Scottsdale Gun Club on Bizarre Foods


I was watching Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods today and saw the segment where Andrew Zimmern visited the Scottsdale Gun Club, where he got to dress up like an operator, shoot machine guns at exploding watermelons and enjoyed the fine delicacy known as the MRE. Lucky guy.

MWG 40 Round Polymer AR-15 Magazine Review


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Classic Gun Advertisements



Guns from a bygone era have always fascinated me. I love learning about the history of various firearms, especially those form WWII. These ads make me wish I was around 50+ years ago, check out those prices! $190 for a German 20mm anti-tank rifle? A Finn Mosin Nagant for 16.95? Put me down for 5 or each, better make that 10.
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American Spirits Arms 1911


American Spirits Arms recenly entered the 1911 pistol foray with their own 1911 pistol. They’re expected to be pretty close to the original Browning design. They’re currently finizing testing, more info can be found at Americanspiritarms.com.

The Glock Cat


If you thought the gun dog post was cute, you’ll love the Glock cat! I wonder what store was having the “free cat with Glock purchase” promo?

[Source: Reddit]

Free Dog With Purchase of a Gun!


“Can it hunt?..put me down for two!”

[Source: hellinahandbasket.net]

Ka-Bar Zombie Killer Knives


Preparing for the zombie apocolypse is the hot thing these days, I know I’m hording guns and ammo for the day the undead rise up. Whene it comes to knives, Ka-Bar makes some of the best in the business, so it’s no surprise they’d jump on the zombie trend with their new zombie killer line of knives and swords. The new Ka-Bar ZK-War Knife ($59), Ka-Bar ZK-Death Dagger ($51), Ka-Bar ZK-Pestilence Chopper ($50), Ka-Bar ZK-Acheron Skeleton ($13), and Ka-Bar ZK-Famine Tanto ($48) are all designed to kill the horde of brain eaters as efficiently as possible. They come with neon green handles as well as black replacements for use in stealth mode.

You can find the Ka-Bar Zombie Killer knives here on Amazon.

Gun Shirts from 1791 Apparel



Shooting enthusiasts have been stereotyped as surplus store fatigue wearing geeks for a long time, well now you can hit the range with some style thanks to 1791 Apparel. Just because you’re a gun toting constitution loving American doesn’t mean you wear camo and a Bass Pro hat!
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$100,000 Porsche Shooting Target


Ever had a clunker that had so many problems you just wanted to shoot it? This guy did! A rich guy with more money than you and I probably have donated his Porsche 911 to the Massachusetts’ Commonwealth Second Amendment gun club to use for target practice. The $100,000 Porsche had engine and cooling issues that would cost the owner more than $16,130 to fix, so instead of forking out the cash (and probably even more down the line after it breaks down again) he let 140 of the gun club members shoot more than 10,000 rounds at it. Video game animator John Beauchemin was at the shoot out and took the images below, he said of the Porsche killing mayhem, ‘The car was 100 yards from the line, and we had lots of new and inexperienced shooters and people using pistols…We were accurate enough to shoot the spokes out of the wheels pretty quickly when someone suggested it. I managed to put a few rifled 12ga slugs into her myself – I just wanted to destroy something beautiful”

While I like shooting random things at the range, like watermelons and zombies targets, personally I would have just dumped the Porsche on Craigslist and used the cash for more guns and ammo.

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Free Printable Shooting Targets


I just stumbled upon a bunch of printable shooting targets, from varmit targets to scope testing targets, enjoy!

Click HERE to see them all.

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