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Distasteful Hoodie and Skittles Target



I really can’t stand how polarizing the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin incident has become, and how many are using it to drag gun owners through the mud and call for more gun control. Unlike many gun blogs/sites out there I chose to stay out of the argument either for or against Zimmerman or Martin.

But after seeing this product, I had to post about it. This is really really distasteful and wrong. I hope the site selling them takes them down because it does nothing to help defend gun owners from those calling for us to give up our rights. I won’t even give the site the benefit of a backlink, but  they are made by hillerarmco. They tried selling these on GunBroker but they were quickly taken down and for good reason.

GSG .22LR STG-44 Now Shipping



The remake of the WWII STG-44 chambered in .22LR from GSG is now available, we posted a few pictures of it from the 2012 SHOT Show a while back. I even got the opportunity to shoot it at the 2012 Media Day at the range, and I have to have say it was pretty darn cool. It had a pretty good amount of heft to it, you couldn’t tell it was a .22 when you first pick it up. It felt great to shoot and it was plenty accurate.

It features real wood furniture, real metal parts (not sure how much of the rifle is actually metal vs plastic as yet) and it comes in a cool handmade wood crate. Based off the German Sturmgewehr, it weights in at 9.5lbs and has a 17.2″ barrel with an over all length of 37.2″. They will be available with either a 10 round or 25 round capacity magazine and retail for just under $600. Check out AmericanTactical.us for more info.

Omega and James Bond Bullet Promo Fail



The above image is a screen capture from a promo animation on Omega Watches homepage for a commemoration watch for the new James Bond movie. Now I don’t expect most people to be as knowledgable as myself, or you my faithful readers, when it comes to firearms. But really? You’d think at least one person at Omega or at least MGM would know better. Maybe 007 throws his ammo in the next movie? Check it out for yourself at www.omegawatches.com or in the video below.

The KGB Lipstick Gun



Spotted over at GizMag, this gun hidden in a lipstick case was issued by the KGB in the mid-60’s during the Cold War. The James Bond-like gadget  fires a single 4.5mm cartridge, it’s on display at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.

Taurus Buys Heritage Manufacturing



Taurus USA recently announced their acquisition of the Florida based gun maker Heritage Manufacturing Inc. Heritage specializes in making classic styled single action revolvers with their Rough Rider series being their most popular product line. They also produce single action revolvers chambered in .357 magnum, .45LC and .32 H&R Mag. This isn’t the only cowboy action brand that Taurus owns, Rossi is also under the Taurus umbrella. Rossi is known for their imported lever action rifles and revolvers made in Brazil. Heritage will continue as a standalone company according to Taurus.

Spinning Sawblade Shooting Crossbow



In case a chainsaw mounted to an AK-47 wasn’t crazy enough, Patrick Priebe created a pretty sinister looking weapon. He rigged up a saw blade shooting crossbow complete with a laser sight that launches spinning 50mm steel buzz saw blades. It may not be a 7.62×39 round, but I still wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end.

Improving Handgun Accuracy With The Wall Drill



Dry-fire practice is a great way to help improve your handgun accuracy, the folks over at Fourguysguns.com put together this great video tutorial on the ‘wall drill’. It shows how to improve your pistol shooting by using front sight focus drills and trigger control to help build your muscle memory which in turn will help your overall accuracy.

Win A Mac-10 or $2500?



That’s a pretty cool landlord if you ask me. Which would you take? The Mac-10 or $2500?


New Lasers For The S&W M&P Shield



Crimson Trace posted on their Facebook page a sneak peak at their new laser for the S&W M&P Shield pistol.


It looks like Laserlyte has a laser for the S&W M&P Shield on the way too, it’s expected to be due out by this summer.

$650 .50 BMG Proof iPhone Case



If you ever find yourself needing a case for your iPhone that can withstand a shot from a .50 BMG round, you’ll be glad to know that such a product exist. Made my Marudai in Japan, their case is perhaps the strongest case ever made for the iPhone yet. Made from steel and aluminum it goes for just $650.


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