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12-Gauge Shotgun Compound Bow


This video was posted over on shellgunning.com, and while it does look like this guy really did attach a 12-gauge shotgun to his compound bow. The video quality isn’t that great and recoil looks faked. It just looks like two guys with too much time on their hands.

Army Bans PMAGS and Other Non-USGI Magazines



From a recent report at Military.com

Despite the success of the PMAG, Army officials from the TACOM Life Cycle Management Command issued a “safety of use message” in April that placed it, and all other polymer magazines, on an unauthorized list.

The message did not single out PMAGs, but instead authorizes only the use of Army-issued aluminum magazines. The message offers little explanation for the new policy except to state that “Units are only authorized to use the Army-authorized magazines listed in the technical manuals.” Nor does it say what Army units should now do with the millions of dollars’ worth of PMAGs they’ve purchased over the years.

New Compact AR-15 “Ribbon Spring” Magazine Concept



This new ultra compact AR-15 magazine concept was spotted at TheFirearmBlog, one of their readers from Australia came up with the design that makes use of a “ribbon spring” which unfortunately isn’t shown in the CAD drawings as it is not yet patented. The design is unique in that it curves to the right and sits to the side of the lower receiver. While this makes the magazine more compact, unless it can fit more than 30 rounds in this configuration then I don’t really see the benefit. Also, it looks like it would be difficult to do quick mag changes.

LaserLyte Zombie Killer Lasers, No Really



I kid you not, LaserLyte joined the zombie gun product fad with their Zombie Killer edition of lasers for Ruger and Kel-Tec .380 and 9mm pistols. They mount by pushing out the stock frame pins and mounted the laser with new threaded pins, which is a great concept. What’s not so great? The retarded green color. Because this will really make your gun look cool, not. At least it’s a functional product, unlike many of the zombie products at SHOT 2012.

Russia Plans To Destroy 4 Million Guns


Mosin Nagant Crate

According to Shotgunnews Russia’s Ministry of Defense plans on destroying 4 million surplus guns by the end of 2014. Supposedly Russia has stockpiles of about 16 million guns that are no longer in service with the Russian military. It wasn’t officially revealed what kinds of guns they intend to destroy, but word on the street is that they’re most likely Mosin Nagant rifles and carbines, SKS carbines, T33 Tokarev pistols, Nagant revolvers, AKM rifles, RPKs and PK machine guns. If it was up to me I’d sell these retired firearms to the American market or at the very least to some third world army. What a shame.

Primary Weapons Systems Triad Flash Suppressor



The AR-15 platform doesn’t have much recoil or muzzle flip, but there’s always room for improvement. At $60 the Triad from Primary Weapons Systems helps almost eliminate what little muzzle rise the AR-15 has. This in turn helps with faster more accurate follow-up shots. The PWS Triad redirects gases exiting the muzzle with its unique internal design and elongated tine cut. Still a doubter? PWS believes in their product so much they’re offering their customers a money back guarantee, if you don’t like it send it back for a full refund. Check it out in action below, for more info visit Primaryweapons.com.

How Suppressors Are Made



Downrange.tv visted Advanced Armament Corp to give us a look into how suppressors are made. Check it out at Downrange.tv.

Arthrobot Bullet Sculptures


While this isn’t the first time we’ve posted about artwork made out of guns or ammo, these lil’ guys are pretty cool looking. Created by Tom Hardwidge on the other side of the pond, Arthrobots are arthropod sculptures and are based more or less on real deal insects. Check out the collection at Arthrobots.com.

Shotgun Disguised As Water Gun


While this isn’t the only case where a shotgun was hidden in a water gun, it looks like more and more criminals are catching wind of this mod.

Bizarre Improvised Shotgun Loads



Shotguns are very versatile guns, they shoot a vast array of loads and calibers. But what makes shotguns so fun is all the bizarre loads you can come up with, that’s what these guys did. They used everything from emtpy .22LR shells, duct tape, pieces of coat hangers, flat washers, computer screws and dimes. Check it out below:

Below is the slow motion version

[Source: Shellgunning.com]

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