The New Colt Super-Stoc



Colt recently replaced the tried and true M4 stock with their Colt Super-Stoc. Colt Defense and shooting intructor Bill Rogers worked together to design the new stock that weights in at just 6.56 ounces and sports a bunch of cool new features.


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Hornady’s Zombie Max Ammo

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Hornady just released their new Zombie Max line of ammo designed to “make dead…permanent”, as if ammo didn’t do that already. They’re available in 9mm, .40S&W, .45acp, 12 gauge 00 buck, .223, 7.62×39 and .308…basically all the popular calibers to kill the undead with.

Just don’t forget to double tap!

The Weapons of The Walking Dead



If you’re a fan of the AMC show The Walking Dead (and you’re reading this blog) I assume you pay attention to the various guns and weapons the survivors in The Walking Dead use to kill the undead. From Shane’s pump-action shotgun to Daryl’s crossbow. It’s pretty cool seeing the various rubber stunt guns, machetes and blank firing firearms used in the show.
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Gaddafi’s Gold Browning Pistol

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What’s with Middle Eastern dictators love of gold plated guns? A few months ago rebels found a gold plated “Dragunov” variant Al Kadesih rifle in Gaddafi’s compound. Well when the Libyan dictator was found in his hometown of Sirte alive and hiding like a coward, a gold plated Browning Hi-Power was found on him, and he was later killed by the freedom fighters. Didn’t NATO advise those Libyan rebels on proper trigger discipline?!

Mission Spec Irene Adaptive Sling Review



Rifle Slings are some of the best selling gun accessories, and understandably so. Just as it is necessary for a pistol to have a holster, a high quality gun sling can make a world of difference as an easy way to carry a rifle over your shoulder for the operator. With all the options on the market as to one-point only sling or two-point mount, extra padding, etc. A customer has a probability of being unsatisfied with one’s choice in sling. However a completely new concept in sling design, the Irene Adaptive Sling from Mission Spec, took to simple approach with function over form, and created a balanced sling with its main function to have the ability to convert from a one-point to a two-point sling with extreme speed and ease.

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How Many Accessories is Too Much?

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The AR-15 Rifle is the mens Lego set, it’s fully customizable, easy to assemble and there are a ton of accessories for them. Everything from grips, scopes, lasers and lights can be mounted onto the AR-15 in various different configurations. But how many accessories is too much? Just like with cars, many people seem to go overboard with the accessories they add onto their ARs (and other guns for that matter) making them seem gaudy and impractical. With the AR owner above, to him more is better, personally I’m a fan of KISS principle.  I keep it simple with iron sights and a foregrip, and if I’m feeling tacticool a mounted SureFire light.

[Image source: Reddit]

Husband Tests Bullet Proof Glass With His Wife



There’s a ton of videos out there where someone will demonstrate the strength of their bullet proof glass by shooting at the glass with someone standing behind it. So what makes this video blog worthy? Well for one it’s a husband and wife team demonstrating the effectiveness of the bullet proof glass, in the 1930s. Bullet proof glass and armor existed in the 1930s, but it was arguably less effective than modern bullet resistance materials, and after seeing how many shots the husband was firing at the glass as it started cracking and spidering, I was fully expecting the next round to shatter it and cause dinner to not be ready in time. However ammo back then for the most part was not as hot as modern ammunition. I love how not only is the husband shooting at his wife, but he’s making her hold the glass the whole time instead of mounting it to a stand.
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Canon Enters AR-15 Market With AR Camera

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We’ve seen pistol cameras before, but these days point and shoots are on the way out and DSLRs are all the rage. Enter the Canon AR-15 DSLR. It can use detachable lens and has a long life extended battery mag. Just don’t “shoot” this baby around the cops, or out in public in general.

Australian Federal Police Considering KRISS Vector

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It came to my attention whilst talking to a KRISS representative in Las Vegas that the Australian Federal Police (AFP) had – and presumably were continuing – to test and evaluate (T&E) the Vector SMG. A few phone calls revealed, as expected, that the weapon was being evaluated by the Operational Readiness Group (ORG) for use by their Tactical Response Teams (TRTs). The ORG TRTs provide tactical response options to all high-risk AFP operations nationally, and are often tasked to deploy overseas on peacekeeping missions as part of the International Deployment Group (IDG).

Australian military and defense blog Security Scholar reports that the Austrailian Federal Police Tactical Response Teams (TRTs, their version of SWAT teams) have been evaluating the KRISS Vector SMG. While the KRISS Vector SMG had it’s initial problems when they were first introduced back in 2007, they seem to have fixed those issues. In case you’ve never heard of the KRISS or haven’t played COD Modern Warfare 2, the KRISS Vector SMG is a selective fire submachine gun (SMG) that fires in single, two-round burst and fully automatic and is chambered in .45ACP.

[Source: Security Scholar]

Sons of Guns Crew Truck Causes 9/11 Scare at Dallas Airport

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During the 10th anniverary of the September 11 terrorist attacks security at airports around the nation were on high alert. It’s safe to say you shouldn’t drive a truck with guns anywhere near one, especially on September 11th. Well a crew truck from the Discovery Channel show “Sons of Guns” did just that as a crew member of the show told airport police “I got a couple of guns,” as he was waiting outside for a co-worker. The bomb squad and canine units were quickly dispatched and a “automatic weapon” was found in the truck, which was parked in the general area where returning troops are usually greeted as they come back from deployment.

I’m sure the crew member meant no harm and was just being honest with police in case they randomly searched their crew truck, but come on. Driving a truck with a gun to the airport on September 11th? Just a note it was not the truck pictured above, but that’s the visual I had as I read the article on Mercury News. I also pondered what impractical gun they were building for the episode they were going to film. What ever it is I’m sure it’s “neva been dun befoe”.

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