Don’t Mess With This Cop!



Officer bad ass has 5 ways to take you down, don’t even think about it bad guys. FYI that ‘stache is cool enough to be considered a deadly weapon! He probably rocks a bad mother fucker wallet too.

Note: Don’t try this at home kids, even though it looks pretty bad ass, I’m hoping those weapons aren’t loaded!

[Source: Reddit]

Tri-Cor .38 Special Cartridge


The .38 Special round isn’t the optimal round for self defense these days, it’s been overshadowed by it’s big brother the .357 Magnum as well as a plethora of auto-pistol cartridges. But the venerable old .38 special can still pack a punch, especially the Tri-Cor .38 special cartridge. Constitution Arms Tri-Cor .38 Special cartridge is a triple-projetile load with three conocal shaped bullets stacked on top of each other. The three projectiles separates and then tumbles when it enters tissue, creating a larger wound channel and a better chance of hitting your target.
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Overview of Standard vs. Ambidextrous AR-15 Charging Handles


A quick over view of a few of the various standard and ambidextrous charging handles available for the AR-15 rifle. Featured in the video are the following charging handles:

Badger Ordnance Tactical Latch
BravoCompanyUSA BCM Gunfighter Mod. 3
ACLM Ambidextrous Charging Handle
Badger Ordnance Left-Handed Charging Handle

[Source: Romeotangobravo]

H&K MP7 Used in Afghanistan



War correspondent and photographer Michael Yon posted on his Facebook page a picture of an H&K MP7 submachine gun used by a German soldier deployed in Afghanistan. I wonder what sidearm he’s using? Looks like a Sig.

[Source: TheFireArmsBlog]

The Makarov Beer Bottle Opener


I bet this is how the most interesting man in the world opens his Dos Equis. Here’s a video of the Makarov beer opener in action.
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Leather Whiskey Holsters


Leather Whiskey Holster

Two of the many things the old west was known for were six-guns in hand-made leather holsters and whiskey. Now you can relive the old west with this hand made Whiskey Holster ($39). You can take your favorite 200ml bottle of bourbon whiskey with you out on the trail, tailgate etc..I’m sure it fits a standard sized flask if you prefer another type of poison. It even has a front window to show off your drink brand of choice. Just don’t take it to the range, drinking and shooting is probably not the best idea, plus you’ll get some funny looks.

Russian Parliament Speaker Calls for Right to Bear Arms


Soviet Propaganda Poster

Russia has come a very long way since the dark days after the fall of the Soviet Union. They’ve since become an economic power house in Europe and have slowely rebuilt their influence around the world. It is surprising to hear that they have very limited gun rights, this is the country that gave the world some of the most iconic firearms of all time. I’m sure just like here in the US, it’s usually the bad guys who have all the guns that the average citizen is restriced from owning.
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Glock 1911


The battle between which is the best pistol design of all time, the 1911 or the Glock, is now over with the release of the Glock 1911 pistol. Due out in late 2011 the Glock 1911 chambered in .45acp will retail for $799.
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1791 Apparel T-Shirt Review


1971 apparel gadsden flag

1791 Apparel makes stylish high-quality clothing for military and gun enthusiasts, I stumbled upon 1791 Apparel a while back and did a quick post about them. I really liked their style quite a bit for both their clean designs and historical references, so I ordered myself a few shirts to review. I picked up their Gadsden and Tula shirts, both of which go for $17 .00, a very fair price in a market full of over priced tacticool accessories and gizmos most of us don’t really need. Their shirts aren’t “in your face” like other gun related shirts tend to be, you could wear them at the mall without sparking any Second Amendment debates with random anti-gunners off the street. And if you do, just tell those Constitution stomping haters you’re just practicing your rights. But I digress…

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Jihadists Kalashnikov Goes Boom


The AK-47 rifle if a favorite among revolutionaries, freedom fighters and terrorist world wide. It is known for its ruggedness and reliability, but even the venerable old Kalashnikov rifle can fail. I’m not entirely sure what happened in the video above to cause the AK to go boom, but it shows the importance of maintaining and cleaning your rifle.

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