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Russian Bullpup Prototypes



Looks like the Russians were also experimenting with bullpups during the Cold War. Pretty interesting looking rifles, the one in the bottom right with the giant “banana clip” is pretty crazy looking.

[Source: Forgottenweapons.com]

Tactical Mirrors For Shooting Around Corners


From TheFirearmBlog, I never knew these existed. The above picatinny rail mounted mirror is the Diamondhead Versa-view mirror sight, it’s basically a mirror that you can angle to allow you to shoot around corners without exposing yourself to the enemy.

There is also the Mirror Sight from X-Caliber Tactical that also has a dual aperture sight built-in when not using the mirror, check it out in action below.

Zombie Dad


Watch the trigger discipline little lady.

Ruger LCP Kaboom



Posted over at RomeoTangoBravo.net, this Ruger LCP handgun had a catastrophic failure during concealed carry course when the shooter had a squib using Winchester White Box 95gr FMJ ammo.

How Not To Shoot A Full Auto Glock


Talk about limp wristing.

Stephen Colbert: Obama is still planning to not take away our guns



Remember back in 2008 when President Obama was elected? Remember how the price of guns and ammo went through the roof and were hard to come by? Well if everyone starts to believe the fud from 2008, then guns and ammo are going to fly off the shelves yet again. And ammo will be impossible to buy, yet again.

Stay calm people, let’s hear what Stephen Colbert has to say on the matter.


Best line in the video, “The fear of not being able to buy guns has led to buying so many guns that now we can’t buy any guns just like we feared.”

Handgun Love



Whoever owns this collection has good taste, I’m really jealous.


Chris Costa’s Nighthawk 1911s




From gungalleryjax.com, these 1911s are among the sexiest I’ve ever seen.

Ruger Takedown 10/22 Rifle



Ruger just released their new 10/22 Takedown rifle. The 10/22 seperates by locking the rifle’s bolt rearwards, pressing a release button then rotating the barrel counterclockwise. It’s that easy.The new Ruger 10/22 Takedown also comes with a cool backpage with MOLLE lashes and two storage compartments.

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