The Last F-22 Raptor



The last F-22 Raptor, tail number 4195, rolled off the assembly line at Lockeed Martin bringing the total number of operational F-22 figthers to 185.

The advanced fighter hasn’t been without it’s share of issues however. In November of last year an F-22 crashed in Alaska with the investigation still ongoing. Recently there were issues with the onboard oxygen generating system which grounded the entire fleet of F-22s twice within a year.

[Source: Flightglobal.com]

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Dead at 69



North Korea’s “Dear Leader” died at 69 years old of a heart attack. According to North Korea’s state-run KCNA news agency the North Korean dictator died of “great mental and physical strain” while in a train during a “field guidance tour.” Kim Jong Il’s recent death has put South Korea’s military on alert with emergency meetings taking place in Japan and the United States.

With the death of the long time North Korean leader many are wondering what’s next for the communist north.

[Image Source: WAToday.com.au]

Adjustable Fiber Optic Mosin Nagant Sights



The Russian Mosin Nagant rifle is popular among new and experienced shooters alike, they’re cheap, rugged, fairly accurate and did I mention cheap? Adding a scope mount or changing the stock out are fairly common mods for the trusty ol’ Mosin, there’s even a 10 round magazine in the works. Well now there’s a way to add adjustable fiber optic front sights to your WWII Soviet workhorse.

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GLOCK Introducing New Gen4 Pistols at SHOT Show



GLOCK recently announced that they will be officially debuting their new fourth generation, Gen4, models of the G21 (.45Auto), G32 (.357) and G34 (9×19) pistols at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

New updates for the Gen4 models include more refined ergonomics via a Multiple Back Strap (MBS) system for the grips. They’ll be available in short, medium and large sizes to let you customize your GLOCKs grip to fit your hand. They’ve also enlarged the Gen4’s magazine release catch and can now be switched for left hand shooters. They’ve also reduced felt recoil by using a dual recoil spring assembly as opposed to a single spring assembly. Stay tuned for more information from the 2012 SHOT Show.

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The Guns of The Walking Dead



The “zombie apocalypse” scenario is brought up quite often on gun forums all the time, the question of what gun to use if the undead rise up has been discussed countless times. What would I use during a zombie apocalypse? I’ll save that for a later post.
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Beginners Guide To Reloading



With rising ammo cost reloading has become a popular way to save money and still be able to get out to the range and shoot. When I first got into reloading, I was pretty overwhelmed by it all. This reloading guide by RCBS is a great step-by-step guide to beginners to help them grasp what exactly ammo reloading entails and the equipment needed.

Gun Hip Flask…A Recipe For Disaster



I don’t want to be a party pooper, but this seems like a very very bad idea.

From the product description…

Keep this piece holstered, and drink your hooch like an outlaw. This mischievous hip flask features solid stainless steel construction with a capped end and leatherette carrying case. Perfect for those gentlemen and gentle-ladies that love to live on the edge, this liquor flask is licensed for a tough, spirited shot (has a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?) whenever and wherever you need it.

Yeah that’s not asking for trouble. In case you want to spend $18 on it, check it out here.

The 700 WTF Rifle In Action



Check out the dinosaur rifle in action.

Alton Brown The Gun Enthusiast



I’ve been watching Alton Brown on The Food Network for years, and when I saw him tweet about his day at the range today I was pretty surprised. Apparently he’s also a pilot and motorcycle enthusiast. I knew there was a reason I liked this guy. Don’t believe me? Check out his tweet today, or his Facebook fan page.


Revolver Goes Kaboom



Guns going kaboom while shooting (a.k.a. a catastrophic failure) is never fun. We’ve seen AR-15s go kaboom, M16s, and even an ACR. The picture above of a revolver blowing up probably takes the cake. We’re not sure exactly how it happened, apparently these images have made their rounds around the internet before. It looks like the cartridge was overpressured.
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