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Paracord Survival Bracelets Online



Paracord survival bracelets are pretty common these days, so much so that you can even buy them online. I’ve seen them in all variations at gun shops and local gun shows, but they always seemed pretty overpriced. Sure you can make your own for much much cheaper, but if you’re too lazy or don’t feel like you’ll be able to braid your own, you can find paracord bracelets online at pretty darn afforable prices.

If you do feel inclined to try and braid your own bracelets, paracord is pretty cheap as well.

Australian Olympic Swimmers In Hot Water Over Gun Photo



Looks like another case of hoplophobia, the fear of weapons. This time it has to do with two Olympic swimmers from Australia that even the Australian media have branded as “bad boys” brandishing “automatic” pistols. I kid you not, just read the first paragraph in this post at the Heraldsun.

The picture was taken at a Santa Clara, California gun shop where swimmers Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk visited. Imagine the outrage if they were at a gun shop in Las Vegas and were posing with “assault” rifles? Or Gasp!…shooting real full-automatic cop killing baby seeking weapons at a range like the Gun Store in Vegas? Many athletes visit the Gun Store to get a chance to fire off a few rounds from the guns they’ve only seen in the movies. Here’s UFC Middle Weight Champ Anderson Silva visiting a while back. The UFC earlier this year took a stance against the 2nd Amendment, but they don’t mind that their athletes still partake in shooting. Maybe the authorities in Australia need to calm down a bit.

My family has hosted exchange students from all over the world, and as a gun enthusiasts I have taken many of them to the shooting range and showed them the proper way to handle and fire a gun, and in the process changed their views on firearms in America. Many of them instantly became gun freaks. It’s common for tourist from other countries to want the chance to experience the shooting sports, something many of them will never be able to do in their home countries.

Both D’Arcy and Monk removed the photos, and worst of all they may face Olympic sanctions and repercussions from Swimming Australia. All because of a photo, a photo that scared a few who really had no reason to be.

Butterfly Knife Bottle Opener



Technically it’s called a Balisong, but here in the West they’re more commonly known as butterfly knives. If you live in a state where butterfly knifes are illegal, I’m looking at you California and New York, then you’ll probably never be able to legally enjoy how cool butterfly knives are. Unless you get this sweet Butterfly Knife Bottle Opener, called the Bottlefly Knive, it functions just like a real Balisong only without the blade. So if you want to look cool next time you pop open a cold one do it with this butterfly knife, at least you won’t cut yourself trying.

[via Amazon]

Key Guns



Key guns were first used back in the 16th century as a way for jailers to defend themselves while opening and closing cell doors. While the standard pistol of the time makes more sense, key guns were interesting pieces of gun history nonetheless. Key guns were actually fully functional tools, they were both a key and a functional pistol. Some of key guns made use of a flintlock mechanism, others a percussion cap, and the most basic a touch hole where the user would have to use their cigar to light the charge.

While they may not have been the most lethal firearm at the time and were pretty odd-looking, key guns did serve their purpose. I’d imagine they were used more so to stun or scare an attacker rather than actually kill them. Or they could have just been an old-time marketing gimmick, like how every gun company is marketing a zombie product today.

Manny Pacquiao The Competitive Shooter



Filipino boxing champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is not only the pound for pound best boxer in the world. He’s also an avid gun enthusiast. The pro athlete, politician, basket ball player, singer, game show host and philanthropist also collects and shoots guns. It isn’t much of a surprise however, firearms are popular in the Philippines, and while gun ownership is no where near the levels in the United States, many Filipinos do own guns. Especially those with money and power, such as Pacquiao.

Pocket Artillery Mini Desktop Cannons


Is your co-worker in the cubicle next to you as unbearable as the ones I had when I used to be a cubicle monkey? If they are, than declare war on them with one, or a whole barrage, of these cool Pocket Artillery Mini Desktop Cannons.

They’re available for just $34 at Amazon.com, CLICK HERE. They actually use black powder and fires a .177″ cannon balls (BBs) with enough force to shatter beer bottles, wine glasses or the walls of your enemy’s cities. OK maybe not a wall, but definitely your eyeball if you’re not careful. These are made here in the USA out of anodized aluminum and stainless steel with brass thumbscrews.

Check them out in action below

What is This Unidentified Firing Object?



Posted over at TheFirearmBlog, all we know about this newfangled firearm is that it is most likely chambered in .22LR. Any idea what this gun could be?

[Thanks to Sam for forwarding this to me]

1791 Apparel $50 Gift Card Contest


We’ve partnered with 1791Apparel to offer our readers a chance to win a $50 gift card at 1791apprel.com.

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1791 1911 shirt

Free Batteries For Life From Crimson Trace


Crimson Trace is now offering free batteries for life to their new and existing customers. They’ll ship you out a set of batteries each of your Crimson Trace lasers once a year for the rest of your life. You’ll have to register your products with Crimson Trace obviously, and it doesn’t include CR-123 or CR2 lithium batteries. Check it out at Crimson Trace.

Triple Barrel 18-Shot Revolver




It appears multi-barreled handguns aren’t a new idea. Unlike the double barrel 1911, the Pistola con Caricato is a three-barreled revolver that was probably state of the art back in its day, and probably pretty functional. Made in Italy at the turn of the 20th century, it has three barrels and 18 chambers in 6.35 x 16 mm semi-rimmed caliber, a.k.a. .25ACP.

While it’s not a gun that looks like it would easily fit in your pocket, it was probably used by European gentlemen for personal protection. Compared to the 6-shot revolvers around during the same period, the Pistola con Caricato must have been a quite intimidating even with the small .25ACP round. The Pistola con Caricato also used moon clips to aid in loading and unloading all 18 rounds. There isn’t much known about this odd handgun, and it may have just been a prototype. You can read more about it at Gizmag.com.

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