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Why You Shouldn’t Dry Fire .22LR Firearms



There has always been a stigma with dry firing your firearms, and while many modern guns can be dry fired safely, it’s always a good idea to use snap caps when dry firing. This is especially true for most guns chambered in .22lr, while some .22lr firearms can be safely dry fired, some .22s such as revolvers in need to be used with snap caps. Or at the very least spent casings. Better safe than sorry.


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DIY Polymer AR-15 Lower


If you have access to a CNC mill machine, a block of Delrin and a little determination you can build your own polymer AR-15 lower. Check out this cool DIY at Pagunblog.com.

7.62×39 vs a House



A Redditor recently posted about an incident at a friend’s house in Kansas. apparently a 7.62×39 round from a few irresponsible shooters came flying through the poster’s friend’s house. It entered through their kitchen window, went clean through their fridge, a frozen water bottle, across two walls in a hallway and eventually lodged in the back of a mirror in their bathroom.

Luckily no one was hurt, shoot safe everyone.

Mosin Nagant Hex Receiver Cracks In Half



Here’s something you never want to have to experience, an AR15.com member’s 1932 hex receiver Mosin Nagant rifle went kaboom.


From AR15.com

Well…it finally happened today. I’ve been in the C&R game about 5 years and own about 10 C&R weapons…even went down the road to get my 003 FFL. I have purchased 4 mosins and never had any issues…I do a thorough breakdown, inspection, head space, firing pin, and cleaning prior to shooting…obviously I missed something on my fourth mosin. I went to a public range today and was shooting (or shot) Romanian light ball. First time to shoot this 1932 beauty today and (SEE PICS BELOW) I wasn’t hurt at all and actually didn’t even realize what happened until I chambered the second round. I saw the round impact the berm. No hot gas or anything in the face. I feel very lucky…lots of people at the range were snapping photos of the ruptured receiver. I picked up the steel and there was a split neck, but nothing crazy. I was pretty shook up. As you’ll see in the pics, the receiver split in two right behind the chamber. Note the different color where the receiver failed…the discoloration indicates there was an existing failure. I really don’t think there was anything visible on the surface, but maybe I missed it. I went and bought a lotto ticket tonight.

The Walking Dead Really Needs Firearms Consultants



I’m a fan of The Walking Dead tv series on AMC, check out our weapons of The Walking Dead post if you don’t believe me. But as a firearms enthusiasts I cringe whenever I see a scene where they’re using a weapon incorrectly  (like when it’s pretty obvious that they’re using a prop gun). Now I don’t mean how the characters aren’t using proper form and technique, I don’t expect everyone in the zombie apocalypse to be knowledgable in the proper use of a gun.

What I mean are the inconsistencies throughout the series when it comes to the production of the show when it comes to firearms. Take last night’s episode of The Walking Dead titled “Triggerfinger”. At about the 1:10 mark in the video below, Lori shoots a walker in the dead with her revolver, was that a shell casing I hear hit the pavement after the shot? Wait a minute…revolvers don’t eject spent shells do they? I know this is Hollywood, and that was a canned sound effect and all, but it’s a pretty big oversight. They spend a lot of time getting the zombie makeup effects to look as good as possible, they look really really good, but how about making the shooting scenes a little more believable?


And will someone tell Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick Grimes how to properly hold his .357 Colt Python!

How Not To Dry Off Your Polymer Pistol



Good gun maintenance is key, you should always clean your firearm and keep them in good working order. But knowing how-to properly clean your firearm is pretty important too. This guy obviously didn’t know how-to properly clean his pistol, he thought drying off his Sig Sauer Pro in his oven at 400°f was a good idea.


Kalashnikov Vodka



Two of Russia’s most popular exports are probably vodka, and the Kalashnikov rifle. Glasov Distillery brought the two together with their new Kalashnikov Vodka. Limited to just 13,000 units, the Lux grade vodka is bottled in an AK-47 shaped bottle and comes in a green wooden case and a numbered dog tag. They’re currently going for $396 over at Kalashnikov-vodka.com. Drink up comrade!

Gun Ownership


gun ownership

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Yeah, that about sums it up.


Support The 2nd Amendment And Starbucks on 2/14/2012



The 2nd Amendment is under attack again, and this time it’s from the National Gun Victim’s Action council. They are planning to boycott Starbucks on Valentine’s Day because of their company policy which allows firearms in their stores. To show support for Starbucks please visit your local Starbucks tomorrow Tuesday February 14th, 2012 and show your appreciation for their support of our gun rights.

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Review: Rothco Medium Molle Backpack From PXSupply



I have a good amount of gear for all my firearms, probably too much, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After magazines and holsters the one type of gear I like buying the most are bags. I have quite a lot of them, from simple range bags to molle backpacks and multi-rifle carrying bags.

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