More Pics Of The Sig Sauer ACP From SHOT Show 2012



Sig Sauer had their new ACP Adaptive Carbine Platform on display at the 2012 SHOT Show. We got to hold it and play around with it for a bit, I can’t wait to get my hands on one to review, it’s a pretty neat setup.

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Mossberg 464 SPX Tactical Lever Action Rifles




Mossberg has spruced up the trusty old “Appalachian assault rifle” with their new 464 SPX lever action rifles that they debuted at the 2012 SHOT Show. They added picatinny rails, an adjustable six position stock, flash suppressor and fiber optic sights. Currently the new 464 SPX lever action rifles are available in .22lr with a 18″ barrel in 13+1 capacity and in .30-.30 with a 16″ barrel and 5+1 capacity.


Floyd Mayweather Look-alike Target


I stumbled upon this while walking the SHOT Show floor, I had to double take and say “WTF?! that guy isn’t holding that AR-15 correctly!”…oh yeah and he kind of looks like Floyd Mayweather.

It’s probably just a coincidence. Or maybe PJL Targets are Pacquiao fans?

SHOT Show 2012 Day Two Pictures


Sig Sauer Spartan Molon Labe 1911

Our second day at the 2012 SHOT Show was even busier than the first, we got to see even more new products and our feet got quite the workout! Here are our best images from our second day at the 2012 SHOT Show, stay tuned for even more images.

Note, click on the thumbnail to view and scroll through larger versions of the pictures.

You can view all of our SHOT Show 2012 pictures HERE.

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H&K MR556A1 Upper Kit



Heckler & Koch will now be offering their MR556A1 AR-15 uppers which were debuted at last years SHOT Show. The MR556A1 kit makes use of the H&K piston system and free floating quad-rail and also comes with a bolt carrier assembly, buffer and buffer spring. They’ll retail for $2195.

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The Walking Dead/Gerber Zombie Killing Booth




At the 2012 SHOT Shot Gerber had a section of their booth dedicated to zombie killing. Gerber had their Apocalypse Kit from the second season of The Walking Dead available for show goers to use to slay a walker. Gerber uploaded all the zombie killing mayhem to their site.

Look who did some zombie killing of their own, the stars of Sons of Guns. Check out more pics at Gerber.com.

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Primary Weapons Systems Suppressor Prototype



Primary Weapons Systems displayed their new prototype suppressor. While there aren’t many details available of their new suppressor as of yet, what we do know is their new suppressor will be serviceable with its internal components being replacable. No need to buy another silencer and do more paperwork when this one eventually wears out. Stay tuned for more info and pricing as it comes in.

PWS suppressor

PWS silencer

Heritage Manufacturing .45LC/.410 Revolver



Heritage Manufacturing had their new .45LC/.410 single-action revolver on display. MSRP is about $550.

SHOT Show 2012 Day One Pictures



With the first day of the 2012 SHOT Show in the books, here are our pics. Enjoy, and stay tuned for day two images coming soon!

Note, click on the thumbnail to view and scroll through larger versions of the pictures.

You can view all of our SHOT Show 2012 pictures HERE.

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Doublestar Zombie X Chainsaw Rail Attachment



Doublestar showed off their Zombie X Chainsaw Rail Attachment at SHOT Show 2012. It attaches to a Picatinny rail with the power button on the left hand side. It is powered via a battery pack mounted onto the rifles stock. If you look closely at the picture above you can actually see it’s a fully functioning chainsaw. While the Zombie X chainsaw was a project for SHOT, Doublestar may bring it to market. Stay tuned for more info as we get it.

EDIT: The Zombie X Chainsaw is actually going into production! More info HERE.


Check out all of our SHOT Show 2012 pictures HERE.

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