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.44 Caliber Chamber Ring



Here’s a great gift for Father’s Day if your dad is a wheel gun kind of guy. This scale replica of a .44 caliber revolver chamber is cast in solid sterling silver and is available in sizes 4 to 11, including half sizes. The ring is 14mm wide to 20mm wide depending on size. They go for $140 on Etsy.com.

Winchester Reintroduces The Model 70 Alaskan


Winchester is re-releasing their Model 70 Alaskan bolt action rifle. They’re now made by FNH-USA in Columbia, South Carolina. It will be chambered in .30-06, .300 Win Mag and .338 Win Mag. It will feature a pre-’75 style controlled round feed and a Mauser-type claw extractor.

From the press release:

For big game hunting in Alaska or anywhere else in the world, the new Winchester Repeating Arms Model 70 Alaskan comes back with all the features that have made the Model 70 a favorite among big game hunters. The Model 70 Alaskan will be available in three calibers 30-06 Sprg, 300 Win Mag and 338 Win Mag.

The Satin finish Monte Carlo walnut stock gives the gun a beautiful look and aligns the shooters eye up perfectly with open sight or a scope. The Model 70 Alaskan features a folding adjustable rear sight and a hooded gold front bead for fast target acquisition.

The pre-’64 style controlled round feed with claw extractor fully controls the cartridge from magazine to chamber to ejection. To help reduce felt recoil, the Model 70 Alaskan features the Pachmayr® Decelerator® Recoil Pad.

Some of the features on the Model 70 Alaskan that have given the Model 70 the reputation of being a very accurate firearm include:

MOA Trigger System – Zero creep and zero overtravel
Integral Recoil Lug -Forged and machined as part of the receiver
Free floating barrel – All Model 70 barrels are cold hammer forged
Alloy One-Piece Bottom Metal- Adds solid rigidity for better accuracy

Suggested Retail, $1,269.99

The many poses of Rick Grimes


CLICK HERE for the full-size image

Rick Grimes sure does like to use that impractical pose, at least his Colt Python looks really cool. For more gun related Walking Dead awesomeness check out our Guns of The Walking Dead post.

Free Online Dry Fire Shot Timer



Predator Tactical has a pretty cool online shot timer tool on their site that can help you with your pistol skills. It allows you to adjust your target size and has various target types, from IPSC to to IDPA targets. Check out all their online dry fire drills here. Be sure that your firearm is unloaded before trying these out, I don’t want to read about someone shooting their monitor out!

Ruger Taking Gun Orders Again



Back in March Ruger said they weren’t taking any new firearm orders because the high demand for their firearms had outpaced their ability to supply them. Well according to Investors.com Ruger announced that they will be accepting new gun orders again.

Sturm Ruger said it’s resumed normal acceptance of orders from distributors, and business is good.

“Demand for our products is very strong, and the current backlog remains significantly above year-ago levels,” the company said in announcing it will again accept new orders. “Our production and shipments in the first quarter of 2012 increased more than 50% from the first quarter of 2011 and remain very strong.”

The maker of pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns, mainly for the sport hunting market, was supply-constrained in first quarter. The good news is orders have been rising. On March 21, it said it had received an overwhelming 1.2 million orders during the quarter, more guns than it made in all of 2011.

The above picture is from the movie ‘The American’ which featured a Ruger Mini-14.

Welcome To The Gunshine State


Oh Florida, you’ve been in the news recently with your zombie attack that got nationwide attention. At least some of you Floridians are prepared for the zombie uprising.


Yet Another Cracked Walther P-22 Slide



Along with the Sig Sauer Mosquito, the Walther P-22 seems to be one of those .22lr pistols everyone warns you not to get. Many point out the fact that these pistols use a cast zinc-alloy slide, a.k.a. pot metal, which tends to fracture over time. If that’s the case how come companies such as Walther and Sig continue to outsource their .22lr pistols to makers who use zinc-alloy? I have no idea.

A member on r/guns posted about their Walther P-22 which cracked after he added a suppressor. After his third shot the slide cracked and smacked him right in the face. Luckily no one was seriously hurt.

Swivel Hip Target Stand Review


If you shoot often then you know that there’s a lot more needed in the shooting sports than just your firearm and ammunition. Especially if you shoot outdoors and at competitions, there’s a lot more gear that’s often needed. One of which is probably as essential as your gun itself. Targets. Unless you just shoot at tin cans all the time, your targets and target stands are pretty vital. I do a lot of shooting out in the desert, so I have to bring my own targets with me. I also have to haul them back as well, don’t litter boys and girls!

Gun And Gear Daily Deal Sites


If you’re like me you almost never pay retail, or at the very least you find anyway to save a buck or two. It’s not that people like us are cheap, it’s just we want to save money to use towards more ammo and trigger time. Amirite?

I’m sure you guys have seen all the daily deal sites out there like Groupon and Living Social offering local and national deals on everything from carpet cleaning to spa sessions. There’s actually a few pretty good daily deal sites for gun enthusiasts. Check them out below.


GearHog.com is a daily deal site that offers its subscribers gun deals, gun gear, hunting and fishing equipment. What makes GearHog different from other deal sites? They have weekly contest for their users where they can win free gear.

Deal Sergeant

DealSergeant.com is another daily deal site that offers their subscribers gun related deals. They don’t seem to have a new deal everyday, but the deals they do feature are pretty good and are from brand name companies. They also have a closeout section that features rock bottom prices on a wide variety of items.


TacticalDailyDeals.com like their name suggests offers a new deal on various tactical accessories daily. They seem to offer smaller accessories like watches and knives, but their prices are pretty decent.


Slickguns.com is worth a mention, while not a daily deal site such as the ones above. They gather deals from across the internet and update their site pretty much everyday, users can submit deals as well. They have everything from guns, ammo and accessories listed.

If there are any that I missed let me know!

Kushnapup Bullpup Saiga Stocks



Here’s a quick and easy way to convert your Saiga rifle or shotgun into a bullpup, the Kushnapup conversion stock is made to fit your Saiga with no gunsmithing required. According to Kushnapup your Saiga rifle or shotgun should drop right in with the only tool needed being a screwdriver. At $275 it’s not a bad price for a function accessory for your Saiga. The Kushnapup works with all S12 magazines, including drums. It also features an adjustable trigger, the catch however? It only works with unconverted Saiga rifles or shotguns. Check them out at Kushnapup.com.

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