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Stephen Colbert: Obama is still planning to not take away our guns



Remember back in 2008 when President Obama was elected? Remember how the price of guns and ammo went through the roof and were hard to come by? Well if everyone starts to believe the fud from 2008, then guns and ammo are going to fly off the shelves yet again. And ammo will be impossible to buy, yet again.

Stay calm people, let’s hear what Stephen Colbert has to say on the matter.


Best line in the video, “The fear of not being able to buy guns has led to buying so many guns that now we can’t buy any guns just like we feared.”

Handgun Love



Whoever owns this collection has good taste, I’m really jealous.


Chris Costa’s Nighthawk 1911s




From gungalleryjax.com, these 1911s are among the sexiest I’ve ever seen.

Ruger Takedown 10/22 Rifle



Ruger just released their new 10/22 Takedown rifle. The 10/22 seperates by locking the rifle’s bolt rearwards, pressing a release button then rotating the barrel counterclockwise. It’s that easy.The new Ruger 10/22 Takedown also comes with a cool backpage with MOLLE lashes and two storage compartments.

Buy A Nikon AR Scope Get an AR Mount Free



Nikon is giving away free mounts with the purchase of their M-223 and P-223 AR-15 scopes until April, 22, 2012. If you’re in the market for a scope for your AR-15 here’s a good opportunity to save a little cash. Check out the details at nikonpromo.com.

BulkAmmo.com Fiocchi .223 Review



Let’s face it, ammo is getting expensive. The good old days are behind us, rising fuel prices, the cost of metals and inflation are driving up the price of ammo. In the last few years I’ve done almost all my ammo shopping online, especially for bulk .223 ammo. The best prices for ammo these days are online, and in bulk. If you can afford to buy 100, 500 to 1000 rounds of your ammo of choice you’ll save quite a bit.

Winchester Bringing Back Their 1892 Large Loop Carbine



Winchester is going to start producing their lever action 1892 Large Look Carbine again, they’ll start at $1,259.99 and will be available in 357 mag, .44 mag, 44-40 Winchester and 45 Colt.

From Winchester’s press release:

the introduction of the 1892 Large Loop Carbine back in to their rifle line for 2012. The new rifle looks just like the original 1892 with a 20-inch button-rifled barrel and overall length of 37 ½ inches. It features a Grade 1 walnut stock with a rich, satin finish. The steel contoured carbine strap buttplate is quick to shoulder and protects the buttstock from damage.

The new 1892 also features a Marble Arms front sight with brass bead and an adjustable rear sight. The full length magazine holds 10 cartridges and the rifle is available in 4 calibers: 357 Mag., 44 Rem Mag., 44-40 Winchester and 45 Colt. Each rifle comes with an eye-catching saddle ring.

However, the most distinguished feature of the rifle is the Large Loop Lever with radiused edges. The lever makes it easy to cycle the rife, even with gloves on. The 1892 will be produced in limited quantities so interested buyers need to contact their Winchester Repeating Arms dealer soon.

The Walking Dead Video Game Trailer



Season two of The Walking Dead ended with a lot of action leaving fans wanting even more, but we’re gonna have to wait until fall until we can get our Walking Dead fix, unless you start reading the graphic novel (which is great BTW). Well it looks like there’s a Walking Dead video game in the works which is based off the graphic novel, check out the game play preview below. Some may not like the graphic novel look of the video game, but as a fan of The Walking Dead comics, I think it looks pretty sweet. I’m just hoping they don’t ruin this game.


Tactical RPG-7



The folks at Airtronic have done a few upgrades to the popular RPG-7. Made here in the USA the Airtronic RPG-7 fires the same 40mm rocket propelled grenade, its tube is made from 4150 ordnance grade steel and includes flip-up BUIS and a Picatinny Rail for optics and attachments. Airtronic designed their version of the RPG-7 to be familiar with operators of the M-16/M-4 rifles by using the standard stock and handgrip from the M-4 rifle. Sadly these can’t be bought by civilians, it would look sweet over the fireplace.

Primary Weapons Systems MK1 Piston AR-15 Review



The debate over the better platform, the AR-15 or the AK-47, has been going on for ages. It’s an argument that may never be laid to rest. The MK1 series, developed by Primary Weapons Systems, is the best of both words. It has the ergonomics and accuracy of the M4/M16-type carbines and rifles and the reliability of the AK47. This explains why the MK1 series has gained wide popularity with security personnel, law enforcement and civilians alike.

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