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Chris Costa X Tactical Distributors



Chris Costa and Tactical Distributors have joined forces to help promote gear that the famous firearms instructors uses while training at Costa Ludas. The new section ‘Costa’s Corner‘ highlights the gear and equipment that Chris Costa actually sports in the field, everything from tactical lights to clothing.

LaRue Increases Their Prices


Posted over at TheFirearmBlog, it looks like LaRue is increasing their prices across the board. They’re blaming their higher prices on inflation, or is it really the looming election?

Gilboa Snake Double Barrel AR-15



Remember the Silver Shadow double-barreled AR-15 from Israel? Well it looks like official pics and some info of the new Gilboa Snake double-barreled AR have finally been released. From what we can gather the Gilboa Snake will fire from both barrels at the same time with a single trigger pull and will be available in both semi-auto (which fires two rounds per pull) and in full auto. The Gilboa Snake weights in at 9.4lbs with both barrels coming in at 9.5″ each. No word on if they will be imported into the U.S., but if I had to guess I would highly doubt it.

[Image Source]

12 Gauge Shot Glasses


Two of the things I’m really passionate about are guns (duh!), and whiskey. But rarely do the two mix, for good reason, until now. This is probably the only time you would want anything to do with a shotgun shell getting anywhere close to your face, these 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Shot Glasses come in a set of four and make the perfect gift for the boozehound and gun enthusiast in your life.

[Via Amazon]


DeWalt Glock Power Tool




Remember the DeWalt and Milwaukee AR-15s I posted about a while back? Well it looks like there’s now a Glock DeWalt power tool out now, which is fitting because when many people mention guns as simply a tool the Glock is up there on that list of tools. Just like the power tool AR-15s, these aren’t really power tools, posted over at GlockForum, the fellas over at Allen Arms Indoor Range out of Greenville, South Carolina are responsible for this Glock drill.

German Military 9mm Parabellum Cartridges



Click HERE for the full-size image.

A member over on gunnit made this diagram of German Military pre-WWI to WWII 9mm Parabellum cartridges. Pretty interesting to see what appears to be a degradation in quality towards the end of WWII.

View Inside An AR-15



I’m guessing there’s no barrel attached to the upper receiver, or buffer tube spring. Awesome picture nonetheless.


Tactical Grilling Apron



BBQ season is here, and if you’re like me you take your grilling serious. How serious? Serious enough to sport this Tactical Grilling Apron! OK I don’t really sport this apron, but it is pretty neat. It’s made out of 1000D Cordura in Universal Digital Camo and has MOLLE attachment points for various accessories, beer, mags, BBQ sauce or your sidearm.

[Via Amazon]

Treasures Of The Russian Armed Forces Museum



Posted over on English Russia, these images are from the Russian Central Armed Forces Museum on Moscow. Founded in 1911, the impressive collection at the Central Armed Forces Museum has treasures from the early days of the Soviet Union, WWII and the Cold War.

1791 Apparel America Calling Shirt


1791 Apparel recently reissued their “America Calling” shirt, based off the United States civil defense logo. Civil defense programs were implemented in the United States during the World War periods of the early 20th century all the way to the Cold War to help protect the civilian population from military attack. Check them out at 1791Apparel.com.

While you’re at it be sure to enter in our contest to win one of two $50 gift cards to 1791Apparel! Check out THIS post on how to enter.

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