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MP-40 Spotted in Syria


Check out this German WWII era MP-40 sub-machine that was spotted in Syria recently. TFB shared the pics. This isn’t the first time WWII weapons have been found in Syria and other parts of the Middle East. Remember when 5,000 STG-44 assault rifles where found in a container? 

Syrian rebels have been sighted actually using the STG-44 in combat. Even the Mosin Nagant is still being used in Syria and the M1 Garand in Lebanon.  

Hogue Polymer 15-degree Vertical Grip for AR-15/M16


Hogue Inc. recently launched their new Polymer 15-degree Vertical Grip for the AR-15/M16. Just like with the Magpul K Grip it’s meant to feel more natural for SBR and pistol ARs. They currently retail for $19.95 at hogueinc.com.

ATF Changes Their Mind on Shouldering Stabilizing Braces


Remember a few years back when the ATF released their letter on Shouldering Stabilizing Braces where they said doing so makes your firearm an NFA weapon? Well according to some breaking news on TFB SB Tactical just posted a letter from the ATF showing that they have since reversed their previous stance. Now We’re not sure if this means that all braces are now ok to shoulder or just the SB Tactical (and Sig braces).

Gun Range in Your Living Room


Don’t try this at home, because Demolition Ranch already tried it. He set up a gun range in his living room. Other than the potential deadly consequences and lead exposure, this is pretty bad ass. Again, don’t try it at home, or do, it’s your living room.

Howling Raven Mosin Nagant Butt Stock Ammo Carrier


Looking for a cool way to store ammo on your Mosin Nagant rifle? The folks over at Howling Raven (makers of a 10-round Mosin Nagant Mag) have a handmade leather ammo holder and pouch available. Ammo loops are available for either the right of left side, the opposite side also has a storage pouch. They’re available on HowlingRaven.com as well as on eBay.com.

Timney Sportsman Trigger For 1903A3 Reviewed


Timney has a reputation for making some of the best aftermarket triggers available for a wide variety of firearms, at affordable prices. They are commonly used for hunting, target and competition shooting and have built a name on high quality, adjustable triggers that greatly improve the feel and performance of a stock firearm.

I recently started a project with a Smith Corona Model 1903A3 made in 1944. I found it sporterized at a local gun shop for a great price. The metal was in great condition and I planned on replacing the stock anyways, so I jumped on the deal. It was a great rifle, and I was very satisfied with the purchase but for one issue – it had perhaps the worst trigger I had ever felt on a rifle. Although the original trigger broke at only 5 and a half pounds, it had a mile of creep and terrible staginess. It was hard to ever know when the trigger was going to break, and the only consistent way was to almost slap it through the break.

Rather than try to clean up the trigger pull myself and mess with the sear interface or any of the stock springs, I decided to price out a Timney trigger. I found that Timney offers a “Sportsman” Model which can be found for the reasonable price of around $50. I ordered it and had it in the mail a couple days later ready to install.

Deal Alert: 8″ AR500 Steel Gong Shooting Target 3/8″ For $18 Shipped


If you haven’t shot at AR500 steel targets you’re really missing out, there’s nothing like the sound of a bullet hitting steel. Good quality AR500 steel is available from many retailers online but the best deals on them are on Amazon and eBay

Check out this awesome deal on an 8″ wide and 3/8″ thick AR500 steel target for just $18.05 with free shipping on eBay

Not an eBay fan? It’s also on Amazon as well for a bit more. 

Long Range Shooting: Muzzle Velocity


It’s no secret that long-range accuracy is more difficult to achieve than short-range accuracy. Not only are mistakes amplified over the distance, but there are more factors at play. One of these factors is muzzle velocity.

Deal Alert: Plano 7810 Extra Large Shooters Case


Check out this great deal on the Plano 7810 Extra Large Shooters Case. It’s marked down quite a bit from the retail price. It’s a pretty large case at 22″ by 14.25″ by 11.5″ and it also has a lift out tray with a handle.

It has plenty of room for cleaning supplies, gun parts, ammo etc. It’s a must for any shooter. Check them out over at Amazon.com.

Magpul Laying Off 85 Workers In Cheyenne, Wyoming


More bad news for the gun industry, remember the announcement that Remington let go of several managers? Well it looks like the popular accessory maker Magpul is next with the round of layoffs. They recently announced they’ll be laying off 85 workers from their Cheyenne, Wyoming location. While they’re actually workers from a staffing service brought in to help meet demand last year, it may be another sign of things to come in the firearms industry. 

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Timney Sportsman Trigger For 1903A3 Reviewed

Timney has a reputation for making some of the best aftermarket triggers available for a wide variety of firearms, at affordable prices. They are...