Kid Shoots Monitor with Airsoft Gun



Remember the old video of the guy who stabbed his HDTV with a Mosin Nagant bayonet? This isn’t as bad, but still a fail. This kid shoots his computer monitor with his AR15 airsoft gun. Even if it’s an airsoft, you have to be sure it isn’t loaded.

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Most Affordable 3D Printer

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3D Printing seems to be all the rage these day, especially with gun parts and accessories. People have even 3D printed entire guns, remember the 3D Printed Metal 1911. Someone even made a 3D Printed AR-10 lower receiver.

For a while 3D Printers have been too expensive for most people to buy, especially if they’re just learning about 3D printing. Now 3D Printers have come down in price quite a bit.

The XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer on Amazon is one of the most affordable 3D Printers on the market right now at $450, compared to others going for $2900. Reviews on it are pretty good too.

Check out the XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer at Amazon.com.

ATI Strikeforce Stock Spotted in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer



Did anyone else notice this when they were watching the new teaser trailer for Episode 7 Star Wars: The Force Awakens? I didn’t notice it till I watched it a second time because I was too busy freaking out about how awesome the trailer was.


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FNH M249 Semi-Auto Version On The Way

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FNH USA recently announced that they’re going to release a semi-auto civilian version of the M249 later this year. They’ll be belt fed and include a 200 round box with links and should retail around $7,000 to $7,500.

HK Style DERP Load

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Something ain’t right here, I’m no operator but I think that’s not how you’re suppose to load it. In case you didn’t get the HK backwards bullets reference in the title, here’s the story.

Galaxy S6 Edge vs 50 Cal

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We always know who wins in these new fangled phone vs a .50 cal, but they’re still fun to watch!

Budget Priced AR-15 Muzzle Brake Under $20

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There’s quite a few muzzle brakes on the market these days but most of them are pretty darned expensive. I stumbled upon this budget priced AR-15 Muzzle Brake on Amazon recently that’s going for just $17.49 with free shipping for Prime members. Most of the reviews on it are positive, I bought one to use on my next budget AR-15 build. Stay tuned for our review!

Check them out at Amazon.com.

Daryl Dixon’s New Motorcycle in The Walking Dead

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Check out Daryl Dixon’s new motorcycle in The Walking Dead. In the show he puts the bike together from scraps given to him by Aaron from Alexandria, it’s actually based on a 1992 Honda CB750 Nighthawk. Check out the specsheet of the build and video below (specs and pics from Bikeexif.com).

Also, check out our Daryl Dixon’s Crossbow in The Walking Dead post for info on Daryl’s weapon of choice.

Daryl Dixon’s Motorcycle
Donor: 1992 Honda CB750 Nighthawk
Front end: Yamaha YZF-R6
Front wheel: Yamaha YZF-R6
Front brakes: Yamaha YZF-R6
Rear wheel: Stock Nighthawk
Tires: Kenda Big Block
Shocks: Progressive Suspension 970 piggybacks
Tank: XS650 reproduction
Intake: Twin billet aluminum mesh units CNC milled by Seth Ingham
Exhaust: Modified stock with custom baffles
Seat: Leather, custom upholstered by Roy Baird, Richmond, VA
Battery: Shorai Lithium Ion
Chain: DID X-ring
Rack: Custom crossbow mount

Shadow Ops Weaponry Out of Business

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A few years back a new player in the AR lower receiver market took pre-orders for AR lowers at a pretty good price, they even offered custom engraving. This was at the height of the AR15 panic buying frenzy after Sandy Hook school shooting. This new shop was Shadow Ops Weaponry, well it looks like they’ve gone under already. An email was sent out from them that you can read below. Their website is still live, but it looks like all their merchandise is up for auction over at Proxibid.com.

I actually jumped on their pre-order back in 2013 but eventually cancelled it, I’m glad I did.

We are primary investors in Shadow Ops Weaponry, LLC. and were forced to shut it down due to apparent improprieties in the conducting of its business. We called in theATF and the Colorado Attorney General’sOffice and the plant is under lock down and under investigation. We anticipate IRS involvement and possibly the U.S. Trustee and a Chapter 7 filing is likely. If a bankruptcy filing occurs you will be afforded a file number whereupon you can file a claim with the U.S. Trustee for what you believe is due you.

Under no circumstances do we accept, nor are we obligated, to assume or pay any of Shadow Ops Weaponry, LLC. debts

Jim Silvester

I Don’t Think That’s How It Works

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Pretty sure that’s not right. Found here.

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