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Glock AOW Movie Prop


Check out this Glock 21 movie prop posted on TFB a while back. It’s a Glock AOW setup with a muzzle brake and an HK style vertical grip. I think it looks pretty bad ass. The actual propmaker posted a comment on TFB about his creation too.

New TALON Grips for the Mossberg 590 Shockwave


TALON Grips are pretty awesome, especially if you don’t want to do any permanent grip mods like a stipple job. They’re easy to apply and come off if you no longer want to use them. Well they’ve just released grips for the Mossberg 590 Shockwave shotguns. It’s available in both granulate and rubber textures and the grip wraps completely around the Shockwave grip. It retails for $17.99 at talongungrips.com

Deal Alert: 36″ MOLLE Double Carbine Rifle Case $46.99 Shipped


Check out this awesome deal on a Lancer Tactical 36″ MOLLE Double Carbine Rifle Case at just $46.99 shipped. It’s available in black, OD green, coyote tan and grey. It has space for up to 2 36″ rifles, two pistols and plenty of ammo and accessories. It’s made of 600D polyester and has four rows of MOLLE webbing. It’s only on sale for this price for a day so act fast.

Check out the deal on eBay.com.

F&D AR Lower with Anti-Wobble Bump


If you’ve built or own a few AR-15s you probably have at least one with a little bit of wobble or play between the upper and lower receivers. This isn’t an issue and won’t have any adverse effects on the rifle. It’s more of an annoyance really. Well F&D Defense has a new lower that they claim eliminates this wobble.

Their patent pending SHUT feature (Solid Hinge Upper Tensioning) creates tension between the upper and lower receivers and removes the wobble, it’s pretty much a bump built into the lower that does this. Check out how it works in the video above. They retail for $119.99 at fddefense.com.

Deal Alert: Streamlight TLR-1 HL Tactical Light on Sale



Now this is a pretty good deal on an awesome weapons light. Right now on Amazon has the popular Streamlight TLR-1 HL Tactical Light for an all-time low price. I use this light on my Glock 19 and I’m very happy with it, I may pick up another at this deal.

Check out the deal on the Streamlight TLR-1 HL Light on Amazon.

Brass Knuckle AR-15 Vertical Grip


Looking for something a bit different for your AR-15? Check out the Forward Fist from Blitzkrieg Tactical. The aluminum foregrip looks like brass knuckles and is made in the USA. It’s currently available for M-Lok rails and will be available for warehouse shelving rails…errr Key Mod rails soon. They go for $49.99 over at blitzkriegtactical.com.

S&W500 Magnum Kaboom


Large caliber handguns can be fun to shoot occasionally, but when they go kaboom they really go kaboom. TFB posted this picture found on a Facebook gun owners group with the following caption, “What happen when reload gone bad…”.

Deal Alert: Black Gerber Strongarm Survival Knife Made in the USA


Remember the Gerber Strongarm Serrated Survival Knife deal we shared a while back? Here’s an even better deal! The Gerber Strongarm Survival Knife in black with a fine edge is going for an all time low price on Amazon.com right now. Just like with the other Gerber survival knife we shared this knife is very rugged and is made in the USA.

It has a full tang, ceramic-coated 420HC drop point blade and a modular sheath that can be mounted onto MOLLE, a belt or drop leg. Check them out on Amazon.com.

Can You Get 1 MOA Groups from Wolf Ammo?


Wolf ammo usually gets a bad rap, but can you be accurate with Wolf ammo? James from TFBTV test Wolf ammo to see if he can get 1 MOA groups with it using a Ruger Precision Rifle in .223/5.56. Check out his results in the video above.

Mission Critical Baby Carrier


Do you have a new baby and need a baby carrier? Check out the Mission Critical Baby Carrier. It’s a tactical baby carrier for all the tactical dads out there. It’s made out of 1000D nylon with PALS webbing on the front and rear of the carrier. It also includes a sun shield for your baby. It holds up to 35lbs. It’s available in black, coyote and gray. It’s the perfect gift for Father’s Day!

It’s available at Mission Critical’s site as well as eBay.com.


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