AK Mag Round Count Indicator Mod



A resourceful Redditor posted this nifty round count indicator modification they did to an AK-47 magazine. It’s so simple it’s actually pretty brilliant.

Open up your mag and drill your hole first. Put it back together and load 6 rounds. Make scratches to indicate which part of the follower shows, repeat this with 3 rounds. This will tell you where the diagonal needs to be. Put a base layer of white, the use masking tape to mark your line, paint the yellow, switch your tape to cover the other side and paint red. Clear coat to minimize wear and there ya go.

IDF Acquires Thousands Of CAA Tactical Bipod Grips



Accessory maker CAA Tactical is said to have supplied the IDF with tens of thousands of their rifle bipod grips according to IsraelDefense.com. It’s no surprise, CAA Tactical is based in Israel. From their press release:

According to Moshe Oz, owner of CAA TACTICAL, “the use of the bipod grips will improve the level of marksmanship in the IDF significantly and at a low cost relatively to the expected improvement. The bipod grip is especially suited for infantry fighter and less for a designated marksman or a sniper due to the speed at which the bipods open, that allows faster shooting than with an ordinary bipod. We are currently participating in the tender for the sale of tens of thousands of bipod grips for a Western country”.

Glock 19 Survives House Fire




Glocks are known for their durability, but did you know they’re also fire resistant? OK maybe not, Glock posted on their Facebook page these pics of a customers G19 that survived a house fire.

Tiffany and Co KRISS Vector and AR-15




Hey fellas, looking for the perfect gift for the special lady in your life? How about an AR-15 or KRISS Vector painted in the Tiffany and Company color scheme? They were painted by A1 Custom guns. For the women readers, how about a John Deere themed FH Pistol? Or perhaps a DeWalt Glock for your guy? There’s also the Milwaukee and DeWalt AR-15s.

[Source: GunMartBlog]

1927 A-1 Thompson Found in Grandma’s Basement



I stumbled upon this post on Reddit a while back but forgot to post it. The person who found it since deleted their account (which was a good idea), not before they posted “Cleaning out grandma’s basement. This was in a box marked “christmas”. Yes, its real.” I wonder how many other hidden relics are in other basements and attics around the country.

Jerry Miculek Test A Pillow Silencer



I’m sure you’ve seen it in the movies before, a secret agent uses a pillow to silence a gun shot. But does it really work? Jerry Miculek puts the myth to the test, the results were surprising.

Sig Sauer P228 Cutaway



Check out this awesome picture of a Sig Sauer P228 cutaway posted on Deviant Art.

Hat Tip: Kristina

Exile Machine AR-15 Pistol Buffer Tube Cap



ar-pistol-buffer-tube-cap (1)

AR-15 pistols are growing in popularity it seems and a lot of manufactures are starting to take notice. AR pistols can be a bit awkward to shoot at first however, one method is to push the end of the buffer tube against your shoulder and use the tube to rest your cheek. It’s my prefered way to shoot AR pistols, but it can be a bit uncomfortable with the buffer tube digging into your shoulder. Exile Machine’s rubber pistol buffer tube cap helps to alleviate this. They have them in 1.25″ and 1″ diameter and they retail at only $5. They’re fully legal and not considered a buttstock by the ATF. You can even wrap some paracord around the buffer tube to help increase comfort just like in the top image. Check out the caps over at Exilemachine.net.

[Top image source: Reddit]

Hamas Using Gun Simulators To Save Ammo



According to Janes, the Palestinian militant group Hamas has started to use firearms simulators to train their members in an attempt to save ammunition. Their supply routes via tunnels between the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula have been diminished by Egypt which has caused a shortage of ammo and equipment for Hamas. They’ve fitted AK-47s, M16s and various pistols with lasers and a simulated recoil system that can be used for targets up to 20 meters away.

Jerry Miculek’s 400 Meter Shot With An M&P 9MM Pistol


If you thought Jerry’s incredible 215 yard shot with a Glock 41 was bad ass, check out his 400 meter shot with an M&P 9MM pistol. Banzai!

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