B-25G Mitchell Gunship 75mm Cannon Combat Footage



Check out this awesome combat footage in the .gif below of the WWII era B-25G Mitchell Gunship with a 75mm M4 Cannon. They were used mostly in anti-shipping campaigns. The B-25G Mitchell had two .50cal machine guns and the 75mm M4 cannon in the nose. The later B-25H had four .50cal machine guns and the 75mm M5 cannon.

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Deal Alert: Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case for $59.99 Shipped



Check out this awesome deal on this 42″ Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case at just $59.99 with free shipping. It’s down from $70 a few weeks ago. This TSA travel approved and have a watertight seal. They have customizable foam inserts that you pluck out, the case has enough room for a rifle, multiple magazines and a pistol. Check it out at Amazon.com.

Howling Raven Mosin Nagant 10 Round Magazine Extension



Looking for a 10 round magazine extension for your Mosin Nagant rifle? Howling Raven has one available soon, they posted a sneak peak of their prototype a while back and it looked pretty promising. Check out the video of it in action below, it looks pretty cool. They’re still working on producing them but they should be available for sale pretty soon, stay tuned we’ll keep you updated when they’re released. Check out www.howlingraven.com for more info.

Gun Show Loophole Exposed


YouTubber Steven Chowder goes under cover to try and find a “full-auto assault rifle” for sale via a “gun show loophole” so many politicians are talking about. Watch the video to see if he succeeds.

Samco Global Goes Bankrupt, Auctions Off Inventory



It looks like Samco Global is no more, they have recently gone bankrupt after a legal battle last year between the two owners. Samco Global has been importing Curio & Relic firearms for a long time so it’s sad to them go. Their entire inventory is up for auction here, there’s over $1.5 Million in rifles, ammo, gun parts, warehouse equipment and more. Over 15,000 serial numbers are up for grabs. Any rich gun lovers out there want to add to their collection?

Budget Friendly $18 AR15 Muzzle Brake




There area ton of $100+ muzzle brakes for the AR15 on the market, but do you really need one of those pricey options for your AR15? No not really, as long as the muzzle brake is within proper specs and it’s a sound design there’s no need to spend a bunch of money on one. Here’s is one I stumbled upon that’s just $17.99 with free shipping. The reviews from users are positive and the design is based off many of the other three chamber brakes out there. It’s CNC machined steel with a phosphate finish. It fits .223/5.56 AR15s.

At $17.99 shipped it definitely won’t break the bank, check it out online here.

No More PAP Cheek Slap With The New Century Warsaw Stock



If you own or shot any of the Yugo M70 NPAP AK47s on the market then I’m sure you’re aware of the infamous PAP cheeck slap.


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The Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun Lamp



Found over at Oleg Volk’s Facebook page. When you pump the KSG it turns the lamp on and off. This bad ass lamp actually sits on the desk of George Kellgren, the designed of the KSG Shotgun.

Mosin Nagant Action Wrench



The folks from Coyote Creek Armory had their new Thor’s hammer looking action wrench for the Mosin Nagant on displays at the 2015 SHOT Show. They have them available for both the hex and round receiver Mosin Nagants. You can get the wrench with the top plate for either the hex or round Mosin for $110 each, or get both for just $130. If you plan on doing some gunsmithing on your Mosin these are a must. Check them out at www.coyotecreekarmory.com.

Budget Priced Ruger 10/22 Underfolder Stock




I ran into this new company at the 2016 SHOT Show that had a pretty interesting product. They had underfolder stocks for the popular Ruger 10/22 .22LR rifles. The stocks are made out of polymer and the arms are made out of 6061 aluminum. The folding mechanism is similar to that on the MP-40 and AK-47 underfolders. They’ll be available in straight stock for scoped rifles or with a 15 degree angle for red dots and iron sights. The best part is they’re priced at just $99.99. Check them out at underfoldstocks.com.

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