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Deal Alert: Magpul MBUS PRO Steel Sight Set


Looking for some iron sights for your AR-15? Here’s a great deal on a set of Magpul MBUS PRO sights. They’re made in the USA out of steel with a melonite finish. They fold down flat when using optics and they flip up when needed.

I currently run these sights on my AR-15 and so far they’ve held up well. They going for way below retail on Amazon.con right now

Bubba’d Glock Trench Sights


Check out these Bubba’d trench style CCW sights on this Glock. While I’ve seen these style sights on 1911s I’ve never seen them on a Glock. The benefit of these sights? They’re less likely to snag on clothing while drawing, the downside? You Bubba’d your Glock. It’s actually not the worst hack job I’ve seen done to a Glock, remember this gem?

[Source H/T James]

The Most Armed Man in America


Meet the Most Armed Man in America Mel Bernstein, a.k.a. the “Dragon Man” who runs a gun range and a museum in Colorado. His 65,000 square feet facility has thousands of firearms (over 200 of them are full auto), 13 .50 cal M2 Brownings, recoil less rifles, cannons, military vehicles, uniforms and a Russian tank. Check it out in the video above. He has enough firepower to arm his own militia if shit went down. 

Deal Alert: Primary Arms MD-ADS Advanced Micro Dot for $141 Shipped


The Primary Arms MD-ADS Advanced Micro Dot is one of the best budget red dots on the market, there have been a bunch of torture test on this dot and it’s held up very well. It’s a 2 MOA dot with a battery life of up to 50,000 hours from the included CR2032 battery. They retail at $169.99 but at Jet.com they’re 15% off with the coupon code TRIPLE15, that comes down to $144.49. Jet also has an option where if you opt out of free returns and pay with a debit card they pass the savings onto you and the dot comes down to just $141.78 shipped. Check them out at Jet.com

Remington Laysoffs Several High-Level Directors and Managers


More bad news coming out of the gun industry, according to a post on TFB several high-level managers and directors have been let go at Remington. Just last week Remington also let go of over 120 employees at their New York manufacturing plant. None of this is surprising to be honest, over the last few years it seems like the quality of the firearms from Remington has been slipping. Also factor in the reduced demand after the end of President Obama’s reign and the election of President Trump, I wonder who is next to fail?

Gander Mountain Files For Bankruptcy


Bad news from the retailer Gander Mountain was recently announced. They’ve filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and are planning on closing 32 stores. Lots of retailers especially in the outdoors and sporting goods segments have gone under recently. Lots of their market share and customers have been taken by ecommerce stores, especially Amazon.

It’s a shame, I buy a lot of ammo from Gander Mountain. They seem to be running a lot of promos lately too, probably to try and turn the ship around. They’ll be closing 32 of their 162 stores in the coming days. This should be a warning to other brick and mortar retailers out there that it’s time to change or fail. People want better customer service, pricing and they want to shop online. 

Marlin 795 ProMag 25 Round Magazine

Credit : Alloutoor.com

The Marlin 795 is one of my favorite .22lr rifles. It’s not as popular as the venerable Ruger 10/22 but to me it’s the better rifle out of the box. While the 10/22 has the huge edge in the amount of aftermarket parts available the Marlin 795 is lighter and thinner and to me more accurate in its stock form. It’s also half the price of the 10/22 at around $120 or so at most stores.

The main drawback is its lack of high capacity magazines, especially from the factory. The 10/22 hi cap mags from Ruger are great mags, but Marlin only makes standard 10 round mags for the 795. ProMag stepped in and has a 25 round mag available for the Marlin 795 that retails for $25. I’ve used one with my Marlin 795 and so far I have no complaints. 

It’s available for a lot less than retail at both GunMagWarehouse and Sportsman’s Guide.

How An AR-15 Firing Mechanism Works


Check out this awesome cutaway view of how an AR-15 firing mechanism works that was posted on Reddit. Wish my AR never ran out of ammo. 

[H/T: K] 

AR-15 Jammed By a Bee


If you shoot long enough you’ll eventually get a jam or malfunction of some sort. Jams are usually caused by dirty guns, low quality ammo or mags or just a crappy gun. Check out the video above, a shooter at a class has a jam with his AR-15 caused by a bee that flew into the chamber. He’s doing everything he can to clear the jam until he finally looks inside the chamber and sees the bee in there. I bet an AK would still fire.

Color Case Hardening a Pistol Frame


Color Case Hardening is a process that carries a lot of mystique with it. In the early days of gunsmithing, before material properties were well understood and high carbon steels created, gun makers had to have ways to increase the pressure and wear capabilities of low carbon steel. To this end, gun parts were packed tightly in crucibles of high-carbon materials such as charcoal, bone, leather, and hoof material. Heating this to a high temperature created a carbon-rich environment which would deposit carbon into the steel. Quenching the metal after a period of heating would trap carbon in the surface of the material and harden it, creating a hardened “case” around the metal to create wear resistance while leaving the core of the metal softer to prevent brittleness and breakage.

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