ATI no longer selling the GSG-522



TheFirearmBlog recently posted that ATI will no longer import the GSG-522 .22lr clones. They will continue to import and sell other firearms from GSG however. I have noticed the GSG-522 prices have come down quite a bit over the last year, maybe this was in the works for a while.

Top 10 Movie Shootouts of All Time


Do you agree with this list of the top 10 movie shootouts of all time? Did they miss any that you’d include?

Ref Draws Gun During Soccer Match in Brazil



Here in the United States soccer (football) isn’t that popular, in the rest of the world football is taken very seriously. In some parts of the world people are killed over the sport, and it’s not just the players. Check out the video of this referee who pulled out a gun during a football match in Brazil. The ref is also a police officer so I understand why he might be packing during a match in Brazil which has a pretty high crime rate, I just wonder how he was able to conceal it while running throughout the game.

Speaking of Brazil, check out our past post on the Guns of BOPE.

Deal Alert: VISM Discreet Double Rifle Case



Check out this awesome deal on a VISM Discreet Double Rifle Case. I have a double rifle case that I take on every range trip, but isn’t discreet like this one on sale. I know VISM, or NcSTAR doesn’t have the best rep around, but all the reviews on this discreet rifle bag are pretty good. At under $40 with free shipping it’s a pretty darn good deal.

Check them out at Amazon.com.

Chicago Shootout Caught on Dash Cam


Check out this shootout that was caught on a dashcam in Chicago, those gun control laws sure are working out for them huh?

[Source: Dashcam Online]

Smith & Wesson 500 Kaboom



Check out the aftermath of a rental Smith & Wesson going kaboom at a range in Nevada. From the ARFcom thread:

Here’s what happened to our S&W 500 here on the range. It’s been used on a daily basis for nine months with weekend use a bit higher. Davidson’s (who we purchased it from) won’t warranty or repair it because they “have determined that the damage to this weapon was not the result of a defect in the materials or workmanship of the firearm”. They actually said… “We do not recommend firing this firearm as it is not in a safe condition to shoot”. Not to poke fun at the blind but I’m pretty sure Stevie Wonder see that it’s not safe to shoot

We use Magtech ammo in this weapon and never had an issue with the lot as we shot plenty of ammo prior to this in our other S&W 500. We didn’t feel the need to quarantine the ammo and the rest of the lot was used without issue. Since this happened, we are now going to put a six-month life span for all of our S&W as a preventative measure to avoid any possible injuries. Speaking of injuries, nobody was injured but the shooter was a bit shaken up just because of the weapon falling apart after the shot went off. He was a good sport about it and ended up shooting the other S&W 500 and we put him on a Desert Eagle .50AE and M134 minigun for free because of the scare.

EDITED: Smith & Wesson sent the letter saying they won’t repair it to Davidson’s (who we purchased it from)

[Source: Reddit]

B&T High Speed Magazine Loader



If you shoot often I’m sure you’ve had sore thumbs from loading pistol mags. There are some pretty good speed loaders out there, such as the Butler Creek Maglula UpLULA mag loaders, but here’s an even faster pistol mag loader. The B&T High Speed Magazine Loader is remarkably fast and easy to load. Check it out in action below, currently they’re only available for HK MP5, 94MP5K and the SP89. They retail for $27.95 at hkparts.net.

FIREClean Lube Sale



Need some new cleaning oil for your gun? What about some cooking oil while you’re at it? Well here’s some FIRECLean on sale at an unbelievable low price of just $4 on Amazon.

You can lube up your home defense gun and fry up some chicken at the same time! In case you haven’t heard about the FIREClean fiasco you can read about it here.


It pretty much shows that the high priced gun oil is actually just canola oil.

Bulldog Extreme Tactical Gun Case Review



Bulldog Cases and Vaults
Bulldog Cases and Vaults has been designing and manufacturing carrying and storage products for over 10 years. Their commitment is to quality, value and customer service. This is my kind of company! Materials and workmanship are high priorities for Bulldog Cases and Vaults and sets them apart from other firearm case manufacturers. Bulldog makes a“value” line of rifle cases known as the “Pitbull” series and a “supreme” line known as the “Extreme” series.


The Bulldog Extreme Tactical Rifle Case
The Bulldog Extreme Tactical Rifle case is designed to provide extreme protection in the most adverse conditions such as rain, snow and dust as well as from physical challenges like bumps, drops, slides, etc. The Extreme Tactical case is ideal for any carbine like the AK-47, AR-15, Hi Point 4095 or the SCAR. It’s available in 35”, 40”, 45” and 48” lengths. I chose the 35” for my Hi Point 4095TS carbine. The 4095TS carbine measures 32” but you need to allow for the padding in the case. Don’t buy a case that is exactly the length of your gun, add at least 2”. The retail price for the Extreme Tactical case is $45 for the 35” OD.


Is It Tough?
The Bulldog Extreme Tactical case is made from 1000D super heavy duty nylon fabric. 1000D nylon is very strong and abrasive resistant. It is woven tightly and looks and feels great. You can drag 1000D nylon over rocks, sand and logs without it tearing or abrading. It really is super tough. The main zipper on this tactical case is a #10 full length zipper. They don’t get any heavier than that. It’s double stitched to the case and will last forever. This is the heaviest zipper I have ever seen on any gun case and it zips and unzips smoothly. The zipper pull is large and easy to grasp. 2 1/4” of padding will prevent damage to your rifle should you drop, throw or slide it down rocky terrain.

2 1/4” is enough protection without being too bulky. More padding makes a tactical case unwieldy and heavy. The inside fabric lining is brushed Tricot and very soft. It doesn’t scratch and has a high quality look and feel. This is where some case manufacturers will use cheap materials. Bulldog definitely went first class on the inside too. I know… tactical guns are made to withstand the elements and are bound to get scratched BUT I try to minimize damage to my guns finish.


Extreme Tactical Case Features
The exterior of the Bulldog case features 4 magazine compartments secured via velcro flaps, a small accessory zippered compartment, two study 1000D nylon handles and a detachable shoulder sling. The magazine pouches will accommodate AR-15, AK-47 and other tactical type rifle magazines. The closure flap is very secure when velcroed shut. The small zippered accessory compartment is a great place to store small tools or a cleaning kit. The zipper is heavy duty and zips smoothly. The case handles are most often overlooked. These are critical on a good tactical case. If they tear, the case becomes useless. These handles are 1000D nylon fabric and tough as hell. I doubt the nylon or the double stitching will give way under any conditions. The handles are quite comfortable to the hand even when carrying for long periods. I carried this one for over an hour while on a hike. This is where the shoulder sling comes in handy. It’s made the same way as the case, super tough. Throw the case over your shoulder and you’re good to go for an all day hike.

The Bulldog Extreme Tactical case is an excellent product that demonstrates quality at an affordable price. How often does that happen? It is very well made and satisfies what I need from a tactical case which is:

● Durability

● Protection from the elements and physical damage

● Multiple magazine storage

● Accessory compartment for small tools

● Easy to access firearm quickly

● Easy on the eyes…”looks nice”

● Affordable

● Great customer service – though I have not needed it yet.

● Floats

● Lightweight

The Bulldog case is a great basic tactical case. It has some limitations like storage. If you need to pack more items with your gun, then you might look for a case with more pockets/compartments. It is not a SHTF case in my opinion. There are other cases that can store survival items in addition to magazines and tools. I have one but it is bulky and complicated. It’s a Condor Rifle case. It has three pockets that are larger with compression straps. It has a second long compartment that can hold 2 handguns or other gear. It really depends on what purpose you intend to use the case for. I like simple and the Bulldog is that.

Where to Buy
The Bulldog case is available with free shipping on Amazon.com.

Author Bio
Kevin Mazza is a NRA member, experienced hunter, shooter and reloader and has written hundreds of firearm related articles and reviews. Kevin is the owner and editor of PelletGuns1.com.

Deal Alert: Kershaw Knives Sale



For a limited time Amazon is having a sale on all Kershaw Knives, prices are up to 50% off. Check it out here.

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