Deal Alert: Micro Red Dot and QD Riser $38.95 Shipped

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Here’s a pretty good deal on a micro red dot and quick detach riser mount combo on Amazon.com. While it’s no Aimpoint, it would make a great budget red dot for a range weapon or plinking rifle. The reviews are mostly positive for them. They’re currently selling for $38.95 with free shipping on Amazon.

- Reticle Type:Red Dot
– Color:Matte Black
– Magnification:1x
– Mode:QD Micro
– Rail Type:20mm Weaver rail

What Happens When You Shoot 300BLK in a 5.56 Upper

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I’ve made the mistake of shooting the incorrect cartridge in a firearm before, it was a .40S&W in a 1911 chambered for .45ACP. I lucked out and there was no damage. Unfortunately for a Redditor on r/AR15 his gun wasn’t so lucky. Here’s a link to the full-size image.

From the Reddit post:

Murphy’s Law struck hard this past weekend where some how some way a 300BLK round made it from the box on one side of the table, into the mag of another AR on the other table. No one was hurt due to proper PPE. The lower survived with just a broken bolt catch and the upper, as one would expect, is a complete loss.

MG-42 and FG-42 Hybrid Stock Set for The AK-47

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The MG-42 and FG-42 were awesome firearm designs that were ahead of their time. Unfortunately owning one of these gems is quite expensive, but if you own an AK-47 you can add a little bit of that German flair to it. Ironwood Designs has what they’ve dubbed the STG-47 stock that incorporates the butt stock and pistol grip of the MG-42 with the hand guard of the FG-42. They retail for $395 over at Ironwooddesigns.com.

STG-47 Model Features:
• MG-42 type butt stock, with prone position finger hook, slotted butt end, ( no butt plate or pad option ).
Length, 10 1/4” from receiver to vertical but end sfc. ( this is 1 inch longer than a std. factory AK butt stock ).
• MG-42 identical shape pistol grip, with side panel ribbing. Mounts with std. AK grip screw, measured 4” below
screw head. Very ergonomic shape, measure approx. 1 1/8” thick. One size available only.
• FG-42 type lower hand guard. Straight walled, ribbed, with rear “hump”. Very comfortable, and very “grippy”.
Top rails of guard chamfered for a bit more finger tip grasp. Lower is approx. 1.65” in width.
• FG-42 inspired upper gas tube hand guard. Vertical side wall ribbing, and top vent slots. Also a straight walled
design. Mounts like any std. AK upper hand guard, and is cut to accept the internal spring clip.
• Sets are available finished only. We do a hand finished 5-6 coat oil finish, topped off with a #0000 steel
wool buffing, and then a coat of orange oil/carnuba wax.
• All parts will be test fitted to an appropriate receiver, however butt stock mtg. holes will not be drilled as these
specs do vary from AK to AK.
• Due to the extra machining steps and set-ups, and detail finish sanding, these sets will require a 4-6 week
turnaround time.
• Walnut and Beech wood will be the two wood types offered initially. Higher grade Walnuts can be ordered at
with a range of $70-195 for various grades. You can e-mail us for those details at time of order.

AK-12s in Action

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Check out these AK-12s in action, they were actually just approved by the Russian Army. They look like solid guns, I’m not a fan of the looks however. As long as it functions and hits what you’re aiming at that’s all that matters.

[Source: TheFirearmBlog]

Shooting an Armored Mercedes Benz with an AK

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The CEO over at Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) must really believe in his product, that’s him sitting in the Mercedes Benz SUV that’s being shot at with an AK-47. Check out the full video below.

Vintage US Army Review of the AK-47

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Here’s the US Army’s evaluation of the AK-47, I wonder where and how they got this AK.

Commonly Mispronounced Firearm Names and How-to Say Them Properly

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I admit, I pronounce a lot of these firearm names incorrectly, do you? Here’s a video on how to properly say the names of these firearms.

Names included in the video are:

• Mosin
• Steyr
• Kalashnikov
• Garand
• Dragunov
• Sturmgewehr
• Tavor
• Heckler Und Koch
• Makarov
• Saiga

Uncorking Cristal With a .50 Cal Rifle

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Just in case you wanted an expensive way to uncork your expensive Champagne for New Years.

Anti-Gun PSA Encourages Kids to Turn in Parent’s Guns To Teachers

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I’m not sure if they’re serious or just trolling. Hey kids, turn in your parents gun to your teacher, no worries if your family gets robbed. That’s what 911 is for! Don’t worry about checking if it’s unloaded first, or the repercussions of bringing it to school to turn in. What can possibly go wrong?

Modernized Tactical FG-42

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The German FG-42 from WWII was a pretty bad ass weapon, something I’ve yet to shoot and probably never will. But I can live vicariously through YouTube videos of people shooting them. Here’s one in particular that’s especially bad ass, a modernized FG-42. The guys at InRange are calling it the MK42. Check it out in action below.

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