Shooting Beethoven’s 5th Symphony on Steel Plates


Whenever I shoot steel targets I wonder how hard it would be to hit certain notes with certain size plates, since I’m not musically inclined I never pursued it. I’m glad someone did, because it’s freaking awesome. USPSA National Champion Shannon Smith displayed his musical shooting skills by playing Beethoven’s 5th Symphony on steel plates.

Patriot Products AZ Combat Optic Tool



The folks over at Patriot Products AZ, LLC have come up with a pretty nifty multi-tool that can be used to adjust a bunch of the popular weapons optics out on the market. Their patent pending Combat Optic Tool is made in the USA out of 316 stainless steel and features a box wrench that will work with both 3/8” LaRue Tactical mounts and 10mm Aimpoint mounts as well as EOTech and Trijicon ACOG mount. The Combat Optic Tool can be used to adjust windage and elevation on most weapons optics and can also crack open beer bottles. It retails for $19.95, check out the Patriot Products site for more details.


[Source: Kitup]

Amazon Announces They’ll Start Selling Ammo Online



The world’s largest online retailer Amazon.com just announced that they will now be selling ammunition online. In a turn about from their previous stance of not selling firearms or ammo on their website, Amazon has since started to embrace the firearms market and has taken a stance to support the 2nd Amendment. Amazon will carry calibers ranging from .22lr to .50BMG.

To view all the ammunition available on Amazon CLICK HERE.

In case you didn’t catch it, April Fools!

AR-15 with Adams Arms, Magpul and PWS Parts in Crimea



This was spotted in Crimea recently, that doesn’t look very Russian to me. From what I can tell he’s using an Adams Arms Piston upper, Zeiss scope, Magpul butt-stock and angled foregrip and a Primary Weapons Systems KAC556 muzzle brake. Pity about the barrel mounted bipod, it’s actually a pretty nice build minus that.

Hugo Schmeisser Helped Make the AK-47?


Interesting video that talks about Hugo Schmeisser and how he helped design the iconic AK-47 that has been credited to Mikhail Kalashnikov. Who is Hugo Schmeisser you ask? He was a German small arms developer who designed the first assault rifle the STG-44. Pretty interesting.

AK-47 Cutaway



Check out this awesome cutaway of an AK-47 complete with a bottle of vodka. If you think it’s a picture, it’s actually a really well done computer rendering. There’s even more posted here.

Smith & Wesson T-Shirt



I’m a shirt junkie, I love collecting and wearing shirts from all my passions. The number one being guns of course. I stumbled upon this sweet Smith & Wesson shirt on Amazon recently. It’s available in medium to XX-large and goes for $14.99 at Amazon.

We’re On Instagram!



Yup, we’re finally on Instagram. If you’re an Instagram user follow us @ArmoryBlog

Opening a Beer With a Rifle


Ever wonder if you could crack open a cold one with an SKS? It’s possible, check it out.

Are Those Houses Behind That Range?



One of the 4 rules of firearms safety states, “Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.” Well I guess that doesn’t apply in The Philippines where Glock Team shooter KC Eusebio was visiting this week. I guess it just forces shooters to be sure they hit their target, pretty crazy. He posted it over on his Instagram account, which I suggest you follow. He has a ton of great shooting videos.

Speaking of The Philippines, check out our past post about the reconditioned and suppressed M3 Grease Guns used by the Philippine Marines.


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