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Color Case Hardening a Pistol Frame


Color Case Hardening is a process that carries a lot of mystique with it. In the early days of gunsmithing, before material properties were well understood and high carbon steels created, gun makers had to have ways to increase the pressure and wear capabilities of low carbon steel. To this end, gun parts were packed tightly in crucibles of high-carbon materials such as charcoal, bone, leather, and hoof material. Heating this to a high temperature created a carbon-rich environment which would deposit carbon into the steel. Quenching the metal after a period of heating would trap carbon in the surface of the material and harden it, creating a hardened “case” around the metal to create wear resistance while leaving the core of the metal softer to prevent brittleness and breakage.

Wheeler AR-15 Trigger Guard Install Tool


Assembling an AR-15 isn’t that hard, but there seems to always be a few steps that I fudge up a bit, one of the, is installing the pins trigger guard. Wheeler has a pretty nifty AR-15 Trigger Guard Install Tool that makes the job much easier. No more scratched up lowers! Their kit includes the tool as well as an install and uninstall pin. Check out the their install tool HERE

KitFox Design Group’s Firearm Coloring Book


We’ve all spend many hours as a kid using coloring books, but who says you have to stop? KitFox Design Group has an awesome Firearm Coloring Book that they’ve released that’s pretty awesome. While they’re not the first to make a coloring book with guns, here’s one for example, theirs has some pretty awesome guns from lots of big name manufacturers. Check them out at kitfoxdesigngroup.com

Alien Gear’s Shell Swap Program Reviewed


My adventure in carrying a concealed firearm started this year when I finally received my state-issued CWP (Concealed Weapons Permit). I had been shooting for several years, primarily a full-sized CZ 75 BD model handgun. I loved shooting it, but it was a little large and heavy, so I ordered a CZ P-01 handgun (a great choice for a double-stack, all-metal carry pistol) while I was waiting for my CWP.

Deal Alert: Plano Mil-Spec Field Locker Double Long Gun Case with Wheels


Looking for a great deal on a high-quality hard case for your rifles? Check out this great deal on the Plano Mil-Spec Field Locker Double Long Gun Case with Wheels. It can fit two rifles, or a rifle with a pistol and mags etc. It includes cut to fit foam so you can customize it to any configuration you want. It features extra wide latches, a heavy duty gasket for weather protection and wheels for easy transport and is TSA approved. It’s going for quite a bit less than retail over on Amazon right now.

Kalashnikov Hires 1,700 New Workers as AK-47 Demand Rises



With a slow down in gun sales, layoffs and bankruptcy recently with firearms retailers and manufacturers in the US gun market it’s interesting that the AK-47 seems to be going on strong. So much so that Kalashnikov announced they’re going to hire 1,700 new workers (a 30% increase) to meet their export demands for the AK-47 rifle. The demand is most likely due to conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Bullet-proof Origami Kevlar Shield


Check out this bullet-proof kevlar shield created by mechanical engineers at Brigham Young University. Their lightweight and portable shield is flat when stored and can quickly unfold within 5 seconds providing protection for up to three people from rounds up to .44 magnum via 12 layers of kevlar. It was inspired by the Japanese paper folding art origami. 

Montie Gear Lightweight AR Rest Review

Image Source: MontieGear

When it comes to cars I like them light and nimble. Horsepower is fun too, but not if you have to lug around over 3,000lbs of car. When it comes to gun accessories I’m all about light and minimalist gear too, the lighter the better I think. That’s if you can go light without sacrificing strength and quality. Montie Gear’s Lightweight AR Rest is one of those products that I think is both light and strong. 

Deal Alert: Champion Electronic Hearing Protection at a Budget Price


Electronic hearing protection is one of those accessories I think everyone should be using. They block out loud gun shots but they amplify quiter sounds, they’re perfect for having a conversation at the range or listening to commands during a class.

It seems like the price for quality electronic ear muffs have been coming down lately, I found this awesome deal on Champion Electronic Ear Muffs on Amazon at a very budget friendly price. Check out the deal HERE.

1911 Aluminium Skeleton Grips


Check out these crazy looking 1911 Aluminium Skeleton Grips from Valkyrie Dynamics I stumbled upon shopping online. They’re ultra light and made out of billet aluminium here in the USA. Are these very practical? Eh, probably not. But if you’re looking for a unique look for your 1911 check them out over on Amazon

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Alien Gear’s Shell Swap Program Reviewed

My adventure in carrying a concealed firearm started this year when I finally received my state-issued CWP (Concealed Weapons Permit). I had been shooting...

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