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Deal Alert: Lake City 5.56 62gr XM855 Green Tip Ammo


Looking for a good deal on some high quality ammo? Brownells has a pretty good deal on Lake City 5.56x45mm 62gr XM855 green tipped ammo. The deal is for 420 rounds of ammo on stripper clips and it includes a metal ammo can. You get all this for $179.99.

Check the deal out at Brownells.com.

White Paper Leak Shows ATF Wants to Deregulate Suppressors and More!



In a pretty shocking turn of events a leaked ATF white paper showed the ATF may be backtracking on a few things and have suggested some positive changes. A few of the big points in the ATF white paper are removing silencers from the NFA, redefining “armor piercing ammo” which may allow imports of 7N6 ammo again and reversing their decision on shouldering pistol braces. You can view the entire white paper HERE via TFB. Below is a  list of what the white paper covers. The link above to the ATF document shows the full details. This is real good news. 

Deal Alert: 6-Pack Hexmag AR Mags with Free Shipping


Looking for some high quality AR-15 mags at a great price? GunMagWarehouse has 6-packs of Hexmags AR mags at just $49.99 with free shipping. Hexmags are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. For CA AR-15 owners they also have CA legal 10/30 mags as well. 

Check out the deal at GunMagWarehouse.com.


Kimber K6S Review


For a company so small, Kimber Manufacturing has made a big impact on the shooting community. The American-based company has been operating since the late-70’s – a mere newcomer compared to the perennial favorites like Colt (1836), and Remington (1816). Nevertheless, Kimber has already established itself as a premier company in the defense industry.

Since Barack Obama first took office, the number of concealed handgun permits has soared over 200%, with now over 15 million Americans carrying. People are buying guns at an increasing rate, and the gun companies have been capitalizing on this by delivering better products each year. As a result, once-small companies, like Kimber Mfg., have begun to expand their enterprises. Because of their high demand, gun makers around the world have been striving to design the best CCW (concealed carry weapon), and there are a lot of great ones out there. Kimber’s K6s is a prime example of what a business can accomplish when supply and demand increase.

Stoker Car Holsters


If you have a CCW and drive often you already probably know how much of a pain it could be to have to draw your weapon while seated in your vehicle. Stoker has come up with a solution, it’s a car holster that mounts onto the side of your center console (or wherever it most convenient for your particular vehicle). Their leather holster also includes a magnetic flap to keep your pistol secure and out of sight. Their holsters fit most size handguns and retail for $65. Check out Stokerco.com for more info. 

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Hudson H9 Pistol


The new Hudson H9 pistol was the darling of the 2017 SHOT Show, and for good reason. It’s not just a rehash of the same old things we’ve seen at past SHOT Shows, it was a totally new pistol. Just from looking at it you can tell what it has going for it, it has the amazing 1911 grip angle and trigger but with a double stack frame and striker fired slide. Hudson Manufacturing took the best features of the 1911 and polymer pistols and brought them together. 

Extra Carry Concealed Carry Mag Pouch Review


If you conceal carry a good holster is a must, also is a must is an equally good spare magazine carrier. Even if you’ve put in countless hours of training at the range chances are in a self defense scenario you might need a second magazine. Having a spare mag that’s easily accessible can mean life or death. I got the chance to review a mag carrier specifically designed for CCW use from the folks at Extra Carry.

Deal Alert: MTM Ammo Crate Utility Box



If you shoot a lot I’m sure you have a nice stockpile of ammo, but do you have a good way to store it? It’s important to keep your ammo away from moisture if you’re storing it. Check out this great deal on the MTM Ammo Crate Utility Box. It can carry up to 65 pounds of ammo or gear. They’re stackable and include double padlock tabs for security. They also include a water-resistant O-ring seal for dry storage. They’re also made in the USA.

They usually retail for $20 but they’re currently on sale for a lot less on Amazon.


Custom Mosin Nagant Spotted in Syria


I’m a fan of the Mosin Nagant rifle. Sure it’s old, not MOA accurate and the bolt can be a little sticky at times. But when I see a Mosin still in action on the battlefield it always intrigues me. Check out the two videos below of a custom Mosin Nagant seeing action in Syria. It’s not the nicest looking scope job in the world but it seems to work, I wonder how well it holds zero. Notice the chopped down stock too. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Mosin still being used on the battlefield. We spotted these videos a while back with the Mosin Nagant still in action in Syria.

DB Foam Suppressor Foam


While walking around the SHOT Show floor I stumbled on an interesting new product called DB Foam. It’s a new product from Inland Manufacturing designed to lubricate, cleans and protects suppressors. It’s also water soluble and inhibits rusting. They also claim it helps reduce your suppressor’s noise even further. It’s not out as of yet but it will be available sometime 2017.  It’s expected to retail for $29.95 for a 16oz can and $19.95 for a 4 oz can. Stay tuned! 

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Kimber K6S Review

For a company so small, Kimber Manufacturing has made a big impact on the shooting community. The American-based company has been operating since the...