Deal Alert: Red Army Standard 7.62×39 $4.99 Free Shipping



Looking for a good deal on some AK ammo? Palmetto State Armory has Red Army Standard 7.62×39 122gr FMJ steel case ammo on sale. It has a lead core, it’s non-corrosive and made in Russia. They’re on sales for $4.99 with free shipping on ten or more boxes. Buy it cheap and stack it deep! check it out at Palmettostatearmory.com.

Clay Pigeon Target Holders



After AR500 steel my favorite targets to shoot are clay pigeons, there’s just something satisfying about seeing those orange clay targets shatter on impact. There’s a bunch of different ways to mount or hold clay pigeons for target shooting, there’s also cool clay throwers like the WingOne Clay Target Thrower we posted about a while back. I stumbled upon these nifty clay target holders on Amazon recently.

They’re made in the USA out of CNC bent spring tension galvanized steel, you just snap a clay pigeon into the stand and stick it in the dirt and start shooting. A pack of 7 retails for just $35 with free shipping on Amazon.

AK-47 at Iraqi Wedding Fail


It seems like every week you hear something on the news about some idiot who shot his finger off while cleaning his gun. While we do have our share of unsafe gun goofs it seems like there’s quite a lot internationally as well, especially in the Middle East. Remember our drifting with AKs or Arab Dance Moves post? Well the above video is much worst. At a wedding celebration in Iraq a genius thought it was a good idea to shoot an AK-47 on full auto right behind someone’s head, you can figure out what happened next.

Shemaghs For Your Dog



Looking for a something tactical for your dog? How about a shemagh for your pup? The pet lifestyle brand KiloNiner has dog sized shemaghs in both large and small sizes in various colors. They start at $17.99 over at kiloninerpets.com.

Amazon Announces They’ll Start Selling Ammo Online



The world’s largest online retailer Amazon.com just announced that they will now be selling ammunition online. In a turn about from their previous stance of not selling firearms or ammo on their website, Amazon has since started to embrace the firearms market and has taken a stance to support the 2nd Amendment. Amazon will carry calibers ranging from .22lr to .50BMG.

To view all the ammunition available on Amazon CLICK HERE.

In case you didn’t catch it, April Fools!

Keanu Reeves Killin It While Shooting 3-Gun



Check out the video below of movie star Keanu Reeves absolutely killing it at 3 gun. He seems to be quite fast and his weapon transitions are very good. It’s a short 3 gun range so it’s not too difficult to shoot that fast but his performance is still very impressive, I’d really like to see how Reeves does on a larger course.

AR-15 Condoms



It’s always good to have protection for your protection, I stumbled upon these AR15 condoms on Amazon recently. They’re marketed as a way to keep debris and dirt out of your AR15 barrel. Leave it on while you’re operating and when it’s time to engage the enemy you can simply shoot through it. They come with 20 AR-15 condoms for under $8 shipped, check them out online HERE.


Mini AR-15 Lower Bottle Openers




Check out this little AR-15 lower bottle openers. They’re actually made by Nelson Precision Manufacturing and are machined from a solid piece of 6061 aluminum. They sell them for $30 over at Nelsonprecisionmfg.com. No background check needed!

Mechanic Finds Pistol in Truck Door Panel




I spotted this over on a Facebook group I follow. Apparantly someone brought their F150 truck into the shop because their window wouldn’t roll down, after removing the panel the mechanic found a pistol with a loaded mag. I can’t tell what kind of pistol it is, anyone have any ideas?

Travis Haley’s Negligent Discharge Explained


There was a lot of hoopla recently about a video clip of firearms instructor Travis Haley where he had a negligent discharge with an AK-47 while filming a training video. Well Panteao Productions posted an extended clip of the video with an explanation from their side. Check out the video above and the statement from Panteao below. Hey even the pros make mistakes, luckily no one was hurt.

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