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Remington buys silencer makers AAC



It looks like Remington has just purchased suppressor manufacturer ACC (Advanced Armament Corp), the deal was finalized on October 2nd, making ACC a division of Remington Military Products. ACC founder, Kevin Brittingham, talked about the deal on his blog. He claims that the crew at ACC will still be making suppressors like usual, but will be working out of a newer and larger location with more R&D resources at their disposal. So hopefully this means even better products from ACC! Remington is owned by The Freedom Group, which is part of Cerberus Capital Management. We’re looking forward to good things from this merger.

“We welcome Kevin and his team of engineers and designers on board,” commented Theodore (Ted) Torbeck, CEO of Remington and its parent, Freedom Group, Inc. “With the acquisition of AAC, we can enhance our research and development capabilities and deliver a more competitive product to the end user; further strengthening Remington’s position in the domestic and international markets.”

Girls with Guns



Welcome to first part of our new series here at Armory Blog, Girls with Guns! What is more hotter than a cute girl, with a big bad gun? Nothing is more hotter. We’ve compiled the best images online into this new series. Check back often for our new additions, enjoy!

CCW holder threatens to shoot his iPhone



Well one unhappy customer at an Apple Store in a Cincinnati mall got a little out of hand with his anger towards his iPhone. He told an Apple Store worker, “so mad I could pop a 9mm at it.” He then revealed he actually had a concealed 9mm, a major no no if you’re a legal concealed carry wearer. Donald Goodrich, then went on to say “I’ll do it right now. Look!” He then opened up the side of his shirt to show the Apple worker his 9mm handgun, again, something a responsible concealed carry permit holder should never do.

The Apple employee remained calm however, possibly because they deal with many angry iPhone owners, she then told the man she will get a tech to fix it. She then informed her manager who called police. The man was then charged with “aggravated menacing, causing fear of harm.” He may even be charged with gun possession even though he has a concealed permit because he failed to inform the officer he had a gun on him.

As an iPhone thumping gun totter, these kinds of events anger me. I am a big believer in our 2nd amendment rights, but it is irresponsible idiots like this that make gun owners look bad. Looks like the only guns he’ll have from now on will be his gun apps on his iPhone.

S&W ships the new Walther PK380 pistol



The Walther PK380 in .380acp is now finally shipping from S&W, we first saw the new PK380 back in January. We’re glad it’s finally ready for mass consumption.

The PK380 Specs

Caliber: .380 acp
Capacity: 8+1
Grip: polymer grip, steel frame and slide
Barrel: 3.66″
Gun Length: 6.5″
Weight: 19.4 ounces
Width: 1.2″
Other Features:
Picatinny-style rail
Ambidextrous mag release and safety.
Drift-adjustable rear sight.
Availability: Now

Farmer’s daughter kills terrorist with his own AK-47



Rukshana Kauser, 21, lives in Shahdra Sharief which is about 20 miles from the ceasefire line drawn between Indian and Pakistani forces. It is safe to assume that they live in a rough part of town, I don’t mean muggers stealing your wallet rough, but terrorist kicking down your door and demanding food and a place to stay rough. And that is exactly what three gunmen that were believed to be Pakistani militants did.

It is common for militants in the area to demand food and shelter from villagers, but Kauser would have none of it. Three militants broke into their home and attacked her father, Noor Mohammad, who refused to give into their demands. Kauser was hiding under the bed as the attack took place. She then ran towards one of the attackers and hit him with an axe causing him to fall and drop his AK-47. She grabbed the gun and shot the terrorist on the spot where he died. She also wounded another militant as he fled.

Her bravery won’t be overlooked however, she is up for a nomination for the president’s gallantry award. And if it is confirmed that the terrorist she killed is Uzafa Shah, a wanted Pakistani militant commander, she will also get a £4,000 (about $6,400) reward. Rukshana Kauser gave the militants a rude shock, as they are usually treated like kings because of the fear they instill in the locals. Kauser said, “I couldn’t bear my father’s humiliation. If I’d failed to kill him, they would have killed us.” It is bravery like miss Kauser showed, that is what we need more of in this day and age.

[Source: telegraph.co.uk]

The Chiappa 1911 .22



The 1911 is one of the most sought after hang guns in the world, it is an icon that has been with us for close to 100 years. But these days shooting the popular .45acp can be very expensive, if you can even find it. Many people have purchased .22lr conversion kits for their 1911 pistols, but now Chiappa has a 1911 of their own, in .22lr. Designed after the M1911, the Chiappa 1911-22 looks just like the 1911 we all love. But the action is quite different, using a fixed-barrel recoil system instead.

The Chippa 1911 is one of the first full 1911 pistols to make use of the much cheaper and abundant .22lr round, will this open up a large market for dedicated hand guns in that shoot .22lr? With the price of ammo on the rise it appears that way, the GSG 1911 is also in the works. It won’t be long until the other 1911 makers follow suite.

Chiappa 1911 .22 Specs

Caliber: .22 Long Rifle
Capacity: 10 rounds
Grip: Wood
Barrel: 5″ / 6 grooves
Twist: 1:16″
Gun Length: 9″
Weight: 32 ounces
Price: $265 (starting)
Availability: Now

[Source: TFB]

South Korea to sell Korean War rifles back to the US



Here is one way to boost your country’s defence budget, sell your vintage military surplus to a viable market. That is exactly what South Korea is aiming to do with their stockpiles of vintage Korean War era weapons they have had mothballed for many years. They’re aiming at selling their surplus rifles to collectors in the US. These weapons were originally sent over to Korea as military aid and were used well into the Vietnam war. These rifles were kept in South Korean warehouses for over five decades, most of them are M1 Carbines and M1 Garand rifles used by American troops from WWII, the Korean War, and in Vietnam.

These rifles have become highly sought by collectors here in the US as the prices for original examples have steadily risen over the years. Some of these rifles in South Korea have been used occasionally since they were put into storage, mostly in training exercises with their reserve troops. Although the M1 Garand and M1 Carbine are still venerable weapons, the South Korean military has much more advanced firearms and more likely are making room, and money, for other expenditures. About 86,000 M1 Garands and about 22,000 M1 Carbines are expected to be imported into the US from South Korea. No word regarding pricing and who will carry these military workhorses have been released as of yet.

[Source: BBC]

Student stops burglar with Katana



A Johns Hopkins University student defended himself from a would be burglar who broke into his apartment at 1am last night. As he confronted the burglar he lunged at him, he took quick action with the katana he brought with him to investigate. The burglar suffered lacerations to his upper body as well as a partially-severed hand, he later died at the scene. Students have had their off-campus apartments broken into before at the Baltimore college, which has caused concern with many of the students.

The home had four undergrads living in it who already had a Sony PlayStation and two laptops stolen earlier in the week. The suspect had priors for breaking and entering says the police. The student who confronted the burglar is currently in police custody until it will be decided if he will be brought on charges or not. To me it seems like a clear case of self defense, I’m sure he will be cleared of any wrong doing. It’s good that the students have stood up to these burglars who are stealing from them, let this be a lesson to all the burglars out there.

Sig Sauer’s cash for klunker handguns program



The federal government had their Cash for Clunkers program to help stimulate sales for the auto industry, so in an attempt to stimulate sales for their hand guns, Sig Sauer is having their own Cash for Kunker Handguns promotion. If you buy a new Sig P220, P226, P229, 1911, Sig556 pistol or Sig556 rifle from a Sig Sauer dealer between September 7th to November 30th, 2009, you’ll get $200 for your old “klunker” handgun. The offer is good for pistols or revolvers, to get in on this deal you’ll need to send in a copy of your form 4473 as well as your proof of purchase. Be sure to send it in before December 4th, 2009 to participate.

Marlin Fall 2009 rebate promo



Marlin Firearms, makers of some of the most popular rifles in the United States, is having a rebate on some of their rifles for the Fall season. The rebate program is going on from 8/01/2009 to 12/31/2009. If you buy a Marlin 336 lever-action rifle you’ll get $35 off. For a Marlin 795 rifle you’ll get $20 off. If you pick up one of Marlins other .22 rifles you’ll get $20 off as well. While it’s not much of a rebate, it’s still a welcomed discount in these slow times. Especially if you’re already in the market for a Marlin rifle. Looks like a good time to pick up that 30-30 Marlin I’ve been eyeing for a while.

[Source: Marlin Firearms]

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