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How to diagnose your Mini-14 shooting



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I still love my Ruger Mini-14, inaccuracy and all!

Cost of equipping a soldier



Times have really changed.


Tupac and his Ruger Mini-14


Rap legend Tupac Shakur is known for his prowess with lyrics and not so much for his knowledge of firearms. As seen in the video above Tupac is showing off his Ruger Mini-14, and his “hollowpoint like a muthafucka” ammo he is using. Notice how long it takes for him to load the magazine, and that his scope is upside down. I’m assuming it isn’t sighted properly either, but that doesn’t matter when you shoot your gun sideways.

Afghan army adopts new camo



The Afghan National Army has adopted a new camouflage combat uniform recently, called “Afghan Forest”. Allegedly President Karzai requested the new Afghan uniform to look similar to the US ACU, the new Afghan uniform has a normal shirt-style collar however. The new uniform features a different coloration of the pec4ce Forest camo pattern from HyperStealth Biotechnology Corporation out of Canada. So why not choose a desert colored camo which seems more logical for the Afghan terrain? Well Afghan National Army wanted a color that was not “desert” so that their soldiers were easier to distinguish from the various foreign troops operating currently in Afghanistan.

Rumor: HK MR223 coming to the US in 2010



The HK MR223 was first introduced in Germany last year, well rumor has it that it will finally be released in the United States after the SHOT show. A few ATF issues are cited as the reason for the importation delay. What we do know however, is that the US spec HK MR223 will not feature an offset rear take down that is found on the European spec models. So what does this mean? Users in the US will be able to use HK416 uppers with any Mil-Spec lower receiver.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 sneak peak


With the success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Activision is said to be rushing to develop Modern Warfare 3, here is the exclusive clip of the new game.

OK, maybe not, but it sure was funny!

“Infinity Ward is also developing a version of the game for the Wii which will come packaged with a 17 pound controller shaped like an M249 machine gun that you must carry at all times but cannot fire without explicit orders.”

Comedy gold!

Tactical M1 Thompson



OK this isn’t really a new tactical tommy gun from Auto Ordnance, although I wish it was, it’s just one of the many guns you can create yourself on PimpMyGun. The web-app makes all your gun fantasies come true as you accessorize your firearms with all the goodies you wished you had. After you save your work of art you can show it off on blogs, forums social sites etc. Dear Auto Ordannce, please make this Thompson!

Sig .22 pistol conversion kit sale



Sig Sauer has just announced that their .22LR Rimfire Conversion Kits are on sale starting today until December 8th, 2009. They’ll be going for $249 down from $375, so if you have a Sig Sauer P220, P226, or P228/P229 then this is an awesome deal. It installs just as easily as other .22LR conversion kits as it just replaced the factory slide and magazine. The kit comes with adjustable target sights and will extend your shooting time at the range by a good amount, as ammo is still pretty darn hard to find these days.

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M4 is the weapon of choice for terrorist



Here is some interesting news, not the fact that terrorist were trying to acquire weapons in the United States, but that they attempted to get their hands on 10,000 M4 Carbines. A recent PR from the Justice Department said that Dani Nemr Tarraf tried to actuire FIM-92 Stinger missiles and M4 Carbines in Philadelphia. How much for all of these? Only $20,000 is what he was going to pay an under cover agent. Looks like even terrorist are updating from their old AK’s to the M4.

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