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Cabela’s makes noob “clip” mistake


I thought only airsoft collecting Counter Strike players made such noob mistakes with firearms terminology, sorry airsoft collecting Counter Strike players. Well it seems even the popular sporting goods retailer Cabela’s still does not know the difference between a magazine and a clip. I won’t fault Cabela’s too much however, the mistake is on their Canadian site after all.

Check out the goof at Cabelas.com.

The new SOG Tabletop Sharpener


SOG Knives has released their new Tabletop Sharpener featuring a carbide tip and suction cup base to make it stable for almost any surface. It makes a great knife sharpener for the kitchen, garage or man cave. Their new second gen Tabletop Sharpener sits about 3/4″ higher than the previous generation making sharpening easier. It’s small size also makes it easy to store away when not in use. No word on weather SOG will sell additional carbide replacement blades, but the ones provided with the kit should last quite a long time. For more info visit www.sogknives.com.

Shotgun shell comparison


A visual side-by-side comparison of all the various shotgun shells out there, where can I get a shotgun that shoots 4ga?! That thing looks like a beast!

Prawn alien target from District 9


The sci-fi movie District 9 was recently released on DVD and is one of my favorite movies of 2009. If you’re tired of shooting the same old targets at the range then why not take a shot at some aliens?

The weapons used in Public Enemies


A great behind the scenes look at the weapons used in the movie Public Enemies, if you’re a fan of the Tommy Gun then definitely check this out.

How-to make your own hollow point bullets


If you can’t find hollow points at your local gun shop, which is the situation all over the country, this might be an option for you, especially if you already reload your own ammo. The video above shows how to make your own hollow point bullets with a case trimmer and a bit of skill. I would rather use a set of good factory hollow point ammunition for home defense or concealed carry, but when the zombies rise up these will work in a pinch.

Firearms under an x-ray


Ever wonder what some of your favorite firearms would look like under an x-ray? Check out the images below of some popular guns that have gone under an x-ray, pretty interesting stuff.

Brits adopt the AR-10 as new ‘sharpshooter’ rifle


To help in their efforts in Afghanistan the British Army is adopting a new AR-10 type rifle. The mountainous terrain of Afghanistan has made it difficult to fight the Taliban with the limited range of the British Forces 5.56mm L85 rifle, so the new L129A1 will be used in a sharpshooter role according to Janes Defence Weekly.

Lui Bolin the human camelion


In nature many animals use camouflage to hide from predators, in combat snipers user camo to stalk and take out their targets from a long distance. Lui Bolin uses camo to hide in his surroundings and to simply show his illusion skills. The “invisible man” uses art to hide his subjects in plain sight in various urban settings. These aren’t photoshops, just skillful work and a talented eye. Check out more of Lui Bolin’s mastery at work below:

Space Pen made out of H&H .375 magnum shell case


Space pens are sweet, you can write upside down and even underwater! What makes this particular pen from Fisher even cooler? Is that it’s made out of a H&H .375 caliber magnum shell casing!


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