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The Ruger SR-556/6.8 released


Is 5.56 not enough for you? Well the Ruger version of the AR-15, the SR-556, is now available in 6.8mm SPC. The SR-556/6.8 features a heavy contour barrel with a 1:10 twist and comes with a 25 and 5 round magazine. The SR-556/6.8 MSRP’s at $1995.00. Check it out at Ruger.com.

Perspective Matching Russia during WWII vs Today


Russia was a major battle ground during WWII, millions of people died and many of Russia’s major cities was devastated. Russia today is very different than it was during WWII but some of those battle grounds still remain, photographer Sergey Larenkov did some awesome perspective matching of various locations around Russia with WWII photographs. Check them out on Sergey’s blog here.

Snap-on Beretta Suppressor


Are you an international assassin, modern day ninja, or just a tacticool fanboy? If so then this snap-on suppressor is definitely for you! The snap-on 7-2878 & 7B-2878 suppressor for the Beretta 92 from Knights Armament has some very interesting features, it is available at autoweapons.com but no price is listed so you’ll have to shoot them an email for pricing info.

The Knights Armament suppressor features a snap-on design, as opposed to a screw-on style, making it much easier to mount the suppressor and take out your target. The suppressor also has built-in front sights, which is a nice touch as the Beretta 92’s front sights are usually blocked when adding a suppressor. The ad on autoweapons.com for the Beretta 92 and silencer combo also features a custom slide lock to stop the slide from cycling and ejecting a shell casing. Perfect for covering an assassins trail.

New Wilson Combat Bullet Proof line of 1911 parts


Wilson Combat has added some new CNC machined 1911 parts to their Bullet Proof line. Wilson Combat is known for making some of the best 1911 pistols and accessories in the world, and their Bullet Proof line of parts, made from solid steel billets, are no exception.

New additions to the line include a bar-stock machined disconnector, fully–machined grip safeties for flawless installation and the world’s toughest ambidextrous safety-the Bullet Proof® Ambidextrous thumb safety engineered with a unique attachment system that resists loosening over time.

Pulp Fiction Ezekiel 25:17 Gun Wallpaper


NOTE: Click on the image for full size version, then right-click and save.

Pulp Fiction has gone down as a classic and must-see movie for any Tarantino fan. The scene where Samuel L. Jackson’s character recites the Bible verse Ezekiel 25:17 has to be one of the best scenes ever. Check it out below in case you haven’t seen the movie.

Golf Course Sniper Team


Now here’s a new take on the age old game of Golf!

iPhone 4 shot with a .50 cal rifle


So you camped outside the Apple store for days and got a brand new iPhone 4, only to find out the antenna sucks and you get no reception. What do you do? Shoot it with a .50 cal rifle of course! Check out the video above of the iPhone getting taken out by a Barrett M82A1.

Brazilian police returning 1500 Taurus CT-30 carbines


The Brazilian State Police in Rio de Janeiro is returning 1500 1500 Taurus CT-30 carbines back to Taurus, the cause? Malfunctions caused by a defect in the magazine locks is the official cause. However it appears there are also reports of the carbine failing to fire when the trigger is pulled, to the carbine firing in full auto mode even when the trigger is not pulled and when the safety is engaged. These are some serious issues, which caused the police to return all the carbines after a few of them showed these inherent issues.

The Brazilian police have demanded that Taurus fix the issues within 90 days. The Taurus CT-30 carbines were suppose to be replacements for the aging FN FAL made in Brazil under license which is too large for police use in urban settings. At around $2000 for each Taurus CT-30 carbine, I don’t blame the police for wanting a reliable carbine.

Nazi Jet Pack Prototypes of WWII


Towards the end of WWII the Nazi’s had some pretty revolutionary weapons that could have turned the tide of the war if it lasted just a little bit longer. From the first jet fighter the Messerschmitt Me 262 to the The Horten 229 stealth bomber prototype. Well the Nazi’s had another prototype that could helped them turn the tide of the way, jet packs.

Japanese Camera Pistol


No that’s not a Tokarev ray gun above, but a 16mm still-image camera. Made in Japan by Doryu Camera Company, the Doryu 2-16 was made from 1954 to 1956. According to Camerapedia the Doryu 2-16 was a police-issue device for Japaense cops. Instead of shooting bad guys with bullets, they shot them with a camera. The Doryu 2-16 camera used magnesium bullet cartridges that were loaded into a magazine just like real bullets. Police officers just had to point, aim and fire to capture still images or crimes in progress. The magnesium cartridges discharged out the guns slide and acted as a flash for the camera, we’re assuming this looked cooler than just using a plain old flash bulb. Reviews for the Doryu 2-16 camera weren’t so good, it didn’t meet the specs of the Japanese police and it is not know if they were ever used by the Japanese police force, but it sure does look cool.

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