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Remington 1911R1 Enhanced


1911 makers seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but there’s one 1911 pistol maker who can claim they were one of the original manufacturers of the iconic 1911 pistol. Remington has released their new 1911 R1 Enhanced pistol which includes features aimed to enchance the shooting experience for users. Included is an anodized aluminum match trigger, beavertail grip safety with checkered memory bump, as well as an adjustable rear sight that is paired with red fiber-optic front sight. MODEL 1911 R1 ENHANCED goes for $940.

MasterPiece Arms 9300 SST-X Tactical Carbine


MasterPiece Arms unveiled their new 9300 SST-X Tactical Carbine at the 2011 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The 9300 SST-X Tactical Carbine is built on their popular MPA Mac Mini 9MM but in a carbine length along with a muzzle break and 16″ barrel. The 9300 SST-X also features a multi-reticle Holosight, a side cocking scope mount and aluminum quad rail that can used for accessories. The 9300 SST-X comes with a 36-round polymer magazine and runs for $749. It is built in the USA and also includes a lifetime warranty.

Advanced Armament Corp in Black Ops


Looks like someone at Treyarch is a fan of AAC.

Blackwater Mossberg Shotguns


Bullet hole artwork


Guns aren’t only used for self defense and hunting, they can be used to make works of art. Thats what artist Walton Creel does with his .22lr rifle. Creel created images of animals for his ‘Deweaponizing the Gun’ series of artwork. He fired thousands of rounds into a canvas made out of aluminum to make his masterpieces. Each .22 caliber hole was a single pixel in his image, Creel says of his new artwork:

7.62x25mm Tokarev Conversion Barrel Kit for the 1911


Available now from J&G sales, their 7.62x25MM conversion kit allows you to convert a 9mm or 38 super Government model 1911 pistol to fire the 7.62x25mm Tokarev round. The kit comes with a 5 inch barrel, bbl link pin, bushing, 26lb hammer spring and a 12lb recoil spring from Wolff springs. To use this conversion kit your 1911 cannot have ramped frame (some 1911s from Colt, Taurus, and Rock Island come with ramped frames). You also have to use 38 super magazines with this kit.

Pork Eating Crusader Shirt


Is is politically correct? Heck no, is it cool looking? Heck yes! Get yours over at MilSpecMonkey.com.

North Carolina ALE replaces unreliable Kimber 1911s


After only more than a year or use, officials at the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement division was forced to find replacement pistols for the Kimber 1911’s they purchased for their agents. Costing $1,055 each, ALE director John Ledford said their Kimber pistols had so many problems that they were forced to replace them with new Sig Sauers. Ledford claimed the Kimber pistols had issues ranging from jams during training exercises to broken sights.

Shooting Mosin Nagants at night


Shooting Mosin Nagants at night

What’s better than shooting a Mosin Nagant at the range at night? Shooting three!

[Source: picasa]



The guys at Advanced Armament Corp posted a video of their new 300BLK BUSHMASTER ACR prototype in action, looks sweet!

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