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White Paper Leak Shows ATF Wants to Deregulate Suppressors and More!



In a pretty shocking turn of events a leaked ATF white paper showed the ATF may be backtracking on a few things and have suggested some positive changes. A few of the big points in the ATF white paper are removing silencers from the NFA, redefining “armor piercing ammo” which may allow imports of 7N6 ammo again and reversing their decision on shouldering pistol braces. You can view the entire white paper HERE via TFB. Below is a  list of what the white paper covers. The link above to the ATF document shows the full details. This is real good news. 

1. New Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL) Dealing Exclusively at Gun Shows or internet

2. Armor Piercing Ammo

3. Re-importation of Certain Department of Defense Surplus Firearms from Foreign Countries (1911s, Garands and M1 Carbines)

4. Title 18, United States Code (U.S.C.), Section 922(o)

5. Firearm Arm or Stabilizing Brace

6. Reissue a New Sporting Purpose Study

7. Creation of a Database of Agency Rulings

8. Silencers

9. Firearms Industry Proposals to Allow for Interstate Sale of Firearms at Gun Shows

10. Destructive Devices

11. Demand Letter 2 (DL 2)

12. Demand Letter 3 (DL 3)

13. Pending ATF Regulation Regarding FFL Records Retention (20 years)

14. Expanding Permissive Use of NICS Checks by FFL Holders

15. Need for an ATF Confirmed Director

16. Old Regulations Under Review for Possible Removal or Amendment


  1. The ATF have discovered the political winds are blowing from a new direction and for job security they want to be on the right side of it. Basically they’re signaling the new regime that they won’t stand in the way of these necessary reforms.

    To me the biggest issues addressed in this paper is removing suppressors from the NFA list, repealing Obama’s ban on re-importing collectable military arms, redefining so-called assault rifles as sporting arms and allowing out of state FFLs to make direct sales to customers at gun shows.


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