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US Govt. Bans Izhmash & Kalashnikov Concern Imports



Well it looks like the ban hammer was dropped by the U.S. Government today via “sanctions”. The US Department of Commerce has banned all financial transactions with both Kalashnikov Concern and Izhmash which means imports of many popular firearms from those manufacturers will now stop. You can read bout the announcement here. If you already own a firearm from either of those companies you’ll be able to keep it  or resell it. If you still have one on layaway you’ll have to contact the Treasury Dept. for more info.

Hopefully this doesn’t cause panic buying of AK variants and ammo not associated with this ban.



  1. As I understand it, if you have one on layaway at the local gun store, you should be fine. The gun store has already paid the distributor and the distributor has already paid Izmash. The gun store is merely re-selling the rifle.

    But yeah, this ban sucks. I feel like an idiot for not predicting this happening “under the radar”.

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