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This Gun is Like Ron Paul



I usually don’t like to post about politics, but that sign has a point. Dr. Paul is also the most 2nd Amendment friendly candidate. That’s a mighty fine looking rifle too.

[Source: Ron Paul Gun Owners]


  1. Ron Paul is the broken clock candidate; right on one or two things but bat-poop crazy wrong on everything else. Why anyone thinks he’s an acceptable candidate is beyond me. The only thing I can guess as to why people like him is he’s the guilt free candidate to support, not due to his positions but due to the fact he’ll never win. Supporting him means always being able to say, “It’s not my fault, I voted for the other guy.”

    • Politics, religion, a man’s girl……these are things that may be easy to understand to the 1 person but unfathomable to the next. Just let it be since it’s not your point of view, you know what I mean? No need to go all youtube here.


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