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‘The Hunger Games’ Sparks New Interest In Archery



Archery is a skill mankind has honed for thousands of years. Civilizations from all over the world have used archery to put food on the table and to wage wars. These days archery is a sport thought to only be used by recreational hunters and kids at summer camp. While it’s no longer used to strike down advancing columns of foot soldiers or poaching his/her Majesty’s deer, the fact is archery is still alive and well today. It’s a sport still practiced by many around the world, it’s even in the Olympics.

Recently however, archery has had a surge of interest. This is due to one person, the character Katniss Everdeen from the hit book series and now blockbuster movie ‘The Hunger Games’. Played by Jennifer Lawrence in the movie adaptation that was recently released, Katniss is a  character who is not only strong-willed, but very skilled with the bow. The movie studio and makers behind The Hunger Games aren’t the only ones to benefit from the movie’s success, the entire Archery industry is riding the wave of new archers taking up the sport.

Archery gains popularity thanks to "Hunger Games"
New archers taking up the classic sport. Photo source: LA Times

Kids and adults alike are taking up the classic sport who otherwise would never have picked up a bow. Ranges across the country who usually cater to a few archery hobbyists here and there are now packed with fans of the The Hunger Game series. Many have taken up lessons or purchased their first bows. The sales of archery equipment have increased by more than 20% alone in the last year according to the Archery Trade Association.

This is nothing but good news to the world of archery. Not only is archery a fun hobby and part of our history, it’s rather inexpensive to get into and it’s a sport that people of all ages can enjoy. So thank you Katness for bringing light onto the sport of archery, and hopefully we see a new generation of young archers to keep the tradition alive. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Wonder how Jennifer Lawrence became so skilled with the bow? Check out the video below on who trained her in preparation for her performance in The Hunger Games.


  1. There should not be any need for her to support the arrow at all, if she had a bowhunter as a trainer instead of learning how to shoot a modern recurve bow with a sight. Because thats where this is coming from. She holds the bow straight as well. Take a look at one of the clips with Howard Hill or Byron Ferguson on youtube and you will see what I mean…


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