During the 2013 SHOT Show while exhibiting their renowned line of pistols, GLOCK held a raffle when you registered for their new online community called GLOCK ID, the lucky winner gets a GLOCK handgun and runner ups get a personalized voice mail from the Gunny.

Upon receiving news that I was the lucky winner (with a rather held-back/conservative celebration, to avoid a scene in the middle of the SHOT Show floor), I thought to myself, “I knew people win these kind of things but I really did not think it would be me!” And I certainly didn’t wake up that morning thinking, ” I’m going to win a GLOCK today”. I’ve seen those kiosks at the mall where you can win a free car by signing up, I always thought no one ever won those raffles.

On hand to present the Glock was R. Lee “Gunny” Ermey, myself: Glock ID user “Patriot1987”, and a few execs from GLOCK. I would like to personally thank GLOCK for this opportunity!

You can see all of our pictures from the 2013 SHOT Show here.

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