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Support The 2nd Amendment And Starbucks on 2/14/2012



The 2nd Amendment is under attack again, and this time it’s from the National Gun Victim’s Action council. They are planning to boycott Starbucks on Valentine’s Day because of their company policy which allows firearms in their stores. To show support for Starbucks please visit your local Starbucks tomorrow Tuesday February 14th, 2012 and show your appreciation for their support of our gun rights.

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  1. I have quite often taken great joy in visiting my local Starbucks, ordering a “vente” (large) latte made with WHOLE MILK (that alone drives the “heath fanatic snobs crazy) and 4 (four) shots of espresso plus 8 (eight) packets of sugar! Then I take a seat and pull out a small stack of firearms and law enforcement mags from my briefcase to read while I enjoy my killer Starbucks latte.

    The Starbucks employees just smile and treat me just fine. Ah, but a good number of my fellow customers always look at me with sideways glances of disdain. I could care less. I am 65 years of age, in great physical condition, and I can defend myself if necessary with one of my beloved CCW’s. Those anti-gun protesters can kiss my keister. I will ignore their shortsightedness, closemindedness, and lack of understanding and consideration regarding my constitutional rights to bear arms in this country.

    My hat is off to the good people at Starbucks. I will continue to support their business with my money and my daily presence in their stores.


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