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Spearmint Rhino Sues Chiappa Firearms Over Rhino Logo



Plenty of firearms companies have been sued over the years, but this one is a first. The international strip club chain Spearmint Rhino is suing Chiappa Firearms, what reason does a strip club have for suing a firearms maker you ask?

The whole spat is over the rhino logo used on Chiappa Firearms Rhino series of revolvers. Spearmint Rhino claims that consumers may confuse the logo on the Rhino revolvers with the strip clubs line of branded g-strings and lingerie. While I do see the similarities with the two logos, they do have quite if a bit of differences.

[Source: TheFirearmBlog]


  1. Whiners. How many ways are there to draw a rhino? Like it’s gonna hurt their business. This is nothing but a coincidence. Spearmint Rhino should not get huffy about it– maybe if they were nice, Chiappas would change the logo to a Rhino-in-a-square.


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