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Sons of Guns Crew Truck Causes 9/11 Scare at Dallas Airport



During the 10th anniverary of the September 11 terrorist attacks security at airports around the nation were on high alert. It’s safe to say you shouldn’t drive a truck with guns anywhere near one, especially on September 11th. Well a crew truck from the Discovery Channel show “Sons of Guns” did just that as a crew member of the show told airport police “I got a couple of guns,” as he was waiting outside for a co-worker. The bomb squad and canine units were quickly dispatched and a “automatic weapon” was found in the truck, which was parked in the general area where returning troops are usually greeted as they come back from deployment.

I’m sure the crew member meant no harm and was just being honest with police in case they randomly searched their crew truck, but come on. Driving a truck with a gun to the airport on September 11th? Just a note it was not the truck pictured above, but that’s the visual I had as I read the article on Mercury News. I also pondered what impractical gun they were building for the episode they were going to film. What ever it is I’m sure it’s “neva been dun befoe”.


  1. As to be expected with the somewhat juvenile mentality of the show and apparent lack of any logical sense of their “builds”.

    The show showcases the redneck mentality and totally reinforces the statement of “just because I can doesn’t mean I should”. I agree that this show does more harm than good for those that want to protect our freedom and right to own firearms. This is one show that should definitely meet its demise sooner rather than later.

  2. This is just really disappointing. I really think “Sons of Guns” is doing more harm to the image of responsible gun owners than doing any good. How hard would it be to have more consideration for safety and ensuring that the majority of firearms enthusiasts are cast in a better light. Myself and others have worked too hard changing people’s opinions.

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