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Shadow Ops Weaponry Out of Business



A few years back a new player in the AR lower receiver market took pre-orders for AR lowers at a pretty good price, they even offered custom engraving. This was at the height of the AR15 panic buying frenzy after Sandy Hook school shooting. This new shop was Shadow Ops Weaponry, well it looks like they’ve gone under already. An email was sent out from them that you can read below. Their website is still live, but it looks like all their merchandise is up for auction over at Proxibid.com.

I actually jumped on their pre-order back in 2013 but eventually cancelled it, I’m glad I did.

We are primary investors in Shadow Ops Weaponry, LLC. and were forced to shut it down due to apparent improprieties in the conducting of its business. We called in theATF and the Colorado Attorney General’sOffice and the plant is under lock down and under investigation. We anticipate IRS involvement and possibly the U.S. Trustee and a Chapter 7 filing is likely. If a bankruptcy filing occurs you will be afforded a file number whereupon you can file a claim with the U.S. Trustee for what you believe is due you.

Under no circumstances do we accept, nor are we obligated, to assume or pay any of Shadow Ops Weaponry, LLC. debts

Jim Silvester


  1. I ordered two with custom engraving, took 9 months to get. The quality was fine but given the mess that company was I’m not shocked they are out of business

  2. Was their business all a scam to begin with or were their efforts well intentioned and they simply couldn’t keep up with demand and market movement?


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