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Sentry Products Group Buys Hexmag


SENTRY Products Group recently announced that they bought out the popular AR magazine makers Hexmag.

Virginia Beach, Va. (October 2017) – SENTRY Products Group, an industry leader in the Military, Law Enforcement and Outdoor equipment, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Hexmag™, innovators of AR-15/AR-10 magazines and accessories.

When Hexmag was founded, it introduced lightweight magazines for the AR-15/AR-10 platforms.

“We set out to make the most durable, versatile and aesthetic magazine on the market,” stated Aaron Schefter, founder of Hexmag. He continued, “With great acceptance and a strong end user following, the company rapidly expanded and SENTRY was the logical partner to continue the product development. When the SENTRY crew were executives at BLACKHAWK!®, they really loved and understood product development and manufacturing and that is what I want for the future of Hexmag’s products.”

Built in the USA and backed with a lifetime warranty, Hexmag’s products are manufactured using a proprietary fiber-reinforced polymer, PolyHex2, resulting in a lighter and more durable magazine. The patented hexagonal surface provides superior grip and ease of handling. Hexmag’s HexID Color Identification System allows end users to quickly personalize magazines to identify different ammunition calibers. Product line extensions include grips, rail covers and grip tape allowing end users to further customize their gear.

“We are proud to add Hexmag products to our company offerings; their innovative approach to product design and marketing fits well and extends our presence in the Military, Law Enforcement, Tactical and OEM markets,” said Terry Naughton, President of SENTRY Products Group. He continued, “This addition creates new US based jobs as manufacturing and distribution moves to SENTRY’s Boise, Idaho facility and core business functions move to the Virginia Beach, Virginia U.S.A. headquarters.”

“The acquisition of Hexmag fits perfectly with SENTRY’s short, medium and long-term vision of both organic growth, as well as growth through acquisition,” said Mike Noell, CEO of SENTRY. “Hexmag was an easy plugin to our accessories business and gives SENTRY additional product categories, sales channels, new distribution partners and an entrance into the high-tech injection molded product arena. We are now focused on operational excellence, great products and awesome service. Thank you for your trust and business, we look forward to serving you!”

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  1. I actually really like Hexmags. I have 4 of them and plan on a getting a few more when I have the money. At the time, I ordered 2 of each, 5 different kinds of mags, and Hexmags and Pmags have me the best results other than the old-school Adventure Line GI-style mags I have laying around.

    I don’t know much about Sentry, but I really hope the quality of these magazines don’t decrease, because in my eyes right now, they’ve been among the best on the market in my own testing at the range. I really appreciate the article. Might have to order a few more now that are still in stock, just in case things change. 😉


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