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Russian Parliament Speaker Calls for Right to Bear Arms


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Russia has come a very long way since the dark days after the fall of the Soviet Union. They’ve since become an economic power house in Europe and have slowely rebuilt their influence around the world. It is surprising to hear that they have very limited gun rights, this is the country that gave the world some of the most iconic firearms of all time. I’m sure just like here in the US, it’s usually the bad guys who have all the guns that the average citizen is restriced from owning.

Russians should be given the right to bear arms, albeit with strict regulations, believes acting upper house speaker, Aleksandr Torshin.

“I believe that law-abiding citizens should be returned the lost right to bear small arms,” he told journalists, as cited by RIA Novosti.

According to the senator, carrying a gun is “a huge responsibility”, but “citizens should have an opportunity to defend themselves, their families’ lives and their property”. Torshin believes that if people were allowed to carry weapons, they would have a fair fight with the “lamebrains and villains” in the event of an attack.

“If journalist Oleg Kashin had had a gun, his nighttime encounter [with his assailants] could have had a completely different outcome,” Torshin noted.

It’s good to see some in Russia are speaking up for their right to bear arms. Keep up the fight comrades!

[Source: RT.com]


  1. I wish my Mosin was as accurate as the guys in the poster. I’d be lucky to even hit the target.

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