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Russia Plans To Destroy 4 Million Guns


Mosin Nagant Crate

According to Shotgunnews Russia’s Ministry of Defense plans on destroying 4 million surplus guns by the end of 2014. Supposedly Russia has stockpiles of about 16 million guns that are no longer in service with the Russian military. It wasn’t officially revealed what kinds of guns they intend to destroy, but word on the street is that they’re most likely Mosin Nagant rifles and carbines, SKS carbines, T33 Tokarev pistols, Nagant revolvers, AKM rifles, RPKs and PK machine guns. If it was up to me I’d sell these retired firearms to the American market or at the very least to some third world army. What a shame.


  1. Good Lord why? I sincerely hope this idea has been thrown out! As a former Special Forces Weapons man I hate to think this could be allowed. Send them over here for God’s sake!

  2. I’ll take at least 3 of each thanks, will you be sending over x amount of rounds as well? 😀

    Shame to see them go that way if it happens, a lot of them are in fantastic condition. I already own a 1942 Mosin-Nagant, she is a beautiful example of WW2-era bolt action rifles.

  3. So you canadiens can buy them up from the Russians and sell them to us over here in the US. Everyone is happy. If our country wont let them in, how is it that there are so many being sold here in the states right now?

  4. we in Canada are buying them up like mad (SKS run approx 180$ here) and we have many people that have between 5-10 SKS now… the mosin nagant rifles are all in demand here as well (and for some reason they run ~500 dollar range.)

    so send em over – we will shoot em. 🙂

  5. Why would Obummer allow Ruskie guns shipped to the U.S. when he isn’t allowing American-made M1 Garands to be shipped back to us from South Korea? Y’all are just bein’ silly rednecks.

  6. that suks so much. mosin nagon rifels are very very acuret and a grate gun to have. i have one and my gun is a 6,72×54 R witch is almost the same size bulet as a 308 hunting rifel. ironecly the 308 was the u.s.a’s miletary sniper rifel arond world war 2 the same time as the mosin nagont dezined in 1891 just in time for world war 1 and 2

  7. Would we allow them to? I highly doubt that at least some American companies would resent a sudden influx of cheap surplus russian firearms.

    Just one crime involving one of these guns and boom, import ban.

    Still, at least they should try.

    • Didn’t Clinton stop the importation of Russian and Chinese firearms? The only way they could sell those now would be to find a nation that the US doesn’t not buy firearms from and use them as a middle man. Russia would probably lose money and seeing as how US-Russian relations are tanking I don’t see them ever trying this unless there’s a civil war here and they throw in with the rebels.

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