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Raytheon iPhone app tracks enemy combatants



Want to use your iPhone to track enemy combatants in real time? There’s an app for that! Raytheon has just announced their new iPhone app, One Force Tracker. It is an app that makes use of recent technology developments in social networking and location awareness apps to help you track the whereabouts of enemies in the field, or your friend on campus.

There are apps out there already that allows you to show where your iPhone-owning friends are at, but this app does more than just help you meet up with your buddies at the local watering hole. It displays positions on a map in real time as well as allows for secure communications between soldiers also using the app.

Raytheon CTO J. Smart said, “If there is a building with known terrorist activities, it could automatically be pushed to the phone when the soldiers get near that area.” The app isn’t finalized and a lot of work still needs to be done, and the app may not work with the iPhone just yet. As the iPhone does not support multi-tasking so the iPhone will need to be jailbroken. Battery power isn’t up to par with the iPhone to make the app work to it’s full potential either, so an external battery pack make need to be utilized as well.

Looks the iPhone has really caught the attention of military contractors, not just game app developers and coffee sipping hipsters.

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