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Occupations That Require a Bullet and Stab Proof Vest



[Guest post by SafeGuard]

In the world we live in, where people often make decisions based on the lack of respect to others, getting protected with a bullet proof vest or stab proof vest sometimes can be the matter of life and death, especially for such professionals, as various security guards and many domestic front-line managers.

It is critical to comprehend that a lack of proper safety measures may easily put a person at increased risk and often result in severe injuries. This is the reason why bullet proof vests and stab proof vests become a real need in case of multiple domestic frontline occupations.

About ten years ago, the Health and Safety Laboratory of the UK (HSL) has conducted multiple case studies that included four hundred organizations of different sizes and from different professional backgrounds. The selected organizations were sent out questionnaires and then interviewed, respectively. The information that was provided by them became the foundation of these widely recognized and reputed case studies.

The result plainly resembles the question, “Why would someone need to wear body armor?”

Highlighted Areas of Risk

– Visiting individuals in their offices or homes to enforce regulations and laws, control the system, or bear bad news indicate higher risk levels and, thus, the need for bullet proof vests or stab proof vests;

– Particular geographical locations or trouble areas, such as run down or poor neighborhoods or areas with high crime levels also indicate high risks;

– Dealing with particular persons, including potentially aggressive or violent individuals, drug dealers or users, or mentally diseased persons;

– Dealing with utterly disappointed and frustrated clients (such as clients, who are utterly unsatisfied with the provided services);

– Late night work;

– Expelling individuals from their houses;

– Protecting or securing people, events, or property is a professional duty that particularly warrants the necessity for stab proof vests or bullet proof vests;

– Visiting idle buildings.

Each of the mentioned points represents a true reason to – at the very least – consider getting a vest, whether stab proof or bullet proof. If you think more about it, you will find a lot more reasons of getting a body armor set in these particular cases.

Nevertheless, the most popular argument to oppose body armor is the way it could be seen by members of the public, when frontline workers start walking around fully packed in bullet proof vests, for example. The thing is that this perception is probably one of the most significant problems in terms of personal security. So, overt bullet proof or stab proof vests may frequently be recognized as quite confrontational, specifically when coping with drunk or high individuals or people, who don’t give any respect to authorities, you, or your organization. For additional threat information and covert bullet proof vests, safeguardclothing.com can guide you through more advanced protection requirements.

The need to wear body armor doesn’t mean that you are necessarily in danger nor it means that you should look behind your back every other minute. It just means that you will have a better chance of staying safe and unharmed in a possible case of things going the wrong way. Whether you work as a police officer, prison guard, personal security guard, or any other domestic frontline professional, a bullet proof or stab proof vest can become a life saver one day.


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