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New 1911 and AR-10 From Palmetto State Armory



Palmetto State Armory is known for their affordable AR parts and rifles, well now it looks like they’re entering the 1911 and AR-10 market. They showed off their new 1911 pistol and AR-10 .308/7.62 rifle at the 2014 SHOT Show. No word on pricing, but Palmetto is estimating both firearms will be available around summer 2014.





  1. I have dealt with PSA with several purchases and have owned two of their rifles. No issues with them whatsoever. They have great products for prices that no one else can touch. I would trust my PSA ar15 with not only my life, but my family’s as well.

    I cant wait till they start selling their ar10’s. I WILL have one

  2. I have made many purchases from PSA without issue. Great product. I have heard Customer Service was slack from a few friends so i cant blindly dismiss it but i haven’t had any issues with them. I have bought in the Store(s) also and have always thought their employees were the best.

  3. I have ordered a lot of ammo and a couple part kit. I have received my orders within 7-10 days. I don’t like paying for shipping, so I wait for free shipping special.

  4. Reviewing my credit card info… I’ve got 13 separate PSA purchases in the last year and nothing but great service and parts. Above seems fishy

  5. PSA is the worst company ever. I ordered a complete upper and lower kit. They shipped the lower kit promptly 99.00 item, and charged my account for the full amount of 799.00. Over a month and no upper. I email them and they say it will be in within a few days. I contact them a few days later because on my invoice the upper is marked shipped. They now tell me they can’t supply me with the upper they charged me for. Instead they offer me a substitute upper supposedly a better and more expensive upper in there opinion. I am not happy and tell them i would take it if they give me a 10% discount on the upper price i paid since they need to satisfy a irate new customer that has half of a AR assembled from there parts. They said all they could do was refund the uppers price after holding my money for over a month or refund 17.00 dollars for the shipping and ship me there substitute upper that is inferior in my opinion.. So now i have a choice take a barrel i don’t want or get a refund on the upper and have a lower built i dont have a upper for or have a desire to use mismatched upper and lower suppliers . Needless to say i am fed up with this company. I should have pursued legal action if possible for false advertising or bait and switch practices. These people need to go the way of the Dodo. Do not buy from them no matter how good there price or product looks. They will bait and switch, they will charge your card before you receive all your product they will tell you 14 days for the build from them and go untold amount of time ,not notify your under can’t be filled and then offer bait and switch. They will just sit on your money till you complain and you won’t be happy the way that goes. AVOID PALMETTO STATE ARMORY, NOT A GOOD OR REPUTABLE COMPANY . Order placed on 4/17/14 had to contact them on 6/2/14 to find out what was happening with my order and now told 14 days or less to receive what i didn’t originally order (bait and switch). Still to be seen if they can even deliver what there now pushing . As i said avoid PSA at all cost. There may be more to the story. Least i hope for now is that its not a piece of bait and switch junk if it ever arrives. Be forewarned if choose to chance this shifty company.


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