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“Mythbusters” Cannonball Experiment Gone Wrong



I love watching Mythbusters, especially when they do a segment that has to do with guns! (check out Kari with a .50BMG) I’ve always wondered if any of their mythbusting attempts have ever ended in disaster, well it looks like one of them did.

This past Tuesday while filming a new episode at a bomb range in Dublin, CA the cannonball they fired missed its mark and soared 700 yards straight into a house and a minivan. Luckily no one was hurt, I wonder what myth they were trying to bust?

[Source: LA Times]


  1. Lesson #1 – Don’t fire field artillery (even the old blackpoweder stuff) anywhere near a residential area.

    Lesson #2 – Make sure of your aim….

    Lesson #3 – If you are not gonna make sure of your aim see Lesson #1

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