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MP-40 Spotted in Syria


Check out this German WWII era MP-40 sub-machine that was spotted in Syria recently. TFB shared the pics. This isn’t the first time WWII weapons have been found in Syria and other parts of the Middle East. Remember when 5,000 STG-44 assault rifles where found in a container? 

Syrian rebels have been sighted actually using the STG-44 in combat. Even the Mosin Nagant is still being used in Syria and the M1 Garand in Lebanon.  


  1. Very appropriate that a Nazi weapon is still in use in Syria. The Syrians have always been the most viciously anti-Semitic of all the Arab nations, even more than the Egyptians. As an Israeli soldier, I always wondered what I would do if faced with surrendering to the Syrians, would I rather clutch a grenade to my chest as they approached?? I’m 52 now and living in the US, so I won’t have to face that problem, thank God…

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