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Mosin Nagant 10 Round Magazine



The Mosin Nagant is a very popular rifle that can be had for under $100 and is pretty much sold everywhere. Not only are the rifles themselves cheap, but ammo is budget friendly and plentiful.

These rifles aren’t exactly tack drivers however, but what they lack in accuracy they make up for in reliability and ruggedness. Lots of people like to custimize them too, while  many think it’s a sin. From polymer stocks to scope mounts, to muzzle breaks and paintjobs.


Well now you can extend the ammo capacity of your Mosin from 5 rounds to 10. A crafty member on Calguns.net designed this 10 round magazine extension that requires no gunsmithing or special tools of any kind. All you do is remove the magazine floorplate and pop in the mag extension. They’re currently in their prototype phase however with production versions due out anytime now. You can sign-up to be on the mailing list HERE to get more info as to when they’ll be available.

EDIT: A lot of people are commenting and emailing about these mags and asking when they come out. Please note, we aren’t making these and they’re still a prototype. We are not involved with them, we merely reported about it. Please see the link ABOVE for more info.

EDIT #2: I’m getting a lot of emails regarding these mags. It appears that these may never hit market, not from MosinMags.com anyways. Unfortunately the creator of the mags Richard Nagy passed away last year. RIP Mr. Nagy.



  1. Looks beautiful . That is exactly what I have been looking for . so hurry up and get them on the internet market . You have customers waiting .

  2. theyre never going on sale. that site is just a ruse to see who/how many people have Mosin Nagants. This product wouldve been on sale a long time ago if it were that simple.They ask for your email to subscribe about updates?? Why cant they just sell them?Even if they took 6 months to make and cost $500 each,theyd still try to sell them.The website is probably a gov website tracking firearms. Theres no other reason why theyre not for sale.Think about it.

    • Guvment tracking website? That’s a stretch. Check out my edit at the ending of the article, unfortunately the creator of these mags has passed away.

  3. Awesome idea… that video scares me he should have used those plastic dummy rounds or been on the range!!!

  4. This is actually just an extension of the 5 round mag. It isn’t like a normal drop and replace mag, it still loads from the top with or without stripper clips. The true problem with producing these is that you must have a donor floor plate to butcher up to make the addition on the mag and have a donor AK mag spring. The tooling to stamp out “new” floor plates would make the cost WAY out of reasonable for these guns. On a positive note, I think now that I’ve seen what he has done, I can do it myself on my Mosin-Nagant.

  5. Jeez these mags are never going to go on sale… Someone please steal this guys incredible idea and actually run with it.

  6. Where and when can I purchse these? These would br prfrct fot sprnding a day at the rangr. I would likr tonbiy 4.

  7. Please inform me when you can provide one of these as I have a nice blonde/sportized remington 1917 that would love to improve on

  8. im assuming that the guy was making these from dragunov magazines which take the 7.62x54r rounds. If you were looking for somewhere to start to try to make one yourself i would recommend getting ahold of one of these magazines and possibly modifying the existing internal magazine on the mosin to fit these in. hell you you were able to get ahold of a dragunov receiver you may even be able to make the magazines detachable. hope this helps someone

  9. Hi guys, just wanted to clear some of the confusion up.

    We (ArmoryBlog) are not producing these, we just reported about them. You can find a link to the maker at the end of the article. They are currently not available for sale as of yet.




  11. I know its a fixed magwell. I also read , forget where, that the hold up was a different project is/has taken priority. Something about having taken outside investments in one of his other deals and he needs to deal with that first. This 10 rd magwell to me has BIG potential for someone somewhere to make and market.

  12. Clips are not a necessity in order to load these. If there is some legal hold up, or something of the sort, then I ask of someone working on this project to post the schematics so others can start making them. This would put some on the market & relieve legal pressure from the original project, then allowing them to move forward with higher-quality mass production.

  13. I don’t think you guys understand. It’s not a detachable magazine, you still need clips to load it. Didn’t anyone pay any attention?

  14. Does seem to be a little disappointing so far, no info,up-dates for a long time. Maybe the project was too big or its not a priority? Or the idea is so big that the legal part is the hold up- thats my bet.

  15. I am very interested in this, I just got my first mosin and want to extend the mag. Please tell me when you get these in

  16. I am interested in these to put on my new Center Balance System Stock. This would make the finishing touches to an already nice Stock. Let me know if you are selling them.

  17. This is just what the mosin needs. Especially those of us with rear mounted scopes that no longer allow us to use stripper clips. I know myself and quite a few others that will order a couple a piece. I imagine these will sell like crazy.

    • Hey is that rifle for sale because I’m really interested in it. But if not how did you make the mag well bigger?

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