The Mosin Nagant is a very popular rifle that can be had for under $100 and is pretty much sold everywhere. Not only are the rifles themselves cheap, but ammo is budget friendly and plentiful.

These rifles aren’t exactly tack drivers however, but what they lack in accuracy they make up for in reliability and ruggedness. Lots of people like to custimize them too, while  many think it’s a sin. From polymer stocks to scope mounts, to muzzle breaks and paintjobs.


Well now you can extend the ammo capacity of your Mosin from 5 rounds to 10. A crafty member on designed this 10 round magazine extension that requires no gunsmithing or special tools of any kind. All you do is remove the magazine floorplate and pop in the mag extension. They’re currently in their prototype phase however with production versions due out anytime now. You can sign-up to be on the mailing list HERE to get more info as to when they’ll be available.

EDIT: A lot of people are commenting and emailing about these mags and asking when they come out. Please note, we aren’t making these and they’re still a prototype. We are not involved with them, we merely reported about it. Please see the link ABOVE for more info.

EDIT #2: I’m getting a lot of emails regarding these mags. It appears that these may never hit market, not from anyways. Unfortunately the creator of the mags Richard Nagy passed away last year. RIP Mr. Nagy.


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