The shooting sports may not get much coverage during the Olympics, but that might change thanks to Kim Rhode. She is the first US athlete to win medals in five straight Olympics. Rhode won gold in women’s skeet shooting today and tied a world record as well as setting an Olympic record with 99 points. She only missed a single shot out of 100, and was eight targets better than the silver medalist, Wei Ning of China.

The previous individual medal winners record was held by Carl Lewis, Joyner-Kersee and Bruce Baumgartner for four straight summer Olympics. Rhodes surpasses that with her current gold medal, in previous games she won gold in double trap at the Atlanta games in 1996, bronze in Sydney in 2000, gold again in Athens in 2004 and Silver in skeet in Beijing in 2008.

Check out an interview with Kim Rhode below, you can also watch highlights from her gold medal performance at

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