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Keith Ratliff, Weapons manager of FPS Russia Found Murdered



A bit of more tragic news, Keith Ratliff, the weapons manager of FPS Russia (not FPS Russia himself) was recently found dead. It was reported that he was found shot in the back of the head. FPS Russia is the third most popular YouTube channel and helps bring a ton of exposure to guns, and he blows a lot of stuff up. RIP Mr. Ratliff.

EDIT: More facts have come to light since we first posted, apparently we was NOT tied to a chair when he was shot. And he was not found on the side of the road as other sources have claimed, instead he was discovered at their business location.

Ironically, a recent FPS Russia video showed him tied to a chair and held hostage.

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  1. it was the goobermnt. breitbart was the one man that had the stones to call out the lefties like the clown in NY for exposing his wang and the clown in the white house. then the goobmnt start buying tens millions rouns of ammo for what exactly?? now the gun types start showing up dead. its coming.

  2. Kyle posted it himself on his facebook account (FPS Russia). I believe that’s the best verification you can get on this case.
    God bless him, and his family.

    • I linked to 921wlhr.com in the source, also it has been confirmed by another manager who works with FPS Russia.

  3. Kyle Lamar Myers is still alive and is not the man in the video tided to a chair. Weapons Manager Keith Ratliff for FPS was murdered. Not a good day for FPSRussia or all of us in the community that support them. Thoughts and Prayers to the family of Keith Ratliff. Hope the killer is caught and locked away with no means of ever being released.

    • Thank you for being someone smart enough actually read related articles. Idiots have been going nuts trying link this death with John Noveske’s and Bank of America closing firearm accounts.

      some folks are simple as hell…

      MuzzleFront . Com

      • What’s not to notice? All firearm related acts of sabotage…are somehow “unrelated” to you? Disinfo much?

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