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James Bond Switches to HK VP9 in Spectre



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The first official image of Daniel Craig as James Bond in the new Bond film titled “Spectre” shows Bond using a H&K VP9 striker fired pistol. What do you think of Bond’s new sidearm choice?


  1. I am super exited to see 007 embracing my beloved H&K VP9. Must be the crisp trigger..!!

    Seriously, are we asking now that fictional movie character serve as a role model for trigger discipline? Dude,…education, training and accountability.
    Spread the word…save an idiot.

  2. Considering that America has something like 300 million guns in circulation, it would be decent of Hollywood if they would stop having their actors walking around with their fingers on the triggers! Seriously!

    The VP9 is a pretty nice choice though

  3. It always fun to see what guns are used in movies and TV. especially such legendary film figures as James Bond. It will be interesting to see what other weapons he will use in the film, including his trademark Walther PPK.

  4. Very nice choice! I have the H&K VP9 and have to say it has become my favorite gun to shoot. Very nice trigger. Easy to shoot this gun well.


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