HK MP5 Nintendo Wii controller



    The Nintendo Wii is the most popular gaming console right now, and what makes it so fun to play is the cool motion control “Wiimotes.” Well here is one that is sure to turn heads, a replica Hecklor & Kock MP5. Displayed at a Hong Kong trade show it is a 1:1 scale copy of the popular German submachine gun. The company who made it plans to sell the new Wiimote in the U.S. but no price has been set as of yet, but we’re sure it’s gonna be pricey. The MP5 features a built-in Wiimote, nunchuck, MotionPlus sensor, speaker, rumble support and a rechargeable battery via USB.

    What games will this be used with? We’re guessing Call of Duty!

    [Source: Tech Crunch]