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Greek Olympian Banned Over Racist and Gun Tweets


Remember the two Australian Olympic swimmers who got in trouble posting pictures of themselves posing with guns on Facebook? Looks like Greek Triple Jumper Voula Papachristou is the next Olympic athelete to get in trouble over a gun tweet among other things.

First and foremost, her main offense was her racist tweets about Africans which prompted the Greek Olympic Committee to boot her from the games. Saying racist remarks over social media is always a bad idea, and for that she does deserve punishment. But it’s her next “offense” that really irks me.

The Greek Olympic Committee is also using her recent tweet of a gun picture against her as well. Interesting enough the gun tweet in question is a picture we took of the Sig Sauer Spartan ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ 1911 pistol that we posted from SHOT SHOW 2012. That beautiful 1911 has the historical phrase ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ and a spartan helmet on the grips and slide, it pays tribute to a part of Greek history you would think many Greeks would be proud of. But nope, it’s a gun and guns are bad and not in the “spirit of Olympic competition” according to the Greek Olympic Committee. Wait isn’t there shooting in the Olympics too?

The Greek news site News247.Gr posted about her tweet of the Sig Sauer 1911 in question from our past post (the tweet may have been taken down since, but there’s a screen shot of it to the left). It’s pretty sad that Olympic committees around the world are squashing the dreams of young athletes over harmless gun pictures. Posting racist remarks for everyone in the world to see, yeah don’t do that. That’s just plain stupid. But using a tweet about a gun that pays tribute to the rich history of your country as one of the excuses to boot someone out of the games? Not cool.

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  1. “Das rayciss” is not a good enough reason to bar someone from the games.
    Peoples FREE opinions, no matter how offensive you take them, are absolutely no grounds for the PC fascism to start a two minutes hate over.
    Before the far left created PC, there was a thing called the First Amendment, and all Americans had it.
    Too bad the rest of the world is too backward to see the priceless value of that freedom.

  2. Yeah, you really are a geek. Meanings and ideas like that CANNOT be hijacked. WTF are you talking about?
    Wake up people! Anything patriotic today is not ”politically correct”. That’s the real issue here.

  3. She tweeted somethin’ like there’s so many Africans in Greece now that the mosquitos with West Nile Virus will be dinin’ on home cookin’. C’mon, mates! That’s not racist. That’s fuuuuuuuneeeee. Thanks and a tip o’ the hat to Michael Medved.

  4. if you come to
    Greece and see someone who wear a tshirt with these symbols you better dont tell him that you are from another country…These symbols are not only the symbols of the ancient tribe that used them . ( they used to throw the babies from a mountain if they where born women) but are also the symblos of the neonazi party of greece that stabs and kills immigrants…so…the intentions of thιs 22 years lady wasnt so pure. its a massive wave of conservation and fasism in europe that comes together with the policy of austerity…

    • Interesting, thanks for the insight. I had no idea “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ” had a different meaning today in Greece and that it was associated with the NeoNazi party. I guess in that case that does make her post about the ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ 1911 pistol shocking to those in Greece.

      Here in the US ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ is associated with patriotism, honor, bravery etc and is used often.

  5. It boggles me how men like Morris Fisher (and his team mates) won multiple gold medals at the Olympics – truly outstanding riflemen – yet now shooting is handled like the plague at the olympics. And some people wonder why I have no use for the useless waste of time and resources called “The Olympics.”

  6. wow. so the Biathlon, sporting clays and pistol sports are not Olympic. If this is the quality of their personas, then maybe the Greek economy should be let to fail.

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