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Distasteful Hoodie and Skittles Target



I really can’t stand how polarizing the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin incident has become, and how many are using it to drag gun owners through the mud and call for more gun control. Unlike many gun blogs/sites out there I chose to stay out of the argument either for or against Zimmerman or Martin.

But after seeing this product, I had to post about it. This is really really distasteful and wrong. I hope the site selling them takes them down because it does nothing to help defend gun owners from those calling for us to give up our rights. I won’t even give the site the benefit of a backlink, but  they are made by hillerarmco. They tried selling these on GunBroker but they were quickly taken down and for good reason.


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head about this hoodie. This is a situation where no one wins and making money off of this horrible event shhows severe lack of ethics and maturity.

  2. Southbound, your problem is very clear. While you say you judge not on skin color but on actions, then you turn around and say that we should judge on skin color. A man is a man is a man. The problem is that there are people (of every color) who don’t know how to act and people like you think the only thing we can do is jail and discriminate and be bigots. Trouble makers are people who need help, not hate, to get better.

  3. There is no face so i dont see the problem just like we cant say all black people are bad we cant say only black poeple wear black hoodies eat skiddles and drink ice tea First of all this is not a gun issue. You had an out of control puerto rican shoot an out of control black teen. Here in philladelphia 500 blacks are killed by other blacks every year where is Al Not So Sharpton. Second it’s not racist to not like the blacks. Have you ever been to Baltimore inner harbour there isnt any white, mexican, Indian, Asians causeing problems starting fights with people but the blacks do. I don’t judge on skin color but I do on actions. So that being said I think the blacks would make out better if we judged them on skin color and not behavior. The Truth hurts I know.

  4. Carl / Bob,

    Easy guys….I read and re read the original post and did not see any endorsement, back handed or otherwise. I can understand where someone might perceive such a backhanded endorsement if this were a mass media site, but a measure of slack ought be given based on this sites reputation and long standing history. A guys reputation is still worth something, right?

    As to the hoodie target, yes…dispicable. It puts us gun enthusiasts right where the (anti) gun nuts want us. Explaining yet another tasteless, juvenile stunt to people who want to bury the Second Ammendment.

  5. Sorry you feel that way, but as I said I do not agree with the “company’s” product at all. I did not give them the benefit of a backlink (backlinks help in search engine ranking). However I always cite my sources so I was obliged to name the company who made them, if someone wants to go buy them that’s their problem and they have issues of their own for wanted such a product.

  6. No you just make sure everyone knows where to get them. You’re as disgusting as the moron that made these.

  7. I am a gun rights advocate and a self proclaimed gun nut. However, a 17 year old kid is dead and a man is facing a possible life term in prison i if convicted of killing him. I don’t see any humor in this. You should be ashamed of your cowardly and backhanded endorsement of this despicable product.

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