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Deal Alert: AR-15 Scraper Tool Only $16 Shipped



A while back I purchased an AR-15 carbon removal tool on Amazon for $15, it was adequate and did help make cleaning my AR-15s much easier. Well I stumbled upon an even better AR-15 cleaning tool recently and it’s budget priced as well. It goes for only $16 shipped on Amazon and it has some pretty great features.  Made by Real Avid, their AR-15 scraper makes cleaning your AR bolt carrier group super easy. It helps thorougly clean all the major parts of the bolt carrier group; the bolt, firing pin, bolt carrier and cam pin. It does an excellent job of getting carbon build up and fouling off of 12 critical bolt carrier group surfaces that other tools don’t.  Check it out in action in the video at the bottom.

It sells for just $16 with free shipping over on Amazon.com.







  1. I’m usually skeptical of Amazon deals, but this seems to be extremely useful, yet also compact & lightweight.

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