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Dana White Sports Sig Sauer Shirt, Is The UFC Letting Gun Companies Back in?



Dana White usually dresses pretty casually at the weight-ins the day proceeding a UFC fight night, it’s not uncommon to see him sporting a shirt from a band or favorite clothing company. At the weight-ins before The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen Finale, he sported a Sig Sauer shirt. I’m guessing he’s a Sig owner, funny however, the UFC banned firearms and ammo sponsors early last year.

These sponsors pay big money to the UFC as well as the fighters that adorn their logos, so when the UFC banned them that meant less money for those MMA fighters. Many of whom don’t make that much for all their blood, sweat and tears. Could this be a sign that the UFC may be open to letting firearms and ammo companies back into the mix?

Not only were quite a few fighters sponsored by gun and ammo companies, many fighters are also gun owners and enthusiasts. It’s not uncommon to see popular MMA fighters at the shooting range, such as middle weight champ Anderson Silva, The Prodigy BJ Penn,  or Brock Lesnar who’s also an avid hunter.

[Image source: UFC Facebook]


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