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Chiappa Firearms Implementing Microchips to ID Guns



Now here’s a good way to drive consumers away and kiss your sales goals good bye. Chiappa Firearms is starting to use an RFID system in all their firearms. The microchips are rewritable and are hard to remove. While this may not be mandatory on firearms as of yet, this might give the guv’ment a bright idea to require this on all future firearms. Isn’t this what serial numbers are for? Will second hand owners of  these Chiappa firearms have to have their firearms reprogrammed with their info? Way to go Chiappa, you ruined Christmas.

From Chiappa’s Press Release:

The Chiappa Group is currently introducing the RFID system in its production chain, applying a microchip identification to all the weapons it is manufacturing. The microchip is writeable, even several times, both in the visible and in the protected area of ​the weapon. It is difficult to remove, therefore the microchip accompanies the weapon forever, providing all the information gathered – and upgradeable – concerning the production cycle, as well as commercial information, the registration and data on the property. It is easy to imagine that the constant tracking of the weapon constitutes a virtually total impediment to the theft or improper use of the weapon.

[Source: Oneinchgroup.com]



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