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CheaperThanDirt Ceasing Firearms Sales


Online firearms and accessories retailer Cheaper Than Dirt recently announced on their Twitter page that they will no longer be selling firearms online. They didn’t give a specific reason as to why just, stay tuned for more as we get more info, but we’re assuming its due to the backlash and calls for more gun control after the recent tragedy in CT.


  1. According to their website, it is only temporary. I understand that it is a business decision and that they will resume selling firearms as soon as emotions die down. They have not sold gun owners down the river. Neither did Ruger. Maybe S&W but no one seems to boycott them.

    As to the boycotter, I assume you have asked to cancel your NRA membership, seeing as they turned off their Facebook page temporarily, and haven;t tweeted since the CT shooting. BTW, they only suspended firearm sales. They still have ammo and parts for sale.

  2. I hope they have enough liberal customers that go camping. Any gun owner that does business with them will more than likely cease to do so once news is out. I for one will do business with companies that support my rights.

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