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Charter Arms Pitbull 9mm Revolver Now Available


Charter Arms recently announced the release of their Pitbull Rimless Revolver chambered in 9mm. Their 9mm model was delayed for sometime with the .40 S&W model being available for sometime. The Pitbull rimless revolver makes use of a unique rimless cartridge extractor and a dual coil spring assembly helps retention of the rimless 9mm cartridge in each chamber. I had the chance to fire the Pitbull revolver in .40 S&W and I was pretty impressed with it. If you’ve been in the market for a revolver but don’t want to have to add another cartridge type to your ammo stockpile these are a great option.

Capacity: 6 shot
Barrel length: 2.2″
Frame: Stainless Steel Glass Beaded
Grip: Neoprene
Overall Length: 6.75″
Height: 5″
Weight: 22 oz.
Hammer: Spurred
MSRP: $465

For more info visit Charterfirearms.com.


  1. Been looking for the Charter Arms 9mm Pitbull for months , cannot find one , checked with dealers , gun stores , gun shows , no luck these guns are very popular . Maybe now since the first of the year is here , supply will catch up with demand . Called CA and spoke with owners wife , Dee Ecker , she advised that there is even a back order at the factory . Will keep looking until I find one . Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

    • Same here I ordered one from the local dealer early last September. He uses three distributors and nothing yet. Other stores, chain stores, gun shows on-line, nothing yet. I’m waiting…


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